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Your Baby This Week : 11 Month Week 3 Old

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Your child understands more than he says, and he knows that everything around him has a name to it. Some of the 11-month-olds are ready to say those words, but they will file it away for future reference. Soon, you’ll be able to say, “Where’s the ball?” and he will show you. As you may have noticed, your baby is all about “testing” what he can do, and how things work. This is how the elderly, infants, and young children learn about the world around them. Babyproof (and, later, a child-proof your home), so that there is a “yes” environment in which to play, rather than one full of no-nos. If you find yourself saying “no” to a lot of things, your baby could be desensitized to it and begin to tune it out completely. Whenever possible, make an effort to redirect his attention to something more acceptable. Children learn through repetition and practice.

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