Tooth Fairy Letters That Can Elate Your Kid's Morning

Tooth Fairy Letters That Can Elate Your Kid’s Morning

Losing a tooth for the first time will be a confusing event for your child; however, the anticipation of a visit from a tooth fairy can also make it an exciting experience they would look forward to. Like all kids, they need to get a letter to feel special on the day they lose their tooth. So if your child is about to lose one, have a fun tooth fairy note first tooth on hand ready to start a tradition for your child. Here are some ideas on how to write a tooth fairy letter for your child.

Who Is a Tooth Fairy?

A tooth fairy is a fantasy figure for children mainly in the western and western-influenced cultures. The folklore surrounding the tooth fairy is that when children lose their baby teeth, the tooth fairy visits them in the night while they’re asleep to exchange the tooth they’ve tucked under their pillow for a small payment, gift or letter.

You can create your own story about what the tooth fairy looks like and what they do with all the teeth they collect. You could also create different personas for the fairies so one leaves behind money, the other leaves behind personalized letters with a treat and one special tooth fairy who likes your child more than all the others.

How to Write a Beautiful Tooth Fairy Letter to Your Child?

You can write a wonderful tooth fairy letter that your child will cherish for years if you put some thought and effort into it. Here are some tips for a letter from the tooth fairy for a lost tooth:

  • The first step is to ensure your child doesn’t suspect the letter is from you. Children are naturally curious and sceptical at the same time. While they want to believe it is true, your letters should look genuine enough to convince them. Therefore avoid writing it in your handwriting on paper they can find at home. Instead pick a colored paper, craft or cardboard from an art store and write the note in small letters. You could get help from a friend and even add a fancy ribbon to it.
  • Make the letter personal so it sounds real and closer to them. Address it to them and add a private detail they wouldn’t expect to make it extra special. If they pulled it out too soon, add a piece of advice to not do that the next time.
  • Now is a good time to drop some advice on dental care. Weave a story like where their tooth goes after it falls and the fairy queen doesn’t like dirty teeth. The clean teeth would go to building the castle and the dirty ones would make up the pavement on the streets. This should be a good motivator to keep their teeth clean.
  • Add something humorous or funny notes, maybe a joke or how the tooth fairy witnessed a funny incident in their life.
  • Mention all the times the tooth fairy has been happy with how your child maintained good oral hygiene or has been good at home. Occasionally drop a surprise letter encouraging good behaviors with a small gift.
  • Employ imaginative and whimsical language to create a sense of wonder. Talk about the Tooth Fairy’s adventures, magical world, or the importance of healthy teeth. Make the experience enchanting and captivating.
  • Along with the letter, leave a tiny surprise or token under the pillow. It could be a special coin, a trinket, or a small note in return for their tooth. This adds an extra element of excitement to the experience.

Examples of Lines That the Tooth Fairy May Write

When writing a Tooth Fairy letter, you can let your imagination run wild to create a magical and memorable experience for your child. Here are some examples of lines that the Tooth Fairy may write in a letter:

  1. “Dear [Child’s Name], I hope you’re having sweet dreams in your cozy bed, for I’ve just whisked your precious tooth away!”
  2. “I found your tooth, shining brightly like a little star, and I couldn’t resist leaving a tiny gift in its place.”
  3. “The Tooth Fairyland is a wondrous place, filled with sparkly teeth and twinkling stars. Your tooth will fit right in!”
  4. “I want to thank you for taking such good care of your teeth. They’re like pearls in the sea of smiles!”
  5. “Please keep brushing and flossing, for healthy teeth are the secret to my magic and the key to many smiles in your future.”
  6. “I left you a special treat under your pillow, just a little something to bring joy to your heart and a sparkle to your day.”
  7. “Remember, every tooth tells a story, and yours is a tale of bravery and growing up. Keep counting those lost teeth with pride.”
  8. “As you drift off to dreamland, know that the stars in the sky twinkle just for you, and I’ll always be watching over you.”

Cute Sample Tooth Fairy Letters and Notes

Here are some tooth fairy letter ideas to write a cute letter for your child:

  • Here’s a tooth fairy letter for a boy:

Hi Sam,

Congratulations on losing your first tooth! I’d been making plans to visit you in the night the last few days. You have grown up so fast and I’m proud of you. It was really sweet of you to leave me your cute little tooth under the pillow, so here’s some money in exchange! I decided to leave you a little extra cause it’s your first tooth. Spend it wisely.

I’m happy with how well you have kept your teeth clean by brushing and flossing every day. Continue that and eat your fruits and veggies to keep them healthy and strong. If the next tooth you leave for me is cleaner, I might even leave you a little extra!


The Tooth Fairy

  • Here’s an example of tooth fairy letters for a girl:

Hi Susie,

I see that tooth that’s been bothering you finally fell off, well Congratulations! You’ve been patient and careful with it and for that, I’m really impressed. I couldn’t wait to come pick it up, thank you for leaving such a clean tooth behind for me. In return you get this money; it’s all yours to do as you like!

I love how well you have kept your teeth clean, this is the whitest, brightest one I’ve collected in a long time and it is going straight to my box of favorites. I want you to continue taking good care of the rest of your teeth, brush and floss daily and send me a wink every night before you go to bed.

  • Here’s a message from the tooth fairy for a child who had their tooth pulled out by a dentist:

Dear Ben,

Thank you for the tooth! You have been a brave boy going to the dentist today. I made sure I wasn’t too noisy when I was at your house last night to pick up your tooth. Here is the money and some extra treat for giving me the bravest tooth in my collection. Everybody is proud of you and so am I!

  • Here’s an example of a tooth fairy letter for a little girl who lost her first tooth:

Hi Lily,

I heard the news – you’ve lost a tooth, and it’s a big deal in the world of fairies! I was so excited to pay you a visit. Your tooth was shining like a little star, and I’ve left something special under your pillow as a token of my appreciation. Keep up the good work with your teeth!

I also noticed you’ve been very kind and helpful lately, which makes me even more delighted to visit you. You’re a wonderful little person.

Take care of those teeth, and remember, I’ll be back for the next one. Sweet dreams!

The Tooth Fairy

  • Here’s an example of a tooth fairy letter for a little boy which includes some dental advice:

Dear Max,

Your tooth was gleaming when I found it under your pillow! You’ve done a fantastic job taking care of it. I left you a small surprise to thank you for being such a superstar toothkeeper.

Keep brushing and flossing to make my job easier, and I might just bring an extra special treat next time!

Sweet dreams and keep smiling,

The Tooth Fairy

  • Here’s an example of a tooth fairy letter for a girl praising her:

Hey Mia,

Your missing tooth was like a treasure I couldn’t resist! I’ve left a little something for you, but it’s not just about the gift. I’m so impressed by how responsible you are with your teeth. Keep it up!

And remember, healthy teeth are happy teeth. So, keep eating those veggies and brushing regularly. I’ll be back when the next tooth is ready to join my collection.

Sweet dreams and fairy wishes,

The Tooth Fairy

What Not to Write in a Tooth Fairy Letter?

There are certain things to be kept in mind when it comes to writing letters from the tooth fairy. Put in the effort to create an enjoyable experience for your child when they lose a tooth, as that’s the main goal. However, be cautious not to overcomplicate things. If you weave an overly intricate tale, your child will likely be filled with inquiries, and you’ll need to maintain a serious demeanor while coming up with explanations that don’t involve deceiving them.

Should your narrative be excessively detailed, it could potentially frighten some children regarding the Tooth Fairy. This may lead to intricate issues, and you’ll also find yourself under higher expectations in the coming years. Trust me, if you push things too far, you might regret it.

What Should You Do With Those Tooth Fairy Letters?

You should keep Tooth Fairy letters as cherished mementos in a safe place, such as a memory box or scrapbook, to revisit and reminisce about those magical childhood moments with your child in the future.

Important Tips

While writing your own letter can be fun, you can make it more special by picking one off the shelf. Consider these:

  • If you are ordering custom tooth fairy letters for your child ensure the place is trustworthy as it would contain the address and some personal info of your child. Write only what you think is fine and nothing more.
  • Go through the quality of the print and ensure it is something your child could appreciate. The content also needs to be age-appropriate for your child.


1. What Does the Tooth Fairy Look Like?

The Tooth Fairy’s appearance varies in folklore, but she is often depicted as a small, winged, and magical creature.

2. What Are Some Tooth Fairy Names?

Tooth Fairy names are creative and diverse, such as

  • Twinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Luna
  • Fae
  • Zuby
  • Niho

3. What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With All the Collected Teeth?

Maybe the tooth fairy transforms the lost teeth into celestial stars. Perhaps she utilizes the healthy teeth to construct her fairy castle, or maybe she grinds them into fine, enchanting fairy dust. Alternatively, it’s quite probable that the tooth fairy guards her most treasured secret.

4. Is There More than One Tooth Fairy or Just One?

The response varies according to your family’s unique narrative. In the case of a single Tooth Fairy, a simple signature “The Tooth Fairy” suffices. In the scenario where multiple tooth fairies are part of the story, you can assign a name and distinct personality to your child’s fairy, making the interaction even more enjoyable. This approach also provides a creative way to explain why some children receive letters while others receive monetary rewards.

5. How Old Is the Tooth Fairy Today?

In reality, the Tooth Fairy’s age is more than 100 years. The initial documented mention of the tooth fairy emerges in a “Household Hints” column in the Chicago Daily Tribune in September 1908. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that fairies typically experience gradual ageing, so feel free to imagine any age you prefer.

6. How Does the Tooth Fairy Decide When to Visit?

The Tooth Fairy decides when to visit based on when a child loses a tooth, often at night while the child sleeps.

Tooth fairy letters are wonderful pieces you can write for your child which they will love and cherish for years to come. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with a great letter that will not only make their day but build their imagination.

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