Top 100 Colombian Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

100 Colombian Last Names or Surnames

Colombia is a transcontinental nation that majorly lies in South America but has a part in North America. Colombia owns a place in the world’s top seventeen megadiverse nations. It is because Colombia has been home to a variety of cultures. Its ancestors were Americans, Europeans, and Africans. Also, it has the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in South America.
Colombia has rich biodiversity too. The country holds the Amazon rainforest, grasslands, highlands, and deserts. It is the only country in South America with islands and coastlines along the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. With such a diverse culture, you will find many fascinating last names or surnames here. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best one for yourself or some character. We have curated a list of surnames that contains the best last names you could ever have to ease things for you. Let’s check out some last names of Colombian families!

100 Colombian Surnames or Family Names With Their Meanings 

With such a diverse nation, many surnames belong to different origins. Some Colombian last names from famous people, while others might belong to someone in your neighborhood. We have tried to curate a list that contains surnames that are quirky and common. The below list will have last names with their meanings as well:

1. Alvarez

This surname is of Old German origin. It means ‘son of Alvaro’. It is one of the most searched surnames in Colombia.

2. Arias

Although this last name belongs to Spain, globalization pushed people belonging to this community to different countries. Arias means ‘farmer’ and is sometimes used as a first name.

3. Acosta

With multiple origins, this surname holds multiple meanings. For example, in Spanish, the name of a town means dweller on the seacoast or one who belongs to Acosta. In Latin, it means on the coast. In Portuguese, it is the name of a village near Lugo.

4. Agudelo

This surname has Galician origin. It has an exquisite meaning, ‘ peak.’ The peak here means a family that used to live in the mountains or at an elevation.

5. Alberto

It is used as both first and last name. This community has a presence in multiple geographies. It is used in Danish, Swedish, Spanish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese and Italian nations. It means ‘Bright, Brilliant, Noble, Highborn, Illustrious and Nobly famous.’

6. Acevedo

It is one of the rare Colombian surnames. Belonging to Spain, this name means ‘an orchard of Hollywood’ or ‘a groove of Hollywood.

7. Avila

With Spanish roots, this surname is as wanted as its meaning. It means ‘one who is awaited’ or ‘desired.’

8. Arango

Dedicated to the beautiful valleys of Spain, this name means ‘of the valley.’

9. Beltran

This name is generally given to healers. It is a German and Spanish origin name that means ‘bright raven.’

10. Cabrera

It means ‘one who takes care of a goat herd.’ It is derived from the Latin word ‘caprarius,’ which means goat and defines a person who takes care of goats. It is also a name of a town in the northeast Dominican Republic.

11. Carvajal

It is a quirky surname that belongs to Spain and means ‘someone living near an oak orchard’.

12. Castro

Having Iberian roots, this last name means ‘castle’ or ‘fort.’ It is taken from a famous Cuban president and revolutionary, Fidel Castro.

13. Castillo

This name comes from Spain, and it means ‘castle.’ It’s a common last name in Latin America.

14. Cano

It is a Portuguese and Spanish origin name. IT means ‘gray or white-haired.’

15. Cortes

This surname belongs to Spain and has multiple meanings like ‘one who came from court or town,’ ‘people accompanying the king or belongs to the court,’ or ‘the polite, courteous man.’ It is also the name of many places in Spain.

16. Cardona

It belongs to the Catalan region. You can call it a regional last name as it means ‘someone who lives in Cardino.’ 

17. Carrillo

This one’s a unique surname to have. It means ‘someone with a prominent or unusual cheek’ In Latin, it is derived from “carro,” which means a small cart having two wheels.

18. Caballero

Rooted in Spain, it is a popular yet ancient surname. It means ‘a knight’ or ‘one who rode a horse.

19. Cardenas

This surname is shared by the famous former minister, Mauricio Cardenas Santamaria. This is again a Spanish origin surname and means ‘bluish purple’.

20. Castano

A Galician and Spanish origin surname that means ‘chestnut tree.’ It is a popular Colombian surname.

21. Contreras

A quirky one with the meaning ‘someone from proximity’.

22. Correa

It is a Spanish name and means ‘leather’ or ‘leather belt.’

23. Cruz

Belonging to Iberia, this name means ‘cross.’

24. Diaz

It is a widely prevalent surname in Colombia. It originates from Spain and means ‘son of Diego’. 

25. Da Silva

Belonging to Portuguese origin, this surname means ‘of the wood.’ Although in Latin, it means ‘thicket’ or ‘a wood.’

26. Delgado

A Portuguese and Spanish origin name and means ‘slim’ or skinny.

27. Dos Santos

The word Santos means ‘All Saints’. This surname was an abbreviation for ‘all saints’ given to people born on 1st November. Christians celebrate this day as the day of All Saints.

28. Escobar

This surname belongs to Spain and means a place where broom grows’ or ‘dweller near broom grew’ or ‘place of dense undergrowth.

29. Estrada

Next in the Colombian surnames list comes Estrada, who is of Spanish origin. It means ‘one who came from a paved road (Estrada).’ It also means ‘dweller near a paved road.’ 

30. Ferreira

It is name of many villages near Baza, Guadix, Lugo, Mondonedo, Compostela and Granada. It is believed to be derived from the Latin word “ferrarius” which means ‘made from iron.’

31. Fernandez

This is one of the most common Colombian last names. This surname belongs to Spain and means ‘son of Fernandez’. 

32. Florez

Derived from Spain, this name comes from the word ‘Froila,’ and it means ‘master’.

33. Fuentes

Spanish origin means ‘one who came from a fountain or a spring.’ It is also the name of many places in Spain and means ‘dweller near a spring’.

34. Galindo

It’s a form of Garin, which is nothing but a spear or a friend in Spain. Galindo is also somebody who has come from Galindo, a place of chickens in Spain.

35. Garzon

It is a Spanish origin last name that means ‘boy.’ 

36. Garcia

It has both Portuguese and Spanish roots. It is a popular last name and means ‘rule of the spear’. It also means descendant of Garcia.

37. Guzman

It is a Visigothic-Spanish surname that belongs to Visigoth and means ‘good man’.

38. Guevara

This name has Spanish roots that mean ‘one who was known from Guevara.’ Guevara is known as the place that is overgrown with ferns. 

39. Gil

This surname comes of Catalan and Spanish origin. It means ‘joy’ or ‘bright promise.’

40. Gonzales

Belonging to Spain, this name has multiple meanings. It means ‘the worker in metals’ or ‘the son of Gundisalv’ or ‘a smith.’

41. Guerrero

This surname finds its origin in Spain and means ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior.’

42. Hernandez

It is a Spanish surname that means ‘son of Hernando.’ The word Hernando in itself means ‘venture’ or ‘journey.’

43. Herrera

It is a Spanish origin surname that means ‘ironsmith’ and is quite a popular surname in Colombia.

44. Hurtado

This surname in the Colombian last names list is derived from Spain. It has many meanings like ‘to hide,’ ‘conceal,’ or ‘illegitimate.’

45. Jaramillo

With Spanish origin, it means ‘mustard farmer’.

46. Jimenez

This last name means ‘son of Jimeno with Spanish and Iberian origin.’

47. Lara

In Spanish, this surname means ‘one who has come from fernery or a pagan household God.’

48. Lopez

A Spanish family name yet very commonly picked up in Colombia. It means ‘the son of Lupe of Lope(wolf).

49. Lozano

It is one of the most common Colombian family names, which means ‘an area with luxurious greenery’. 

50. Marin

It is one of the unique Colombian last names in Colombia. It means ‘one who belongs to the sea’. 

51. Miranda

The surname has a Latin origin and means ‘someone who is admirable’ or ‘somebody worthy of admiration. Last names inspire it in Latin America.

52. Medina

A Spanish surname that means ‘city.’

53. Mendoza

With Spanish roots, this last name means ‘cold mountain.’ A beautiful last name to have!

54. Meza

It is a Spanish-origin name that means ‘plateau.’ It also means ‘one who lives near/on a plateau.

55. Mejia

It is improperly spelled from a Spanish word called Mejilla which means ‘cheek.’

56. Moreno

It is a Portuguese and Spanish-originated family name. It means ‘dark-haired.’

57. Molina

In Spanish, there is a word called ‘moler,’ and in Latin, there is a word called ‘molre.’ Both these words mean ‘to grind.’ Molina is derived from these two words. It symbolizes ‘a mill’ and ‘someone who lives near a mill or works in it.’

58. Montoya

It is a surname of Basque and Spanish origin. Its meaning is ‘hills and valleys.

59. Murillo

A very commonly adopted surname in TV shows as well. It means ‘a small wall’.

60. Nieto

This surname took birth in Leon but is used immensely in Spain. It was derived from the Latin ‘nepos’ or ‘neptus’. These two words mean nephew, grandchild, or offspring by a generation. To be precise, it means child of either daughter or son.

61. Nino

It is an old French last name, most popular in Italy. It means ‘child’ or ‘infant.’

62. Orozco

Having roots in Basque, this surname is for people who have wanderlust. It is because the name means ‘traveler.’

63. Osorio

A Spanish origin surname means ‘wolf keeper’ or ‘wolf hunter.’ A very cool family name in Colombia.

64. Pabon

Quite an unusual surname that took birth in Spain. A famous poet named Gongora once, in his poem, referred to Roman Goddess Juno’s peacock as Pabon.

65. Padilla

This surname has Spanish roots and means ‘shallow dish’ or ‘bedpan.’ This surname is known to bring out the charm of the family.

66. Pacheco

This surname means ‘ noble one, ‘ belonging to Portuguese and Spanish origin.’

67. Patino

A Hispanic origin last name that means ‘one who waddles’.

68. Pineda

It is a Catalan and Spanish origin surname. It means ‘pine grove’ or ‘pine forest.’ It can also stand for a pine farmer. 

69. Palacios

Palacios, an extensively kept last name, means ‘one who came from a royal residence’ or ‘dweller in/near a nobleman’s home’.

70. Pena

Pena means a ‘large rock’ So, the surname is kept by someone from such a landscape or is a large stone dweller.

71. Perdomo

Belonging to Spain, the last name means ‘wise man’ or ‘good man.’

72. Perez

It means ‘son of Pero.’

73. Pinzon

It is a ‘type of bird’ in Spanish.

74. Quintero

It is a Galician and Spanish origin surname that means ‘one who lives on a farmstead.’

75. Ramos

This surname has roots in Portugal and Spain. It means ‘branches’ or ‘bouquets.’

76. Rangel

Found in Germany, it means ‘a mighty ruler’.

77. Reyes

It is a Spanish-origin name that means ‘king’ or ‘royal’.

78. Rodriguez

It is a Spanish origin name but is very famous in Colombia. It means ‘son of Rodrigo’. 

79. Rincon

It is an Old Spanish surname but unique. The last name means ‘a secluded area’ or ‘a corner.’ It symbolizes secrecy.

80. Rios

It has both Portuguese and Spanish origins. This surname is very important to Colombia. It is beItfrom the Rio River, ’ which flows through Colombia.

81. Roa

This cute little surname belongs to the Catalan region. It means ‘wheel,’ and symbolizes how a village got laid out in the past.

82. Romera

The surname is rooted in both Italian and Spanish origins. It means ‘one who is on a pilgrimage from Jerusalem/Rome’.

83. Rueda

With Spanish origin, this family name means ‘wood that bends to form a bow.’

84. Ruiz

It is a Spanish surname that means ‘the son of Ruy.’ It is also a pet form of Rodrigo, a famous ruler.

85. Salas

It means ‘one who comes from a hall or a dwelling place’ in Spanish. In German, it is derived from sal which means ‘a family room’ or ‘a large habitable room’ or ‘a single room house where everyone lived, ate, and slept.

86. Salazar

The surname means ‘one who has come from Salazar, a manor house or corral. Salazar’s other meanings are ‘dweller near the sacred St. Lazar’ and ‘dweller near or in the palace or house’.

87. Sanchez

It’s a Spanish-origin family name that means ‘sacred.’ Isn’t it a beautiful surname?

88. Sepulveda

It means a person who buried life’. It is usually a surname of people who are in the gravedigger profession.

89. Serna

It is a Spanish surname that means ‘one who comes from a cultivated field.’ There are several places in Spain by this name.

90. Sierra

It’s a beautiful Spanish origin surname that means ‘mountain range.’ It is usually kept by families living in the mountains.

91. Solano

Bright as the name, this surname means ‘directly exposed to the Sun’ or ‘unhidden.’

92. Suarez

A Spanish origin surname that means ‘son of the sugarman.’

93. Vanegas

This surname is of Visigothic origin. It means ‘the son of Egas.’ The word Egas means ‘the edge of a sword’.

94. Vargas

It is believed to have two origins. First, it could have originated from Celtic ‘barica’, which means ‘a mount or hill’ or ‘steepest part of a hill.’ Second, it might have come from the Celtic ‘Barga’ region, meaning a small cottage or hut.’ 

95. Valencia

It is a very commonly adopted Colombian family name. It means ‘one who came from Valencia, Spain.’ It also comes from valor, which means ‘power or force.’

96. Vega

This cute little surname means ‘someone living in the meadow.’

97. Valasquez

A Spanish origin last name meaning ‘son of Velasco.’

98. Vergara

This last name will be well-suited for people as lovely as a garden. It is because it means ‘garden in the mountains.’

99. Villamizar

It’s derived from a village situated in Spain.

100. Valderrama

It is quite an interesting surname to have. It is because of its meaning. It is composed of the Latin prefix ‘Vallis,’ which is equivalent to ‘valle’. The meaning of valle is ‘valley.’ The suffix ‘derramare’ belongs to Spanish, which means ‘to spread’ or ‘to scatter. ‘ So jointly, it means ‘a valley that is scattered or spread out. ‘ 

101. Zapata

It is the last name of Galician and Spanish origin, and the meaning is ‘the experienced shoemaker.’

Surnames tell a lot about us. When you introduce yourself, your surname tells about your whereabouts, your history, and mostly your profession. Knowing about the popularity of certain family names in Colombia will help you know the country’s current situation. We hope that your quest for a Colombian family name ends here. We have made sure to include the most popular and unique surnames in our list. We hope you like it!

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