What's your toddler's personality type?

What is Your Toddler’s Personality Type? Find Out With These 3 Tricks!

Children start manifesting distinct personalities at a very young age and parents find it difficult to cope with repetitive behavior in their toddler that may be frustrating or even embarrassing. But knowing the toddler’s personality type can help parents in managing them better and shaping them into more confident beings.

Many people believe that personality is something that develops with age and experience and is not inherent. But children start proving it wrong by showing identifiable behavioral pattern and personality traits very early on. In order to identify the personality type of your toddler, you as a parent, must know what to observe and how to assess it. There may be overt admissions and subtle hints in a child’s personality. Understanding personality type can help parents manage their toddler’s behavior and shape it to encourage complete physical and mental growth.

Types of Personalities Seen in Toddlers

The five main types of personalities seen in toddlers are as follows:

1. The Prodigy

Toddlers who are quick to learn and apply what they learnt in their surroundings are prodigious in nature. They like to experiment and discover but in a safe and controlled manner. Their above average IQ starts manifesting itself in their actions quite early on.

The Prodigy

2. The Rebel

Toddlers with a tendency to defy and challenge authority on a constant basis develop a rebellious personality. They don’t want unnecessary discord but they will not settle for anything less than the best.

The Rebel

3. The Adventurer

These children have an incessant need to go out and explore the world around them. The thrill of knowing new things and meeting new people give them ultimate joy and their whole personality is shaped around this need for adventure only.

The Adventurer

4. The Introvert

These toddlers are very careful around new people and in new situations. Although introvert behavior is not the only characteristics of their personality, it may be the dominant part for a long time.

The Introvert

5. The Enigma

Toddlers who behave differently in different situations and never seem to settle down into a pattern are considered enigmatic in nature. It’s very difficult to figure out their true personality until they have completely grown.

The Enigma

How to Identify your Toddler’s Personality Type

Parents may still find it difficult to find out their toddler’s personality type, despite having read all the parenting books. Knowing what cues to look for and which behavioral pattern to observe can help you identify your toddler’s personality type.

1. Know what excites your toddler

Just by observing what your child likes to do above all, can help you understand his personality better. If your child likes to experience new things, he may be an adventurer. A toddler who likes to have books read to him may turn out to be quite a prodigy. And a troublemaker is probably well set on the path of rebellion.

2. Know the calming factors

Knowing what soothes or calms your child can also help you identify how to distract your child from their favorite activity and get them to sleep or eat. Strong personalities in toddlers may grow too emotional or passionate about their likings. While some toddlers may be calmed down by music at night, others may get too engrossed in it to relax and sleep.

3. Know what upsets your toddler

If, as a parent, you are able to determine the triggers that stimulate your child into withdrawing or lashing out; you may be able to identify their personality type more accurately. While an introvert child may feel threatened and uncomfortable amidst strangers, an adventure-loving toddler would feel very much at ease amongst new people and in new situations. Similarly, an adventure seeking child will be highly agitated if he is made to sit in front of a television but an introvert child may feel very comfortable being in a relaxed environment without any social pressures.

A parent must be cautious, however, about not making the personality type a permanent label for their child. Calling your toddler shy, wild or difficult repeatedly can make them believe that their personality is unchangeable and they may find it very difficult to grow out of their negative habits. Thus, to better manage the toddlers with evolving personalities, it is advisable for parents to have patience and learn to accept their toddler’s personality wholeheartedly.

A parent’s role doesn’t just stop there, of course. Children need continuous guidance and support to develop into better beings and parents must participate in their toddler’s development by engaging them in activities that best suit their personalities.

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