20 Tips to Stay Positive for A Happy Pregnancy

20 Effective Tips on How to Be Happy During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of any woman’s life. It brings a lot of positivity, joy, and hope. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of negative feelings, and even depression, due to hormonal changes that affect their state of mind. Excessive worrying and negative feelings might start taking a physical, mental and emotional toll on a pregnant woman and her baby’s health. However, by being a positive person, one gets to focus on the changes happening in their lives and cope with all the stress that comes along during this phase better.

It is essential that you keep yourself positive and happy during all three trimesters. This directly affects the baby’s development. A lot of studies indicate that the happier a woman is during the pregnancy, the lower the chances of the baby facing mental and physical health challenges. It is a time when you experience various anxieties as well. Hence, you have to ensure that all efforts are taken to channelise only positive energy during this time.

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Simple Ways to Keep Yourself Happy During Pregnancy

Below are some ways of staying positive during pregnancy:

1. Take Each Day as It Comes

You should always live in the moment and focus on the baby. This helps deal with the situation at hand rather than non-existent problems. Keeping the focus on happiness during this time helps you take on all the struggles that come up during this phase.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

As the pregnancy progresses you will begin to experience lethargy and fatigue due to the physical and hormonal changes which take place. Once you get into this phase, it is important that you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can be in the form of exercising, eating right and being mentally alert. All these should be incorporated into your lifestyle as it will impact the development of the baby positively. A healthy and wholesome diet provides you with energy (physical & emotional) you require during this crucial time.

3. Practice Meditation & Yoga to Keep Away from Negativity

You may want to join yoga and meditation sessions. The effect of these practices is bound to make you feel rejuvenated, stronger and happier. Breathing exercises will flush out the inner baggage and help keep the mind away from negative thoughts, words and actions.

4. Write a Journal

This is an interesting phase of any woman’s life. Hence, it will be exciting to pen down your emotions and feelings. One can maintain a journal or a diary where they can jot down their thoughts. Many women write blogs or do vlogs to chronicle their journey and have an outlet to express their emotions.

5. Be Involved in Preparations for the Arrival of Your Baby

The activities which are carried on during this phase should be relished so that they bring excitement as you wait for the arrival of the baby.

6. Pamper Yourself

This time is perfect to indulge in pampering yourself. You should enjoy spas and massages, get pedicures and other body massages, etc. It will bring you immense pleasure during pregnancy. However, make sure that any treatments you indulge in are safe during pregnancy

7. Enjoy your Heightened Senses

During pregnancy, your senses are more enhanced and provide you with an opportunity to experience life in a whole new light take a visit to the local park. Pay attention to the scent of the flowers, the birds chirping in the distance or a squirrel darting across to get to the tree. The heightened senses that you have acquired will help you bring in positivity.

8. Delegate Work

It is essential that you ask for help wherever required and start delegating work to your family members in order to focus more on your health and the arrival of the baby.

9. Read Up and Stay Self-informed

Reading about pregnancy, the various stages and changes that it will be bringing to your life will make it easier for you to cope with your pregnancy as you will know what to expect.

10. Prepare for Parenting

Take this time to educate yourself about parenting. Motherhood is a rewarding experience, but only for those who are mentally prepared and aware of the challenges. Research, read books and spend time with experts and other mothers. You will feel a sense of growing satisfaction and happiness in knowing that you’re better prepared for the future. The best part about reading material on parenting is that it diverts your mind towards imagining what your unborn child might be like.

11. Make Time to Connect with Your Baby

As the baby grows within you, there is a bond which develops between you and the baby. You can make a daily ritual of singing to the baby, talk to the baby, breathe and connect with the baby.

12. Go With the Flow

You would have thought about where and how you want to go in for labour. However, it may not work out the way exactly you had planned. Your approach should be flexible, prepare yourself for all kinds of possibilities and keep an open mind.

13. Shopping for the Baby

Shopping for the baby and setting up the nursery can be fun, but it should not overwhelm you. Always keep in mind that the baby just needs basics like food, shelter, clothes, and diapers. Many people do not prefer shopping for the baby beforehand, but you can always prepare for your baby’s arrival if you wish to.

14. Evaluate your Life

With changing times, your priorities in life also shift. It is important that you indulge in soul searching and evaluate your life to better adjust to the changes you’re currently facing and will be facing in your future.

15. Reconnecting With Your Parents

This is the best time to improve your communication with your parents. Sharing their understanding of how they brought up their kids is sure going to prove helpful.

16. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Along with being an important phase of your relationship, pregnancy is also a time to enjoy your body. Your hormones change and senses are heightened. So, it is a great time to get creative and enjoy your sex life for a positive impact on your mental health.

17. Make New Friends

You may check with your hospital or community centre to interact with other pregnant women to share experiences with them and make new friends who are going through or have gone through the same phase in life for a feeling of belonging.

18. Be Prudent

Plan for your finances in advance. Once the baby arrives there will be a shift in expenses and your worry might increase as your due date comes closer, resulting in a feeling of negativity.

19. Manage Your Health

This is a time when you should try and aim for a systematic weight gain so as to avoid growing negativity towards your body. If you are overweight or have a pre-existing medical condition such as thyroid or diabetes then you should consult your doctor immediately and address these. This will ensure that the baby is born healthy as well.

20. Prenatal Massage

If performed in the right manner prenatal massage can help you relax, ease out a backache, swellings and improving circulation. Make sure to approach a certified masseuse for the same

From the time that you get to know that you are pregnant, your life changes manifolds. Some of the aspects of life will return to normal once the pregnancy is over, but it is true that your old life will never come back completely. The most important thing is to realize this and move on and look forward to a new chapter of your life.

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