Top 20 Five Letter Baby Boy Names WIth Meanings

20 Best 5 Letter Names for Boy Babies

Now that officially you have become parents, it’s your duty to choose a suitable name for your little one! Here, we have suggested 20 super cool 5 letter names for your little rock star!

20 Cool 5 Letter Baby Boy Names

Below mentioned is a list of 20 classic 5-letter names for baby boys!

1. Aidan

A sweet and cute Irish origin name that means ‘warm or little fire.’ A famous bearer of the name is the actor Aidan Quinn!

2. Bryan

A cute English origin name meaning ‘high or noble.’ Another classic variation of this name is Brian!

3. Caine

Another classic Irish origin name that means ‘son of the fighter.’ Caine is a name that’s perfect for parents looking for short, sweet, and unique name for their kid!

4. Craig

Craig is a stylish masculine name that means ‘rock!’ The name is a variation derived from the Celtic branch and has Irish or Welsh origin! The name has class, elegance, and is also unique!

5. Dante

All Italian names have a distinct aura and panache of their own! Dante is an Italian origin name that means ‘enduring.’ Dante is a famous name that’s not only common in Italy but also all across the globe!

6. Derek

Derek is a classic English boy name that means ‘gifted ruler.’ Another variation of the name Derek is Derrick.

7. Dylan

A stylish and unique name that has high importance in Welsh mythology. The meaning is ‘son of the sea, or son of the wave, or born from the ocean.’ A famous bearer of the name is Dylan Thomas, a famous poet.

8. Ethan

A strong masculine Hebrew origin name that stands for classic synonyms like ‘strong, firm, enduring, and impetuous.’ The name Ethan appears repeatedly 8 times in the Hebrew Bible! The famous agent Ethan Hunt of the Mission Impossible Series revolutionized the name!

9. Felix

A classic and stylish Roman origin name meaning ‘lucky or successful.’ Felix is the perfect name if you are looking for a 5 letter Biblical boy name for your little prince.

10. Hayes

A perfect name for parents looking for a classic 5 letter Irish boy name for their son! Hayes is an ancient name that is derived from the name of an Irish god, it means descendent of fire (or Aodh).

11. Isaac

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘he will laugh’ or ‘he will rejoice.’ According to the old testament, Isaac was the name of the son of Sarah and Abraham! A famous bearer of the name is one of the most influential physicists cum mathematician Isaac Newton!

12. Jacob

One of the most common boy names with 5 letters, Jacob is a Hebrew origin name! The meaning of the name is ‘seizing by the heel,’ or ‘to supplant,’ or ‘to follow.’

13. Kevin

A simple, and cute Irish origin name for little boys! It means ‘kind, honest, or handsome’ and is quite famous all across the globe!

14. Louis

A simple and elegant name with a royal touch to it, Louis comes from one of the most beautiful countries in the world, France! It has a noble meaning ‘famous warrior’ and was commonly used by the royal families of France.

15. Mateo

Mateo is an exotic Spanish version of the name Matthew. Originally the name was derived from the Hebrew origin name Mattiyahu which means ‘gift.’

16. Miles

A short and sweet Latin origin name that means ‘soldier or merciful.’ This name has recently gained a lot of popularity in the year 2010 all across the country.

17. Nolan

An Irish origin name that can be used as both a name and a surname. Nolan in Gaelic means ‘chariot-fighter’ or a ‘champion,’ an ideal name for your little champ!

18. Rhett

Rhett is a well-known English origin name meaning ‘counsel or advice.’ Rhett has multiple meanings. In Latin it means ‘a well-spoken man,’ and in Welsh, it means ‘ardent,’ or ‘shepherd.’

19. Simon

A common Hebrew origin name meaning ‘listening or hearing.’ Simon is a name believed to have Greek origin as well, and according to some authorities was Hellenised as Symeon in the New Testament.

20. Tyler

A French origin name that means ‘someone who makes tiles.’ A cute nickname of Ty would go well with this name!

We hope that the above list of 5 letter baby boy names inspires you to choose one that’s the best for your little one!

Now that you have officially become parents, it’s your duty to choose a suitable name for your little one! Here, we have suggested 20 super cool 5 letter names for your little rock star!

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