15+ Gender Reveal Party Themes Ideas

15+ Gender Reveal Themes Ideas

Gender reveal parties are becoming quite a trend among new-age couples. A good theme for your gender reveal can make the party cohesive and allow for a lot creativity. These genders reveal theme ideas can provide the best opportunity to put those classes and creative concepts to work that would make your once-in-a lifetime-moment as memorable as it can get!

What Is A Gender Reveal Party?

Traditionally, an expectant mother or parents only have one baby shower party during the course of pregnancy that celebrates the expected birth of a child or the transformation of a woman into a mother. A gender reveal party is a more intimate gathering when parents-to-be invite their loved ones to announce the gender of the child they are expecting in a delightfully surprising way. Originated in the United States in the late 2000s, these parties rose in popularity shortly after ultrasounds became routinely used. However, gender-reveal parties have no specifically associated gender restriction and limitations for several attendees like a traditional baby shower party; some couples club the two events. Gender reveal baby shower theme ideas are generally stereotype and heavily gendered but can be made ambiguous and androgynous to help maintain the mystery of the baby’s sex. No wonder our gender reveal theme list offers great ideas for gender-neutral showers, too. Nevertheless, announcing this news is the most awaited moment for your guests. Breaking the pink- or blue-stuffed piñata, cutting a cake that’s pink or blue on the inside, asking your guests to solve a boy-or-girl riddle, or letting your car wheels billow out pink or blue smoke are some ways to conclude the gender of your beloved baby.

How to Choose a Gender Reveal Theme?

The best baby gender reveal party themes incorporate creative ideas that help frame your decoration, add oomph to the celebration and make it an event to remember for a lifetime. Before deciding on the big event, planning with both time and pocket-friendly ideas is important. There are no specific rules when it comes to gender reveals. However, before you decide on a date, venue and send out the invitations for the party, decide amongst the several unique reveal themes that may have endless possibilities for preparations. Here are some ways to choose the theme for your party:

  • Check for the mother’s or both parents’ preference before deciding on any particular theme of a gender reveal party.
  • The best shippable items can inspire you to have a DIY party idea. The most vibrant themes should reflect your sentiments.
  • Choose the party theme as per that fascination of both the parents keeping their personality and lifestyle in mind.
  • Add a children’s rhyme theme, fantasy, fiction, nature, or animals that would spruce up your cute gender reveal party theme and make it a glam affair.

Best Themes for Gender Reveal Party

Whether you like simple or flamboyant themes for your baby’s gender reveal party, organize it thoughtfully by involving everyone. Here is a round-up of some of the best baby gender reveal themes that can illustrate your passion and guest’s excitement…

1. Classic Pink And Blue

A classic pink or blue party is a time-tested affair. Guests coming in can be dressed in the color they choose to guess for the baby’s gender. Split them up into two teams for a friendly game of egg toss. Instead of calling them eggs, they’re called “zygotes” in this game. The winning team may get to pick the name of your baby or take a baked goodie home. Party décor items like wall hangings, banners, centerpieces, candles, napkins, and favors can be either pink or blue, and the party food can catch the attention with their distinct pink and blue color coordination. Set up some gender-betting poker games or roulette with custom pink and blue poker chips that present opportunities to push your theme to the next level. The dessert table can be filled with cotton candy, cupcakes, cookies, and beverages made thematic with some food coloring.


2. Prince and Princes

Switch up your party theme with silver and gold or royal purple and blue-toned decorations. Greet guests to your castle with a “Once Upon a Time” banner. Decorate the venue with royally-themed balloons with crowns or Tierras on them. Even the cutlery items can be prince and princess-themed. Your friends and family can dress up as their favorite animated royalty character that matches the gender of their guess. Set up a designated photo booth area to have their royal portrait taken wearing beautiful gowns and capes. When the clock strikes to reveal the gender, pop a silver or gold balloon to unveil blue or pink confetti. Pink and blue cupcakes with shiny golden crowns sticking out would look delicious.


3. Favourite Sport

If you like to share your love for a sport, play it up by making it the theme for your gender reveal party. Ask your guest to pick one among the boy or girl team to support. Arrange for games to be played between Team Boy v. Team Girl, and the winning team scores a prize after the announcement! You can reveal the gender by hitting a breakable baseball filled with colored chalk dust, a golf ball, or kicking a soccer ball.


4. Holiday Theme

Most parents-to-be stress out that the hustle and bustle of prominent holidays can overshadow their big announcement. Use the holiday cleverly to your advantage by playing up the theme. If you’re planning the party around Halloween, a pink or blue painted pumpkin nestled within a larger pumpkin works as the ultimate reveal. Your party theme can be in red and white, with someone dressed as Santa revealing the gender of your baby. Pick New Year to reveal the gender of your new baby on the way.


5. Bees

Your baby shower or gender reveal party invitation can feature a stylish “Mom-to-Bee,” adorned in a sleek black dress, bright yellow sash, standing like a model beside a crib while two bees buzzing about leisurely. With the ‘What will your little bundle bee?’ banner, black and gold confetti filled latex balloons, gender reveal bumble bee cake topper, your party theme can be brought to life in a charming and utterly sophisticated way. Use strips of black and yellow crepe paper as a decorative tablecloth. From bee cupcakes, honey pots, and yellow flowers, keep the party guest buzzing on with fun cocktails and themed fun games.


6. Fantasy and Fiction

Use your favorite childhood character, book, or movie as the central gender reveal theme. Impress your guests with Star Wars or Peter Rabbit-themed food, drink, decor, and party games. How about Luke or Leia? Use iconic quotes, dialogues, colors, or images to adorn your invitations or party venue.


7. Nautical Theme

Set sail on the journey of parenthood and find out whether it is a girl or a boy with a nautical baby shower. Your party can have a pink, blue, and navy color palette for an adorable sea-inspired celebration from fondant cake and cupcakes in navy, coral, white and gray to chevron pattern chalkboard entry sign.


8. Little Star Theme

Turn this popular nursery rhyme into a celestial gender reveal party inspiration. A moon and stars themed decoration complete with Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder who you are balloons, glitter gender reveal cupcake toppers, cloud napkins, or centerpiece sticks can spice up this event.


9. He Or She Theme

A whimsical “he or she” gender reveal party using a coordinating mustache and lipstick baby shower décor can get your guests super excited. An ice-cream cart can sell strawberry or blueberry ice cream to guests who may vote for the gender. Soft pastels and muted tones can be used to create a pretty color scheme. Hang a cute He or She Door Sign or display a cheeky quote on a yard sign to welcome your guest to the party. You can also use rhyming couplets from gender reveal rhymes to delight your loved ones.


10. Harry Potter Theme

Fan of all things wizardry? Gather everyone around in one of the most magically unique gender reveal parties as you lift the sorting hat to reveal the gender of your baby. Mix up a potion in a huge cauldron or light up the wick of gender reveal smoke bomb to make the big announcement. A witch or wizard balloon nails the brief and adds a bang to your Gender Reveal. Watch the colored confetti explode, as it pops!


11. Who will Join Our Tribe

From tribal antlers, bows and arrows printed invitation cards and party supplies with Aztec designs to chic feather banners to announce your baby’s gender; Boho and tribal theme parties welcome your baby girl or boy in style.


12. Wheels Or Heels

If you’re a car lover or a connoisseur of fashion, this modern theme is classy enough to steal the spotlight at your gender reveal party. You can have guests “wear their guess” by donning pink or blue or hand out buttons to sport their vote upon arrival. Cutting into a specially made cake with a dashing car or stylish heal on top will make this party a perfect statement!


13. Buck Or Doe

In case your gender reveals party happens to be organized around fall, nature enthusiasts can choose this animal-based theme. Add some greenery and rustic wood party decor to set the scene, or bring in a bit of camouflage to get the outdoor vibes going—select rustic invitation cards, banners, sign sets, and stickers that complement the theme.


14. Taco Bout A Baby Gender Reveal Theme

If you’ve been yearning for the beaches of Cabo or the sites of Cuernavaca, take a figurative trip south of the border with a Mexican Fiesta-themed gender reveal party. Add a decorative flair to your Mexican theme with beautiful blooming flowers and taco bout baby balloon backdrop. Guests can come in wearing colorful Mexican dresses. A ‘senor or senorita’ invitation card, colorful piñata cake, fiesta cookies, margarita bar, confetti eggs, tacos with simple fillings, and delicious fruit punches will enhance the spirit of the theme.


15. Penguin Theme

Penguin theme works best for a winter season gender reveal party, and you can style it up with fuzzy baby penguins, soft fake white snowflakes, twinkly lights, and another snowy decor. Inflatable penguin art balloons, penguin-inspired signs, and a cake with a cute penguin crafted on top can guarantee instant compliments for your choice of theme.


16. What’s The Scoop Theme

Make it a summer to remember with a cool ice cream-themed party that can be a real crowd-pleaser. Serve your pink and blue ice cream to your guests and let them make their predictions via their choice. Capture the smiling (and sticky) faces of all the party guests with a cone photo backdrop. Ask guests to come in their sprinkler’s frozen get-up and host a contest for the best guess for the baby’s gender. Offer a generous selection of candies, and create a custom menu with delectable flavors and topping options. Send your guests home with an ice cream container full of treats and goodies.


A gender reveals party is a significant milestone in a parent’s life. After kids grow up, they can always look back at old photos that capture this momentous and exciting family occasion. So, enjoy and cherish every moment of this special day before time runs out and you get too busy attending to your baby…

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