12 Habits of Parents Who Are Raising Successful Children

12 Habits of Parents Who Are Raising Successful Children

Raising successful children is no child’s play. But these 12 things you do may give your child a head start. Find out the common habits of parents of successful kids.

We have all heard of how successful people have certain common qualities that define them, and how these qualities are the same across cultures and countries. But what if we told you that parents with successful children also all have the same habits?

Everybody wants to know the secret to raising successful children. Who doesn’t want a child they can be proud of, right? Well, this article published by the Business Insider has all the answers you’ll ever need. Here are 12 habits that are common amongst parents of successful children. Are you taking notes?

12 Habits Of Parents With Successful Children

If you are looking for a guide, a quick few hands-on tips on how to raise a successful child, look no further. The following habits have been observed to be common among all parents of successful children. Adopt these, and you will have taken several steps in the right direction!

1. They Assign Chores to Their Kids

This in turn instills a sense of responsibility in the child, and makes them commit to whatever pursuits they pick up. It also makes them independent, accountable, and empathetic. If you don’t already, you can start by creating a chore chart for your children.

2. They Actively Work on Their Kids’ Social Skills

This means no returning to your room because you are bored by the guests in the house. In fact, researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Duke University even concluded at the end of their 20-year study that children with poor social skills are more likely to go to prison, develop an alcohol habit, and end up homeless as an adult!

3. They Set The Bar High

No being lax, and taking kids’ school performance as is – parents of successful children work with them on their school performance and constantly push their children to do more, to do better. The expectations parents set become the aim that children focus on. And higher the expectations, higher the aim.

4. They Fight Less Amongst Themselves

The effect of growing up with fighting parents or in a broken home where parents are constantly fighting can be deep and long-lasting. A divorce has been observed to affect children well into their adult life too. On the other hand, parents who stick together in spite of the constant fighting can also become the reason for children becoming under-achievers.

They fight less amongst themselves

5. They’re Highly Qualified Themselves

As parents, we are our children’s first role-models, people they look towards for inspiration and aspirations. And so, being educationally highly qualified will definitely motivate your children too. By continuing to learn, grow, and diversify as a person, you can inspire your children to study further than just college or graduation.

6. They Take Their Kids Maths Homework Seriously

Believe it or not, teaching your child maths early on, and ensuring they learn maths well, can add to their chances of turning out successful. Northwestern University researcher Greg Duncan confirmed this at the end of his group-study conducted in 2007: “Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement.” So work towards getting your children interested in maths early.

7. They are Involved With Their Children

In other words, they have a healthy, supportive relationship with their child. One caring adult can be the difference between a child becoming successful, or ending up in a remand-home before they hit teenage.

8. They Manage Stress Better

Looking at how many young children are depressed these days, this is an important point. Stress is an inevitable part of today’s fast-paced life; every mom is stressed. But that does not mean we all have to succumb to it. And parents who deal with stress constructively, in effect teach their children to do the same.

9. They Know ‘It’s All About Trying

Resigning is not an option for children of such parents. They lay more emphasis on their kids giving things a shot, rather than whether they succeeded or failed. This may sound contradictory, but is important because every success comes with taking the first step in the first place!

10. They Both Work, Especially Moms

Children of working moms turn out to be more successful than those of home-makers, according to a Harvard Business School Study. And the benefits are seen in both sons and daughters: while sons tend to grow up to be more empathetic to the female-kind and will be more willing to pitch into household chores, daughters are more likely to earn more than their peers who were brought up by stay-at-home moms.

Note: While the above finding maybe legit, it may not be possible for every mom to work. At such times, it might be a good idea to learn about the experiences of moms who went back to work after having a child. If nothing ese, it will give you a fair perspective of the situation!

11. They Make Sure Their Kids Eat Their Veggies

That is to say, they understand the importance of good nutrition, and do not give in to their fussy eating toddlers! Not only does proper nutrition bring good health, it also prevents you from falling sick all the time, and it also works towards your mental and psychological health. A well-fed child is a happy child, and happy children can focus better on their different aims.

12. They Rely On Authoritative Parenting

Parenting styles can affect children’s intelligence and personality deeply, and one of the parenting styles that has emerged as the best across different cultures, countries, and studies is authoritative parenting.

What Makes Children Successful

While it has been drilled into us that we are everything and only everything that our genes are, we as Indian parents know the importance and impact of nurturing in raising children to be successful. Indeed, nurture can at times turn out to be more important that nature – a perfectly healthy and potent seed will fail to grow into a tree if it is not planted in a nurturing environment!

So, along with being stellar examples yourself, you should also focus on developing the right habits in your children.

WATCH: 10 Habits Of Highly Successful People

Success is equal parts talent, and hard work. Success is also equal part hard work and smart work. However, for a child to gain all these skills and qualities, it is equally important for the child to be raised with a certain set of values and ideals. And this points in the direction of the parents.

The Role of Parenting in Success

The kind of household a child grows in, and the kind of parents he has, will decide a lot of things about his personality – whether he turns out to be confident, honest, trustworthy, grateful, or not. Here are 10 habits of highly successful people that you can adopt yourself, in order to make a positive impact on your child’s life.

WATCH: Julie Lythcott-Haims on ‘How To Raise Successful Children’

Julie Lythcott-Haims’ TED-talk serves as a great eye-opener in this regard. The former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University has also written on the topic, an insightful book called ‘How To Raise An Adult’.

The more we read about these things, the more it serves to make us aware and mindful as parents. However, it is important that we take these insights constructively, rather than getting crushed under so much responsibility.

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