10 Uncommon Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy


When you plan to have a baby, all you are looking for are some signs and symptoms that may indicate that you are pregnant. Missed periods, morning sickness, sore breasts are amongst some of the common pregnancy symptoms, but there are some uncommon or unusual pregnancy symptoms too, which may also indicate that you are pregnant. If you are intrigued to know more about uncommon pregnancy symptoms, then it is suggested that you go through the following article.

10 Weird Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Our human body is complex and pregnancy brings in loads of changes in our body. Thus, as soon as you become pregnant, your body starts to show you various symptoms. If you are not experiencing any common pregnancy symptoms that does not mean that you are not pregnant. Sometimes pregnant women tend to show strange signs of pregnancy. Following are some odd signs of pregnancy, which may indicate your pregnancy too:

1. You May Experience Insomnia Or Reduced Sleep

Due to the hormonal turmoil inside your body, you may lose sleep. You may either find it difficult to go to sleep or may wake up at night and then can’t go back to sleep. If you are experiencing any such sleep-related problems, this may hint that you are carrying. It is suggested that you stay calm and relaxed, exercise and reduce your caffeine intake in order to get better sleep.

2. You May Experience Nasal Stuffiness Or Nose Bleeds

As strange as it may sound but some pregnant women may experience nasal stuffiness or nose bleeds as an early sign of pregnancy. This may occur due to lack of moisture in the body. You can either use natural remedies to provide moisture or talk to your doctor about it.


3. You May Feel Gassy

You may feel all gassy and bloated and it may be a sign of pregnancy. Yes, it is possible because pregnancy can take a toll on your gastrointestinal tract and make you all gassy. You may even burp more than usual and it may not be all because of something that you may have eaten but it may also be because of pregnancy. However, staying away from gassy food will be a good idea as consuming any food that may cause more gas may put your stomach under a lot of distress.

4. Increased Vaginal Discharge

When you become pregnant, you bid farewell to your periods for nine months and when you will be least be expecting anything coming out of your vaginal area, you may experience vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is very common and an increased vaginal discharge is an indication that you are pregnant. However, if you have foul-smelling vaginal discharge or change in the colour of your vaginal discharge, you should talk to your doctor about the same.

5. You Bowel Movement May Change

Pregnancy hormones are responsible for hampering with various organ functions and making them slow and sluggish and your intestines may be one of them. Slower functioning intestines mean difficulty in passing stools and thus facing the problem of constipation. It is recommended that you add a lot of fibre in your diet and drink adequate water to keep your bowel movements in place.


6. You May Get A Metal Taste

Some women may get a metal taste in their mouth and this may occur due to the surge in estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body. This condition is also called as dysgeusia, which means metal taste in the mouth. You may get rid of the metal taste by sipping colder drinks, eating sugarless gums or even trying out some spicy food may help.

7. You May Get Heartburns

The changing pregnancy hormones may affect the valve between the oesophagus and the stomach by making it relaxed. This may cause leakage of the stomach acid into your oesophagus and thus causing heartburns. You can reduce your symptoms by consuming small and regular meals. Refrain from eating heavy, spicy and fatty food items. Also, stay away from caffeinated and aerated beverages.

8. You May Get A False Period

You may experience a false period but it will be nothing like your regular period. This bleeding usually happens when the implantation process takes place that is when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining. This happens approximately two weeks after the conception. However, sometimes the false period could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, cervical irritation or other pregnancy-related complications. Get immediate medical help, if you experience heavier bleeding, piercing backache, excessive cramping or other such unusual symptoms.

9 You May Experiences Changes In Your Breasts

Your breasts may start becoming bigger and you may also experience breast tenderness or soreness. The areola or the dark part around the nipples will become darker. This is happening because your body is prepping up for breastfeeding.


10. You May Experience Change In Libido

Pregnancy does all sorts of weird things in your body and it may make changes in your libido too. Nothing else but the changing pregnancy hormones need to be blamed. Where some women may show increased preference in their sex drive others may see a considerable drop in theirs. However, these are absolutely normal and should not cause any worry or concern.

Above-mentioned are some of the uncommon pregnancy signs but these may also be a testimony that you are pregnant. The anatomy of a human body is very complex and when any change takes place, our body makes sure that it signals it to us. The same applies in case of pregnancy. As soon as you get pregnant, your body starts showing all sorts of symptoms that you may take a cue from. You may skip noticing the uncommon pregnancy symptoms; however, it is important that you pay heed to any changes that your body experiences or notice any pregnancy symptom that your body exhibits. As soon as you register any of the pregnancy symptoms, it is suggested that you should meet your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

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