10 Carnival Themed Games and Activities for Kids

10 Interesting Carnival Games and Activities for Kids

A kid’s carnival party should spell fun in capital letters. And nothing spells fun like games, that to lots of them! You can grease your creative elbow to explore a range of ideas from putting up some game stalls where the kids may go and play as per their desire and pace. Or you can create engaging D.I.Y games with simple prizes. You can also choose and click to buy games online. So, whether you pick homemade games or simple ideas to purchase, the bottom line remains that you can easily organise memorable and fun carnival games for kids for their enjoyment!

10 Exciting Games for Your Child’s Carnival Party

Some thrilling games for your child’s carnival party can include the following:

1. Cola Ring Toss

This delightful game can be one of the outdoor carnival activities which are sure to take your party’s fun quotient to dizzy heights.

What You Will Need

  • Plastic cola bottles
  • Small rack rings meant for tossing
  • 2-litre bottles of cola and soda
  • A solid table

How to Play

  • Arrange three dozen plastic cola bottles on the table.
  • Provide each player with five rings so they may try their hand at tossing the rings around the cola bottles.
  • If a player fruitfully tosses the ring, he wins a 2-litre cola or soda bottle.
  • If he successfully tosses more than once, he has to select between the soda and cola bottles.
  • You can consider offering a consolation prize to a player who is not able to loop a bottle.

2. Duck Pond

Kids are bound to make a delightful splash with this awesome activity which can be one of the carnival games for kids’ birthday as well.

What You Will Need

  • A large kid’s pool or a tub
  • Few small-sized rubber ducks
  • Numbered buckets
  • Sharpie
  • Water to fill the pool
  • Prizes like stickers or small toys

How to Play

  • Fill the pool with enough water.
  • Number the ducks from 1 to 4. The numbered ducks should be the same as the numbered buckets.
  • Fill the numbered buckets with several small prizes.
  • Every kid gets to enter the pool and select a duck.
  • Accordingly, he can pick a gift from the same numbered prize bucket.
  • Put back the duck into the pool for the next kid’s turn.

3. Shooting with Little Squirts

This wonderful game can conveniently qualify for backyard carnival games.

What You Will Need

  • Plastic golf balls 0r ping-pong balls
  • Bottle caps of dissimilar sized drinking bottles
  • Water guns
  • Rope
  • Buckets filled with water

How to Play

  • Set the ping-pong balls on the bottle caps.
  • Offer every kid a water gun filled with water. Keep adequate buckets of water close-by for refilling the water guns.
  • Determine a mark using the rope for every kid to take his position behind the rope.
  • Every kid has to take an aim and shoot at the balls.
  • The kid who shoots down a ball off the bottle caps wins the game.

4. Penny Toss

This pleasing game can be suitable for indoor carnival games for little kids.

What You Will Need

  • Metal Cans
  • Wrapping sheets in different colours
  • A cardboard
  • Several pennies
  • Masking tape
  • Table

How to Play

  • Cover the board with a wrapping sheet.
  • Cover the metal cans with a changed coloured wrapping sheet.
  • Stick masking tape on every metal can’s base and assemble them on the cardboard.
  • Place the cardboard on the table. At a reasonable distance set a mark on the floor for the kids to take their position.
  • Give every kid some pennies. Allow them to take turns to try and throw them into the cans.
  • The kid who manages to toss the maximum pennies in the metal cans is declared the winner.

5. Dart Throw

Kids can have a gala time flinging darts and playing with coloured balloons.

What You Will Need

  • Thick cardboard or a wooden piece
  • Tape
  • Small coloured balloons
  • Few darts

How to Play

  • Fix numerous coloured balloons onto the wooden piece and hang it against a wall.
  • You can use a mix of small and big balloons to make the activity more challenging.
  • Hand over every kid three darts to fling at the balloons.
  • The kid who succeeds in bursting the maximum balloons is the winner.
  • You can place a small folded slip stating the prize name inside the balloons.
  • Thus, the kid will receive the prize written on the slip upon bursting it.

6. Guessing Game

This stimulating game can charge up your party with unlimited enthusiasm!

What You Will Need

  • Colourful things like beaded necklaces, rubber bands, jelly beans and so on
  • Clear plastic jars
  • Colourful paper
  • Pens
  • A fancy container

How to Play

  • Fill the clear plastic jars with various colourful things.
  • Place them side by side for all the kids to see.
  • Provide every kid with chits of coloured paper and a pen.
  • Ask all the children to jot down their guesses as to how many items each plastic jar contain along with their names.
  • Collect all the chits in a bowl and announce the winner after checking the answers.

7. Let’s Race

This exhilarating game is sure to be a clear winner with all the children.

What You Will Need

  • A marker or chalk
  • Toy vehicles/cars or toy horses
  • A large bulletin board
  • Dice

How to Play

  • Draw a racetrack or speedway on the bulletin board with six lanes using the marker.
  • Assign every kid a number starting from 1 till as desired, preferably 6.
  • Ask all the players to position their toy car or horse in their assigned lane.
  • Roll on the dice. The kid whose lane number corresponds with the dice number gets to move his car by one space.
  • The kid who completes the racetrack first is the winner.

8. Dunk Tank

Dunk tank can be a cool DIY carnival game. Kids can have oodles of fun playing with water balloons.

What You Will Need

  • A volunteer to be the target
  • Several water balloons
  • Buckets of water

How to Play

  • Give all kids water balloons.
  • Ask them to fill the balloons with water.
  • Get a volunteer to be the bullseyes.
  • The kids take turns to try and hit the bullseyes with the water balloons.
  • The kid who hits the target the greatest number of times is the winner.

9. Basketball

This enjoyable activity will endlessly keep all the kids entertained.

What You Will Need

  • A basketball
  • Hoop

How to Play

  • Structure a basketball hoop at an elevation appropriate to the height of the kids participating in the game.
  • Every kid gets three chances to basket the ball in the hoop.
  • The child who baskets the maximum number of times is the winner.

10. Breaking the Pyramid

You can put kid’s teeming energy to good use with this delightful game.

What You Will Need

  • Several plastic tumblers
  • Softballs
  • A table

How to Play

  • Stack up the plastic tumblers on the table in the form of a pyramid.
  • Set a mark for the kids to stand at a distance.
  • Each child gets three chances to throw the softball at the pyramid of tumblers to break it down.
  • The kid who succeeds in knocking down the pyramid is the winner.

Carnival games can be easy to make and easy to play. Plus, it can be fun for kids of all ages. So set the ball rolling for a special carnival party with amusing and easy games.

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