10 Best Vampire Movies for Kids to Watch

10 Best Kid-Friendly Vampire Movies

Horror movies seek to elicit fear in its audience for entertainment purposes. They may overlap with different subgenres, such as vampire, thrillers, and supernatural. Plots within this genre commonly involve the intrusion of an evil force, frightful event, or unholy personage into the everyday world. Despite the gore or evil activities on screen, mildly spooky to extremely creepy horror flicks with vampires as the protagonist can help kids to cultivate their own attitude of survivorship and make them more resilient. Here’s a list of best vampire movies your kids can enjoy when they are exploring different subgenres of horror fiction.

Best Vampire Movies for Children

A vampire is a creature from a folk tale that has been recorded in most cultures and popularised through literature and movies. Since the era of silent cinema, vampire films have been a staple in world cinema’s horror genre. Their various cinematic adaptions represent the manipulative nature, greed, thirst for blood, and demonic powers of these charismatic fictitious entities. Although vampires have become creatures of fantasy in modern times, public fascination with these urban myths persists. Throughout the decades, we’ve seen vampire movies ranging from psychological dramas, sinister, romantic, kid-friendly comedies to all-out monstrous terrors where these blood-sucking characters have been used as metaphors upholding all the evil as well as positive aspects of life like friendship and family. Halloween is not the only time to celebrate these undead fixtures of history and pop culture. Just fix a late-night date with your family, grab the garlic and sink your teeth into some of these age-appropriate vampire movies of all time.

1. The little Vampires

Release Year: 2002 

Based on a popular series of children’s books, this visually intriguing movie tells the story of a lonely kid named Tony who loves graveyards, castles, and vampires. He often gets bullied in his school after moving to Scotland, but he finds true friendship in a kid vampire. However, when the future of the vampire race is threatened by a ruthless vampire hunter, Tony musters up the courage to save his friend.

2. Dear Dracula

Release Year: 2012 

This fun Halloween film is sure to keep your son’s attention till the very end. It is about a young horror fan, Sam, who decides to write a letter to his favourite vampire on Halloween. Much to his surprise, the Dracula replies, and Sam discovers that the vampire has lost his confidence to scare people. Sam takes it upon himself to help Dracula regain his mojo and learn to scare again. The film deals with topics such as being different, the powers of friendship and coming to terms with one’s own-self.

3. Scooby Doo! Music of The Vampire

Release Year: 2011

Scooby-Doo and the Gang get their first musical mystery when they take a road-trip to attend the Vampire festival-dedicated to all things Dracullian. Events turn scary, and mayhem ensues as real live vampires come to life and threatens the town folk. Scooby-Doo team gets on to investigate the secret behind this terror. Little kids will find this animated horror film is quite funny.

4. Hotel Transylvania

Release Year: 2012 

This vividly animated family comedy is about Count Dracula, who sets up a high-end hotel for monsters who need a respite from the humans. However, he gets very over-protective about this teenage daughter who falls in love with a human backpacker who strays into their inn.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Release Year:1993

This movie tells the story of a skeleton man who wanders out of Halloween Town to Christmas Town after getting bored of his life. He plans to take over Christmas by kidnapping Santa, but confusion follows. If you think your children can handle the guilty scares, this movie delivers the tricks and treats that make it a must-watch.

6. Vampires Vs the Bronx

Release Year: 2020 

This witty horror-comedy is about a group of friends from the Bronx coming together to protect their community from a gang of vampires, who threaten to suck the life out of them.

7. Monster Family

Release Year:2017 

This animated horror-comedy is about the Wishbone family, who is very unhappy. To reconnect as a family, Mum and Emma plan a fun night out. However, her plan backfires when an evil witch curses them, and they’re turned into Monsters.

8. Hotel Transylvania 2

Release Year: 2015 

This colourfully animated horror comedy film has some positive messages about family, unity, and diversity. The slightly spooky sequel is about Count Dracula’s concern for his grandson Dennis growing up without showing many signs of being a vampire.

9. Vampire Dog

Release Year: 2012 

This entertaining movie is about a boy who inherits a 600-year-old talking dog named Fang. However, he soon discovers that Fang is a vampire. A bond of friendship develops between the two when a mad scientist Dr Warhol tries to capture Fang and steal his DNA in hopes of developing the latest anti-ageing technology. The film teaches kids how to build confidence, and that cheaters do not prosper, and life often gives us a second opportunity after we seem to have messed up.

10. The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

Release Year: 1979 

This Disney vampire kid movie was aired regularly on the Disney Channel during its Halloween season from 1983 to 1996. Distressed over the rumour that Halloween will end, Dracula gives his mild-mannered monsters an ultimatum to regain their frightful image or leave Transylvania castle forever. Filled with great comic moments, this witty short film celebrates a carefree take on Halloween and the primal fun of putting on the personae of our deepest fears.

We’ve rounded up some of the spellbinding vampire movies for the family here for round-the-clock entertainment. Your vampire movie marathon may include chilling, spooky Halloween classics, disturbing dramas, gory flicks to mockumentary comedies featuring walking corpses, and blood-sucking ghouls who are sure to leave your kids craving for more. Remember, every kid is different despite their age. Decide what level of horror they can take before choosing one for these to watch.

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