130 Easy Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

130 Easy Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

When arranging games for your kids, a fun-filled and lightning-fast round of trivia can get all children excited. Some easy kid trivia questions with answers can help you get the game going, as you start ramping up the difficulty level gradually. Kids’ trivia questions are a great way to increase a child’s knowledge and self-assurance. So why not organise a kids’ quiz night, take this collection of trivia questions with you when you travel, or test your child each day with a new kid’s trivia question? Kids also enjoy trivia, and it’s a great way to test their knowledge and develop their intelligence and memory.

Trivia is undoubtedly not just a game for adults. They can learn more about movies, animals, science, or even history while having a great time doing it. The options are pretty much limitless! Kids and adults alike can take pleasure in family trivia nights at home. Kids’ confidence is boosted by answering engaging trivia questions. There are several categories of entertaining trivia for children with solutions. We have put together a bunch of questions that range across a variety of domains, right from art to science to history and even a few funny ones.

Interesting Trivia Questions and Answers

A mother drinking tea with her daughter

Here are some interesting trivia questions that may get your kids excited.

1. What Do You Want The Most When You Feel Thirsty?

Answer: Water.

2. Which Animal On The Earth Is The Largest Living Animal On The Land?

Answer: The African Elephant.

3. Which Part Of Your Body Supports The Entire Weight Of Your Body?

Answer: Your Legs And Your Feet.

4. What Is The Colour Of A School Bus?

Answer: Yellow.

5. What Do You Use To Write With On A Blackboard?

Answer: White Chalk.

6. What Do You Call The Small Break That Is Given In School Before Lunch?

Answer: Recess.

7. Who Is Known As The Founder Of The Social Networking Site, Facebook?

Answer: The Founder Of Facebook Is Mark Zuckerberg.

8. How Many Spokes Are Present In The Ashoka Chakra On The National Flag?

Answer: There Are 24 Spokes In The Ashoka Chakra.

9. What Mobile Device Is Larger Than A Phone But Smaller Than A Laptop?

Answer: A Tablet.

10. Which Is The Most Popular Operating System Used In Phones In India?

Answer: Android.

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

Different sports gear

Sports can be fun for most kids. Here are some sports-related trivia questions for kids.

11. What Is The Diameter Of The Hoop Of The Basketball?

Answer: The Diameter Is 18 Inches.

12. Which Country Will Be Hosting The Olympics In The Year 2020?

Answer: Japan.

13. In Which Year Did India First Win The Cricket World Cup?

Answer: In the year 1983.

14. Who Is The Player To Have Won The Most Grand Slam Titles In The Game Of Tennis?

Answer: Roger Federer.

15. What Kind Of A Sport Uses A Shuttlecock?

Answer: Badminton.

16. Which Player Has Scored The Highest Runs In A Single Match Of One-Day International Cricket?

Answer: Virender Sehwag.

17. Which Indian Athlete Is Known As The Flying Sikh Of India?

Answer: Milkha Singh.

18. What Is The Name Of The Oldest Football Club In India?

Answer: Mohun Bagan A.C.

19. Who Is The First Indian Tennis Player To Have Won A Grand Slam Tournament In Tennis?

Answer: Mahesh Bhupathi.

20. How Many Players Are Present In Each Team In A Game Of Basketball?

Answer: There Are 5 Players In Each Team.

21. Who Is The First Indian Woman To Have Won An Olympic Medal?

Answer: Karnam Malleshwari.

22. When Is The National Sports Day Celebrated In Our Country?

Answer: 29th August.

23. Which Football Player Has Scored The Highest Number Of Goals In The FIFA World Cup?

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo.

24. What Is The Total Length Of A Cricket Pitch?

Answer: The Length Is 22 Yards.

25. Which Sportsman Has The Highest Number Of Records In The Sport Of Swimming?

Answer: Michael Phelps.

26. What does NBA stand for?

Answer: National Basketball Association

27. Which game is played popularly in Wimbledon?

Answer: Tennis.

28. How many teams are there in NFL?

Answer: 32.

29. In tennis, how many tournaments are conducted in a Grand Slam?

Answer: Four.

30. Kyrie Irving is associated with which sports?

Answer: Badminton 

Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Movie CD Library

Kid’s movies are fun to watch. Here are some kids’ movie trivia questions:

31. In The Animated Movie Series, Toy Story, What Is The Name Of The Lead Character?

Answer: He Is Called Woody.

32. What Is The Name Of The Movie Series That Shows A Theme Park Made With Dinosaurs?

Answer: Jurassic Park.

33. In The Film, Finding Nemo, What Species Do Nemo And His Father Belong To?

Answer: Clownfish.

34. What Is The Name Of The Alien In The Film, Koi Mil Gaya?

Answer: Jaadoo.

35. In The Angry Birds Movie, What Kind Of Animals Are The Birds Fighting Against?

Answer: Pigs.

36. What Is The Name Of The Girl In The Cartoon Show That Goes Around Exploring Various Areas?

Answer: Dora The Explorer.37. 

37. What Is The Real Name Of Krissh In The Krissh Movie Series?

Answer: Krishna.

38. In The Movie Ra.One, Which Actor Plays The Role Of Ra.One?

Answer: Arjun Rampal.

39. In The Movie Zootopia, What Are The Flowers Called That Makes The Animals Go Wild?

Answer: Night Howlers.

40. In The Ice Age Series, What Kind Of Nut Is Scrat Chasing All The Time?

Answer: An Acorn.

41. What is the name of dog in Up?

Answer: Dug

42. What is Wendy’s last name in Peter Pan? 

Answer: Darling

43. Where does Alladin live?

Answer: Agrabah

44. What is the name of the horse in Tangled?

Answer: Maximus

45. What was Bambi’s first word?

Answer: Bird 

History Trivia Questions and Answers

A little girl studying from a history book

Here are some good history trivia for kids excited about history.

46. Who Invented The Very First Aeroplane?

Answer: The Wright Brothers.

47. Which Country Is Termed As The Origin For The Olympic Games?

Answer: Greece.

48. Who Wrote The Most Prolific Plays Of All Time, Such As Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello?

Answer: William Shakespeare.

49. What Is The Date When The First Moon Landing Took Place?

Answer: 20th July 1969.

50. What Are The Historical Structures In Egypt Called?

Answer: Pyramids. 

51. Who Was The First Prime Minister Of Free India?

Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

52. How Many Years Did It Take To Build The Taj Mahal?

Answer: It Took 22 Years.

53. What Was The Duration Of The Second World War?

Answer: From 1939 To 1945, 6 Years.

54. Who Is Called As The Founder Of The Maurya Empire?

Answer: Chandragupta Maurya.

55. In Which Year Was Mahatma Gandhi First Nominated For A Nobel Prize?

Answer: 1937

Science Trivia Questions and Answers

Science trivia can help build your child’s interest in the subject. Here is a list of intriguing  science trivia questions for kids

56. How Many Legs Does A Spider Have?

Answer: A Spider Has Eight Legs.

57. What Part Of The Body Has A Part Called As The ‘Pinna’?

Answer: The Ear.

58. What Human Blood Type Is Called As The Rarest Blood Type?

Answer: AB Negative.

59. Which Is The Largest Mammal On Earth?

Answer: The Blue Whale.

60. What Is Heavier Between Silver Or Gold?

Answer: Gold.

61. Which Planet Is Known To Have The Largest Number Of Moons?

Answer: Jupiter Has 69 Moons

62. Who Invented The Telescope?

Answer: Galileo.

63. What Is Called As The World’s Tallest Grass?

Answer: Bamboo.

64. Does Sound Travel Faster In Water Or In The Air?

Answer: Sound Travels Faster In Water.

65. Which Planet Is Closest To The Sun?

Answer: Mercury.

66. What Are The Colours Present In The Rainbow?

Answer: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.

67. What Do You Call An Animal That Can Live On Land As Well As In Water?

Answer: An Amphibian.

68. What Scale Is Used To Measure The Intensity Of Earthquakes?

Answer: The Richter Scale.

69. Which Scientist Is Termed With Discovering The Nature Of Gravity?

Answer: Isaac Newton.

70. What Is The Full Version Of ISRO?

Answer: Indian Space Research Organization.

Music Trivia Questions and Answers

A little girl playing the guitar

Here are some questions related to music for kids.

71. Which Musician Has Been Termed As The King Of Pop?

Answer: Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

72. What Instrument Is Famously Associated With Zakir Hussain?

Answer: The Tabla.

73. Which Song By The Artist Psy Holds The Largest Number Of Views On Youtube?

Answer: Gangnam Style.

74. Which Indian Musician Has Received An Oscar For His Work In Film?

Answer: A.R.Rehman.

75. Which Indian Singer Is Also Called As The Nightingale?

Answer: Lata Mangeshkar.

76. What Indian Instrument Was Pandit Ravi Shankar A Maestro Of?

Answer: The Sitar. 

77. Which Classical Composer Was Known To Be Deaf?

Answer: Ludwig Van Beethoven.

78. What Musical Instrument Uses Water To Make Different Sounds?

Answer: Jaltarang

79. Which Hindi Male Playback Singer Is Termed As The Most Versatile Singer Of Modern Times?

Answer: Arijit Singh.

80. What Is The Theme Song Of The 2014 Animated Film, The Lego Movie, Called?

Answer: Everything Is Awesome.

Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

A boy holding a globe

Geography may not be a favourite among many kids. Here are some interesting questions that may spark their interest

81. Which Language Is Spoken Popularly In Brazil?

Answer: Portuguese. 

82. What Is The Capital Of Thailand?

Answer: Bangkok

83. Which City Is The Eiffel Tower Located In?

Answer: Paris.

84. In Which City Was The World Trade Centre Located?

Answer: New York.

85. Which Country Has The Highest Population In The World?

Answer: China.

86. What Is The Currency Used In Germany

Answer: Germany Uses The Currency Euro.

87. Name The Largest Ocean On The Earth.

Answer: The Pacific Ocean.

88. How Many States Are Present In Our Country, India

Answer: 29

89. Which City Is The Capital Of The United States Of America?

Answer: Washington, D.C.

90. What Is The Tallest Peak In The Himalayan Mountain Range Called?

Answer: Mount Everest.

Funny Trivia Questions and Answers

A little girl dressed as a clown

You can also try these lighthearted questions for a fun time with kids.

91. What Do The Characters In The Cartoon Scooby Doo Call Their Car?

Answer: The Mystery Machine.

92. What Group Of Animals Is Collectively Referred To As An Army?

Answer: Frogs.

93. What Sentence In English Contains All The Letters Of The Alphabet?

Answer: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.

94. Can You Lick Your Elbow?

Answer: No. And yes, you did try to lick your elbow to find the answer.

95. What Will You Never Find In The Casinos Of Las Vegas?

Answer: Clocks.

96. How Many Hearts Does An Octopus Have?

Answer: Three.

97. Who Came Tumbling Down The Hill After Getting Some Water?

Answer: Jack And Jill

98. What Is The Name Of The Cowardly Dog In The Famous Cartoon?

Answer: Courage.

99. I’m Solid When Cold, And Gaseous When Warm. What Am I?

Answer: Water.

100. What Is The Agent Code Of James Bond?

Answer: 007.

101. How many noses does a slug have? 

Answer: 4

102. Who is the stinky, mean, green man who stole Christmas from the Who’s of Whoville?

Answer: The Grinch.

103. Do fish have ears?

Answer: Yes, but protruding like humans!.

104. What sound does a pesky mosquito make?

Answer: bzzz-bzzzz

105. How many beans does a cat have?

Answer: 16

Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

106. What is the name of Simba’s Mother in Lion King.

Answer: Sarabi

107. Which were Mickey Mouse’s first words?

Answer: Hot Dogs

108. Who was the youngest Disney Princess?

Answer: Snow white 

109. Who carved Pinocchio?

Answer: Gepetto

110. What kind of fish is Nemo?

Answer: Clownfish

Bible Trivia Questions with Answers 

111. How many days did God take to create the world?

Answer: 6

112. Who baptised Jesus?

Answer: John the Baptist

113. What is the name of the angel who came to Mary?

Answer: Gabriel

114. Who built the Ark in the new testament?

Answer: Noah

115. In the Old Testament, who was the first man and woman?

Answer: Adam and Eve

Random Trivia Questions with Answers 

116. What is the toy store in Toy Story called?

Answer: Al’s Toy Barn

117. Which bone protects our brain?

Answer: Skull

118. Which is the planet that spins the fastest? 

Answer: Jupiter

119. Which is the fastest animal on earth?

Answer: Cheetah

120. The world has how many wonders?

Answer: The world has Seven wonders.

Silly Trivia Questions with Answers 

121. What do you call a cucumber drowning in vinegar?

Answer: A pickle.

122. What time of the year does a bunny come to deliver chocolate eggs?

Answer: During Easter.

123. What is the colour of a giraffe’s tongue? 

Answer: Purple

124. A hip’s sweat is of which colour? 

Answer: Pink

125. Johnny Dpp is famously afraid of what?

Answer: Clowns

Hard Trivia Questions with Answers

126. Which mammal has the longest lifespan on earth?

Answer: Bowhead whale

127. Which animal is born blind? 

Answer: Rabbi

128. Which is the oldest musical instrument in the world?

Answer: Flute

129. What grows from acorns?

Answer: Oak trees

130. How many toes does a cat have?

Answer: 18

With this interesting trivia, you can test your child’s knowledge of history, geography, science, movies, music, and sports. Yes, this trivia can check your child’s overall intelligence in a fun way. If your little one gets all the answers correct, well and good, but if he doesn’t, you can always teach him. After all, learning new things is always good!

Additionally, you can also get educational activity kits like Intellikit for your child to ensure all-around development. The interactive activities in Intellikit boost your child’s problem-solving and analytical skills, among many others and help him develop an interest in arts and crafts, all while having loads of fun. Based on a unique theme every month, Intellikit equips your child with knowledge and a skill set that will help him as he grows older. Subscribe, enter your child’s age, and receive a box of fun learning at your doorstep every month!

Fun trivia questions for kids can be a great icebreaker for any party, where kids can start interacting with each other. Put the kids in teams and let them work together to find the answers. Keep a balance of rules and fun so it doesn’t become too taxing. Various trivia games for kids can maintain variety in the questions so that no team gets an unfair advantage.

Infographic: Benefits of Trivia Questions with Answers for Kids

Infographic: Benefits of Trivia Questions with Answers for Kids

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