10 Definite Signs That Prove Your Baby Loves You Back

10 Definite Signs That Prove Your Baby Loves You Back!

You give your baby all your time and attention, and love them more than anything in the world. But do you know whether he or she loves you back? Is it possible to find out?

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You love your baby more than your life. But did you know that your baby feels the same about you? Even in his early months, your baby learns to recognize you and sees you as a source of solace and safety. Here are 10 sureshot signs your baby loves you:

1. Baby makes eye contact with you

Babies love to look into the eyes of the people who care for them – and as the primary caretaker, your baby will love gazing into your eyes. Baby also loves to imitate your facial expressions, which means they pay close attention to you. Try it for yourself: stick out your tongue at your baby, they will do it right back!

2. Baby recognizes you

Your baby prefers you to other people, and will prove this by actions such as turning their head towards the sound of your voice, and holding up their arms towards you when they want you to hold them.

3. Baby smiles at you

When you smile at baby, and baby smiles back, it is a clear sign that baby likes you. After all, babies don’t just smile at anyone! While a newborn baby will smile only to imitate you, an older baby will smile at you in happiness. This is because they know that you take care of their every need and love them.

4. Baby calms down in your arms

Your baby may have a couple of caretakers, but who do they need when they are extremely upset or are having trouble falling asleep? You, of course! In certain situations, only you can comfort your baby. This is probably the most obvious sign that your baby appreciates and loves you more than anybody else in the world.

5. Baby misses you when you are not around

If your baby cries when you leave the room for even a few minutes, it’s because they miss you, and worry you might not come back. Although this is upsetting, eventually your baby will learn that you will always come back. To calm down baby, let them know when you will be going, and demonstrate your love with a hug or a kiss when you come back.

6. Baby talks to you

Babies start communicating much before they learn to speak. Your baby will “talk” to you by making cooing and babbling sounds. Bond with baby and show them you are listening by making similar sounds at the end of every “sentence”. Babies develop their speaking skills by copying what you say, and yes, this is another indication of how much your baby loves you.

7. Baby always comes back to you

Once your baby learns how to crawl, he or she will love to explore the house. But every now and then, baby will crawl back to you. Even while establishing independence by moving about by themselves, babies will still find their way back to the most important person in their lives – their mothers.

8. Your name is among baby’s first words

A baby’s first words are often mama and dada. Besides the fact that they are easy to pronounce, the reason they are among baby’s first words is that parents are the ones who spend the most time with their baby.

9. Baby attempts to hug and kiss you

By observing your loving hugs and kisses, over time your baby will learn that these are ways to show affection, and will learn to imitate you. And although the hugs may be limp and the kisses wet and open-mouthed, they will clearly indicate the affection your baby has for you.

10. Baby is most comfortable around you

It is a common observation that babies are on their best behaviour when they are around other people. It is only when they are alone with you that their worst tantrums and traits show up. They do this because they know that you love them unconditionally, no matter what they do.

Whether your child shows these signs or not, the bond between a mother and her baby is unbreakable, and no other relationship is quite as special. But when one of these signs manifests itself, it is a wonderful moment for sure!

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