When Your Tot Rides a Tricycle

when your tot rides a tricycle

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Parents often wonder when their toddlers can ride a tricycle. Some children learn to pedal around the age of 30 months, and most children learn to ride a tricycle around the age of 3-4 years. With some patience and perseverance you can initiate your child into this fun activity.

After crawling, walking and running comes learning how to ride a tricycle. Most children love the idea of being mobile. They love toys that help them get around such as scooters and mini-cars. A tricycle is another item that helps a child develop coordination and muscle strength. Teaching your tot how to ride one isn’t very tough. It’s just a matter of patience and practice.

How to Teach a Toddler to Ride a Tricycle in Easy Ways

1. Choose the Tricycle Carefully

Involve your toddler in the tricycle buying process. Let her pick one of her choice. Before buying it, make her sit on it to see if she’s comfortable. You can also choose a tricycle with a long handle at the back. When starting out, it’ll help you to steer the cycle for your toddler while she learns to get the hang of it.

2. Safety Comes First

For a 23 month old, riding a tricycle can be scary. Safety is of prime importance when teaching your child how to ride. Though the chances of falling off are few, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Have your child wear a helmet and elbow and knee pads to protect against cuts and scrapes.

3. Push with the Feet

Another tip for teaching your toddler to ride a tricycle is to remove the pedals and encourage her to move the cycle forward by pushing her feet against the floor. She’ll also learn how to steer it. Once she’s mastered this, you can move on to teaching her how to pedal.

4. Pedal Away

Seat your toddler on a chair and place both your palms under each of her feet. Encourage her to peddle on your palms first, as you would on cycle pedals. This will help her understand the concept of pedaling. She will be less scared to sit on a tricycle too as she’ll have an idea of what to do when she gets on.

5. Push Your Toddler

Choose a grassy area for your child without any obstructions. You can start by slowly pushing her on the tricycle, as she keeps her feet on the pedals. If she puts her feet down, you should stop the pushing motion so that she understands that the cycle moves forward when you push the pedals.

The milestone for toddlers riding a tricycle is usually achieved around the age of 2 to 4 years. Some children learn how to ride it in a few days while others may take time to grasp the concept of pedalling. However, with practice and patience, they eventually get it. Cycling is a healthy outdoor activity that helps to develop coordination and strength. With these tips, your little one should be able to pick up this activity very quickly, and enjoy her new-found freedom and independence.

Have you taught your toddler to cycle yet? How is she faring, and how are you teaching her?

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