15 Best Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life and one way that you can make the process more fun and special is through cute pregnant belly paintings. Make your photoshoot more creative and also fun with maternity belly paintings. Read on for some unique and fun belly painting ideas.

Creative Pregnancy Belly Art

Decorating your baby bump with colourful designs is a fun idea for pictures of family events, or even if you wish to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones. Here are some great belly painting design ideas!

1. Coming Soon Belly Painting

Here’s a pregnant belly painting idea to announce when your little one will be born!

Coming Soon Belly Painting

Source: Pinterest

2. One-Eyed Monster Painted Belly

A cute idea for a baby bump painting.

One Eyed Monster Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

3. Foxy Mama Painted Belly

For animal and wordplay lovers, this one is a must.

Foxy Mama Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest


4. U.S.A Born Painted Belly

Patriotism at its best! This belly painting idea is a true winner.

U.S.A Born Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

5. Cookie Monster Painted Belly

Who doesn’t love the Cookie Monster?

Cookie Monster Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

6. X-Ray Vision Painted Belly

A clever body paint for a pregnant belly.

X-Ray Vision Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

7. Mother Earth Belly Painting

This one is for all the nature lovers out there.

Mother Earth Belly Painting

Source: Pinterest

8. FIsh Bowl Painted Belly

The shape that fits most naturally, this fish bowl belly painting idea is beautiful!

FIsh Bowl Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

9. Lion King Simba Belly Art

All Disney fans will love this! Also, how cute is baby Simba?

Lion King Simba Belly Art

Source: Pinterest

10. BasketBall Painted Belly

Sports fans will enjoy this cute idea.

BasketBall Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

11. Painted Watermelon Belly

A cute idea that’s easy to execute, this one can be done by beginners as well.

Painted Watermelon Belly

Source: Pinterest

12. Mom in the Moon Belly Art

This one is perfect for mothers who love space and galaxy-themed paintings.

Mom In The Moon Belly Art

Source: Pinterest

13. Unicorn Painted Belly

Here’s one of the more imaginative baby bump painting designs!

Unicorn Painted Belly

Source: Pinterest

14. Painted Sunflower Belly

This one works perfectly for photoshoots! The yellow is sure to stand out.

Painted Sunflower Belly

Source: Pinterest

15. Winnie the Pooh Belly Art

Another super cute idea that most moms will love!

Winnie The Pooh Belly Art

Source: Pinterest

We hope our list has helped you decide how you are going to spruce up your pregnancy photoshoot. This is fun and games but be sure that the paint you use is safe for pregnant bellies. All the best and have fun!

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