10 Unique and Adorable Ideas for Welcoming Newborn Baby

Thoughtful Ideas for Welcoming Newborn Baby at Home

There is no official instruction manual for becoming a parent, as you will soon find when you welcome the baby into the world. Newborns can feel like the most fragile things in the world, so it is only normal for any parent to be nervous and fret over every little thing.

Bringing the infant home from the hospital can make you feel as if you are entering a world of uncertainty, where everything is a potential danger to the child. However, worry not- all parents have felt this way at some point, so it is completely normal. This is where planning comes in; the ten months of pregnancy are not just to help you pick out names for the child, but also to prepare yourselves and your home to welcome the newborn into it.

Unique Ways to Welcome Your Newborn Baby

Here’s how to welcome a new baby at home, along with some tips for parents to prepare for the baby.

1. A Breastfeeding Care Pack

A breastfeeding care pack is one of the most thoughtful things you can put together before you get home; even better if you receive it as a gift. The pack can include handmade cloth pads, a basket, rice sacks to soothe the soreness. You can gift yourself a pretty nursing necklace.


2. Stock up on Groceries

Labour can be a messy process, and it is every bit likely that you go out of the home without having the time to get your affairs in order. It is better to stock up on groceries and frozen food earlier, as you will likely be not having a lot of time after you welcome your newborn. Frozen food can be a great boon, especially since you are free from having to slice and wash the vegetables before cooking.

3. Make a Great Meal

One of the most identifiable features of the home is the unmistakable smell of home-cooked food. Getting someone to make a great meal for when you get back can not only be a relief but also help you relax for a bit after strenuous times. When getting back, the smell of a cooked meal can be a great welcome to anyone. Also, remember to get your family’s help in cleaning up too!

4. Get Some Sleep

Labour is strenuous- make no mistake about it. By the time you reach home with your newborn, you are very likely to be tired to the point of exhaustion. In such a situation, it would be a great idea to get your baby settled in and catch up on your sleep- you are definitely not going to be getting enough of it in the coming days.

5. Document the Moment

People might always say that they prefer ‘living in the moment’ rather than wasting time clicking pictures, but that is greatly exaggerated. Pictures serve as a reminder of the events and work well to refresh the memory of the viewer. So have someone snap a lot of pictures you arrive home with the baby, and maybe even appoint a professional photographer to capture those special moments well.


6. Do Something for the Older Siblings

Children always crave attention, so the homecoming of parents with their new child can be difficult for any siblings in the home. They find that their brother or sister is being showered with gifts and that all attention is on them- this can make them feel down and even resentful. When you get back to home, make sure to give the older siblings attention, and even give them some sort of a gift- a trip to the park or an ice-cream works, too.

7. Smooth the Edges

When a newborn comes into the household, anything with sharp edges has to be removed. However sophisticated your furniture might be, there is nothing good that can come from the combination of babies and glass or metal edges. Remove any breakable items in the household too, just in case.

8. Swaddle the Child

When making the bed for your child, make sure that you do not use pillows, bumpers or blankets so as to not increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The best method to put your baby to sleep is to swaddle the child, as it helps keep warm and toasty and helps the child sleep easily.


9. Prepare Pets

If you have pets at home, it can be a confusing time for them too. They might behave in unexpected ways at the introduction of a new family member, so introducing them to the scent of the baby before the baby reaches home is a great idea.

10. Throw a homecoming party

What better way to welcome your little one than with an entire family, along with a cake and welcome home baby decorations? Invite a few people over and make an event out of it. You can get your partner to help you out with the arrangements.

Bringing a new baby home can be exhilarating, but also scary. Executing some good baby welcome ideas can take the edge off this worry and make the home baby decorations experience so much more enjoyable.

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