10 Things That You Should Know About a Leo Child

10 Things That You Should Know About a Leo Child

Knowing what some of your little munchkin’s personality traits are can be a fun experience for you and your partner. If your child celebrates his/her birthday between 23rd July and 22nd August, his/her zodiac sign is Leo. Ruled by the sun, this fiery and ambitious little one is sure to keep you on your toes. Whether or not you believe in the zodiac, finding out possible quirks and personality traits of your baby can help you know what you’re in for and even guide you on how to parent him/her in the best way. So, let’s get started with 10 things you should know about your Leo child!

Personality Traits of a Leo Child

From being fiery and full of energy to warm and loving, here are 10 traits of a Leo child that you should definitely know about.

1. They Are Super Smiley

You know how babies give you the biggest smiles that brightens up your day when you look at them? Leos are sure to outnumber the others in the pack! They are always cheerful and happy, and light up the room when they crawl or walk in. They’ll be laughing most of the time, even by themselves, and love showing off their teeth!

2. They Are Born Leaders

There’s always one person to stand up and voluntarily take charge and, chances are, that person’s a Leo. Just like lions, they love leading the way, whether it’s during a game or doing something important. Give them decisions to make, and they’ll gladly make them. Even though this may seem like an ‘older kid’ personality trait, use this to your advantage when your little one becomes a toddler, and parenting will be a breeze!

3. They Love Being the Centre of Attention

Give your Leo baby all your attention and he/she will reward you with all the love in the world. Ignore him/her and you’ll see just how sour the atmosphere turns. The sun is the centre of the universe, and your baby expects to be the centre of your universe too! Leo kids crave love and attention and don’t hesitate using their charm to get it. The good part is, you don’t have to worry about fussiness if you spend time with your baby everyday.

4. They Are Energetic

Energy is a Leo baby’s middle name! They are constantly on the move, going from one thing to the other. They love anything that uses up physical energy, whether it’s a simple game of ‘catch’ or a sport. This also means your baby will be impatient to start crawling so he/she can explore the world by themself. Focusing their energy on something can prove to be successful, and also give you some down-time from being on your toes all day.

5. They Are Affectionate

If you’ve wanted a cuddle bunny since forever, you’ve got it! Warm and bright, Leo babies love hugs and cuddles. They love showing you how much they love you by hugging you, kissing you, laying down on the couch with you, and making their presence felt. In return, all they want is your attention, so be generous with the praise and encouragement. Of course, they LOVE pets, so be prepared for multiple ‘can we get a dog?’ arguments!

Leo Baby

6. They Hate Admitting Defeat

When it comes to a Leo cub, failure is not an option. Once they set out to do something, they’ll try and try until they succeed. Even if it means falling off a bike multiple times! Leo babies are big on pride and hate accepting defeat. After all, if they want to be leaders, they have to do things right! With your Leo child, don’t emphasise on winning because your baby is naturally wired to do so. Instead, teach your child that it’s okay to lose sometimes and that you learn something with every experience.

7. They Are Dramatic

Have you ever walked on the road and noticed a child having the most epic meltdown? It’s probably a Leo! As much as they have the smiley and cheerful vibe going for them, Leo kids can be VERY dramatic. When they don’t get something they want or can’t get something right, they’ll most likely throw themselves on the floor and start sobbing. On the other hand, this dramatic trait makes them great storytellers and you’ll find your Leo child quite interested in the drama club at school.

8. They Are Loyal

Loyalty comes naturally to a Leo! If they make a friend or favour a family member, they’ll stay loyal to them forever. They will show you this commitment by constantly calling out to you or wanting to spend time with you, since they prefer your company to other people. The same goes for a skill. Once Leos find something they love, they’ll focus on it forever! This is great if you want to inculcate good habits or skills in your child.

9. They Are Creative

Stock up on paints and clay because your Leo child will need all he/she can get! Leo babies are inherently creative and need an outlet to express their creative energies and ideas. They love bright colours and interesting art material, and as your child gets older, you’ll see how this extends to his/her room decoration and wardrobe and possibly even career choices! Get ready to nurture this creative streak and help your child express himself/herself through different mediums.

10. They Are Strong-Willed

Good luck getting Leo babies to do something they don’t want to do. Whether it’s homework or cleaning things up, or even moving onto another activity, if your child doesn’t want to do it, you can move the earth and your child will still adamantly stick to his place. But, at least you don’t have to worry about bullies. Leo babies will push for what’s right and never let someone get the better of them!

cute Leo baby

Tips to Raise a Leo Child

Here are some tips to make parenting your Leo child much easier.

  • Give your child the opportunity to lead in tasks to get things done. If you want him/her to do a chore, play a game of ‘follow the leader’, and you’ll strike gold.
  • Leo kids are big on pride and hate being chided in public, so if you feel like you need to correct your little one’s behaviour, address it in private or at home.
  • Sign your child up for dancing classes or anything that blends creativity with physical activity. This will give him/her an outlet for energy and creativity.
  • Striving for independence is an inherent trait of Leo children, so let your child do tasks by himself/herself.
  • Give your child enough attention throughout the day, so he/she feels loved. You’ll get double the amount of love back.

Leo kids are full of fire! Once you bond with your baby, you’ll have an admirer and best friend for life. They are bundles of energy that will keep you on your toes. But when harnessed the right way, they have the potential to change the world. The best part about parenting a Leo child- you never know what each day has in store for you! So, buckle up and get ready to experience the world through your child’s eyes!

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