10 Best Poems About Baby's First Birthday

10 Best First Birthday Poems

Your child’s first birthday marks a milestone for all parents. From writing cute poems on greeting cards for one-year-olds to wishing your beloved grandson, younger brother, adorable nephew, darling niece, younger sister, daughter, or your colleague’s toddler, you can make sure that your heartfelt wishes and cute messages stand out from the rest. It will always mean a lot to the proud parents who would surely preserve them for their child to see after they grow up. Whether you add poetic words to a card or record a video with a short speech before lighting the candle on the cake, or make a note on a birthday scrapbook page, Poems about first birthday will always remain as a keepsake that children can share with loved ones or while reminiscing the past.

10 Wonderful Poems for Baby’s First Birthday

It feels like yesterday when your baby was born, and now she has already turned a year old. Time indeed flies fast and leaves behind wonderful memories to cherish. You can use some sweet first birthday poems to convey your experience as a parent for your little one transitioning into toddlerhood. Here is a list of first birthday poems for baby boy and first birthday poems for baby girl that is no less than a milestone in the life of parents and the child both. 

1. You Are the Latest Fad 

You are the latest craze
It is your charm that leaves
Everyone in a daze
You are the one in vogue
You are the latest obsession
Even though my dear
You are only one
Happy 1st birthday

2. A Box of Chocolates 

A pack of candy
A bunch of cookies
Is not enough, you see
Because you are
Sweeter than the sweetest
My little one-year-old
You are simply the best
Happy 1st birthday

3. Yesterday You Were a Baby 

Yesterday was a baby, now today you’re one.
Your toddler years have now begun.
Let’s mark this day with a celebration,
Full of laughter and fun, a real sensation!
And when this day is finally through,
We’ll start planning for the day you turn two!

4. For the Birthday Girl 

A sweet little girl is turning one,
And she is ready to have some fun.
Dressed in a cute little birthday gown,
Her head is topped with a birthday crown.
A cake and gifts complete the scene,
For this pretty little birthday queen.
Family and friends from far and near,
Gather to wish her another happy year.

5. Your Big and Cute Eyes

Your big and cute eyes
Your chubby little nose
Your charming and sweet smile
Your curly-burly toes
Your small and soft hands
Your itsy-bitsy feet
Give me all the happiness.
And make my life complete.
Happy first birthday!

6. Cutie Pie 

Cutie pie
Apple of my eye
Without you
My heart would go dry
Sweetie pie
I will not lie
Without you
I would surely die

7. You’re Turning One! 

The time has come, and you’re turning one.
Your little life has only just begun.
But it will grow bigger along with you,
And richer with all the amazing things you’ll do!

8. One Year Older

One year wiser
One year smarter
One year cuter
One year older
One year jollier
One year nicer
One year sweeter
All these things
You are going to be
As you turn one
My cute little baby
Happy 1st birthday

9. You’re Turning One! 

The time has come and you’re turning one.
Your little life has only just begun.
But it will grow bigger along with you,
And richer with all the amazing things you’ll do!

10. For the One-derful Birthday Boy 

Have a one-derful 1st birthday dear boy,
You’ve brought our lives so much joy
With your sunshine-y grin,
And your cute dimpled chin,
You play our heartstrings like a violin.
Have a one-derful birthday little guy.
You’re the apple of everyone’s eye.
With your cute little toes,
And your sweet button nose,
You’re the best, and everyone knows

Celebrating the miracle of your child’s birth and the unique person is an opportunity to remember their journey from birth to the first birthday. First Birthday poems for kids can refresh your memory of the experiences of being new parents that would be precious throughout your life.

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