100 Best Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Top 100 Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Children love playing games, be it indoor games or outdoor games. And letting your children play games is rather an interesting way to keep them engaged while you get your work and chores done. So if you’re in search of some wonderful games to keep your kids occupied, we have a suggestion. How about you teach him ‘Would you rather question game’?

It’s a great game and we are sure your kids will enjoy playing it with their friends. It’s a fairly simple game; it involves asking a question that starts with would you rather along with two options. The best part of this game is that it will channelize your kids’ energy into something productive and get them thinking. You can decide a theme for the game as well, for example, a Christmas would you rather for kids works wonderfully, not only with the kids but also with the family since everybody is together and having a jolly good time. We have a list of the most fun and hilarious would you rather questions that your kids can ask to their friends.

Kid-Friendly Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Our list is a comprehensive list of questions that you can use for parties that involve many children. This game can be a wonderful icebreaker game.

  1. Would you rather like to be a cat or a dog?
  2. Would you rather be a doctor or a pilot?
  3. Would you rather clean up your bedroom or your bathroom?
  4. Would you rather live without TV or your phone?
  5. Would you rather hold a snake or kiss a jellyfish?
  6. Would you rather be a character in a Disney movie or in a Disney animation?
  7. Would you rather eat any fruit for a lifetime or vegetable for a lifetime?
  8. Would you rather be popular among your classmates or your teachers?
  9. Would you rather wear only white clothes or multicoloured clothes?
  10. Would you rather have a pizza for an entire day or burgers for an entire day?
  11. Would you rather go camping or fishing?
  12. Would you rather have your friends come over to your house or go outside and play with them?
  13. Would you rather have your mom stay at home all day or have her at work?
  14. Would you rather drink a big glass of fresh juice or eat a tub full of ice cream?
  15. Would you rather eat potato chips with mustard or tomato ketchup?
  16. Would you rather go to school on a bus with your friend or with your mother and father in the car?
  17. Would you rather be the funniest person in the world or the smartest person in the world?
  18. Would you rather live in a cool tree house or in a mystical cave?
  19. Would you rather be a famous magician or an actor?
  20. Would you rather be a world-famous photographer or a musician?
  21. Would you rather travel to any place on the planet or buy any toy that you wanted?
  22. Would you rather be able to hold your breath for a long time underwater or climb anything like a monkey?
  23. Would you rather win a gold medal in the Olympics or a million dollars in the lottery?
  24. Would you rather never have a nightmare (or a bad dream) again or never catch the flu again?
  25. Would you rather captain the football team of your school or be the captain of the debate team of your school?
  26. Would you rather be able to watch any movie anytime in your life or be able to eat anything you wanted, anytime in your life?
  27. Would you rather prefer not having to read another book for school or never having to write another test?
  28. Would you rather hug a giant, soft, squishy teddy bear or hug your mother?
  29. Would you rather help decorate the Christmas tree or help with all the cooking in the kitchen?
  30. Would you rather have all sodas and drinks you ever wanted or all the junk food you could possibly eat?
  31. Would you rather go to someone’s birthday party or plan your own birthday party?
  32. Would you rather go to a regular school or be homeschooled?
  33. Would you rather eat a bowl full of worms or an entire frog?
  34. Would you rather have the power to be invisible or be able to travel at the speed of light?
  35. Would you rather be able to recall every single memory or be able to solve any math problem?
  36. Would you rather be able to tell if someone was lying or be able to find anything at all if it was lost?
  37. Would you rather visit a new country every summer or have an extra month of summer holidays every year?
  38. Would you rather have the superpower to shrink things to a really small size or have the superpower to make things much bigger than their actual size?
  39. Would you rather be amazing in science or at arts?
  40. Would you rather spend your holidays in a castle or a giant lighthouse?
  41. Would you rather lick the bathroom floor or a dirty garbage can?
  42. Would you rather go to school dressed up in a clown wig or a clown nose?
  43. Would you rather live in Antarctica or in the jungles?
  44. Would you rather drink a veggie smoothie every day or take a cold shower every day?
  45. Would you rather be able to go to school in a cool sports car or on the back of a dinosaur?
  46. Would you rather be able to build a time machine to take you anywhere in the past or one that can take you to any point in the future?
  47. Would you rather have your head be as small as a lemon or as big as a pumpkin?
  48. Would you rather live in a house made of gingerbread or marshmallows?
  49. Would you rather have your best friend forget your birthday or forget your best friend’s birthday?
  50. Would you rather have a Dora t-shirt or a Peppa Pig t-shirt?Kids playing Would you rather questions quiz
  51. Would you rather sleep out in the open, under the stars or in a cool tent?
  52. Would you rather prefer not to shower again or never brush your teeth again?
  53. Would you rather swim in a swimming pool or take a dip in the ocean?
  54. Would you rather be able to meet God or aliens?
  55. Would you rather be unable to celebrate Christmas ever again or be unable to celebrate Halloween ever again?
  56. Would you rather be able to fly in the sky or be able to walk up the sides of buildings and walls?
  57. Would you rather find a treasure chest that is filled with gold or find a magic lamp with a genie and three wishes?
  58. Would you rather kiss all the people you meet or all the animals you meet?
  59. Would you rather have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon?
  60. Would you rather be the best looking kid in your school or the smartest kid in your school?
  61. Would you rather wear your pants backwards or wear your shoes on the wrong feet?
  62. Would you rather have no arms or no legs?
  63. Would you rather prefer to have a new pair of shoes every month or be able to get a new backpack every month?
  64. Would you rather eat all hot foods in the summer or eat only cold foods in the winter?
  65. Would you rather have a pet gorilla or a pet tiger?
  66. Would you rather be a world-class racecar driver or a world-class fighter pilot?
  67. Would you rather eat an entire cake or eat multiple bags of candy?
  68. Would you rather be able to swim every day at a beach or be able to ski every day along a mountain slope?
  69. Would you rather prefer to not feel pain ever again or prefer to live forever?
  70. Would you rather keep chickens or cows on your farm?
  71. Would you rather live in a quiet house by the countryside or in an apartment in the middle of a busy city?
  72. Would you rather be taller or shorter?
  73. Would you rather eat cereal or oatmeal every day for breakfast?
  74. Would you rather go out for a bicycle ride or jogging daily?
  75. Would you rather have many superpowers just for one week or have one superpower for many months?
  76. Would you rather feed your dog every day or brush him/her everyday?
  77. Would you rather get no presents on your birthday or get presents that you don’t like?
  78. Would you rather have a hairy body or have a bald head?
  79. Would you rather be a leader or a follower?
  80. Would you rather be always late by an hour to every place you went or be early by an hour to every place you went?
  81. Would you rather get to meet your favourite band in person or get multiple free concert tickets?
  82. Would you rather be awake all day and sleep all night or be awake all night and sleep all day?
  83. Would you rather have a car that could fly or a car that could drive underwater?
  84. Would you rather have no eyebrows or have your eyebrows dyed yellow?
  85. Would you rather have a foot stuck inside a toilet or have your hand stuck inside the toilet bowl?
  86. Would you rather touch your dog’s poop or your own poop?
  87. Would you rather have embarrassing photos of yourself sent to your crush or have those photos posted on the Internet?
  88. Would you rather have a very deep voice or a squeaky voice?
  89. Would you rather have a condition that made you sneeze 100 times a day or that makes you pee your pants once a month in public?
  90. Would you rather have ten scars all over your body or have ten cavities in your teeth?
  91. Would you rather have one big eye in the middle of your forehead or have two noses on your face?
  92. Would you rather have a cat-sized elephant or an elephant-sized cat as a pet?
  93. Would you rather be any animal you wanted to be or be able to talk to any animal?
  94. Would you rather sleep in the same room with a dirty pig or a skunk?
  95. Would you rather dance with someone who has foul-smelling body odour or someone who has bad breath?
  96. Would you rather wake up seeing your mom’s face or wake up seeing your dad’s face?
  97. Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or in a crowded building with people screaming?
  98. Would you rather try and ride on the back of a tiger or ride on the back of a lion?
  99. Would you rather forget to take your towel at a sleepover or forget to take your toothbrush?
  100. Would you rather eat a snail or eat a frog if both of them were cooked?

We all know too well how kids can say weird things sometimes; and these silly would you rather questions are just a means to get them to open up and enjoy their childhood. Be sure to mix these questions up and play with your kids every now and then. These fun ‘would you rather questions’ can be played by anyone and everyone. So arrange play dates and ask your children and his friends to play this game. These would you rather questions work as a great icebreaker, regardless of the occasion. So let your kids play this game with their friends and have a wonderful time together.

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