Tips on How to Choose Baby Coming Home Outfit

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Coming Home Outfit

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” – Eda J. Le Shan.

A baby’s birth is one of the most beautiful and precious feelings in the world. Everyone in the family is excited about the little one’s homecoming for the first time. It is a special occasion. Spruce up the nursery and decorate the home with colourful ribbons, line up the toys and throw in the balloons to welcome the newest member to the clan.

It is the time for the baby to change to coming home from the hospital outfit. From the time the baby is born; the little one is wrapped in the hospital issued onesies and blankets. Now it is time to come home and wear the first outfit chosen by parents or gifted by someone special. Till now, it was the hospital staff that took care of the baby’s washing and changing needs. It is an emotional moment for the mommy as she would be dressing the baby for the first time.

What is a Baby Coming Home Outfit?

The due date is here, and the baby is about to step into the world. Parents are ready with the hospital bag to welcome the gift from heaven. Besides the usual things to carry to the hospital, it is important that you pack an outfit you want the baby to wear when coming home.

The first set of clothes in which you bring the baby home from the hospital is called the baby going home outfit or the homecoming outfit.

What All Should an Overall Baby Take Home Outfit Consist of?

baby clothes

The first outfit of the baby is very important. There will be a lot of pictures taken to be uploaded social media and to kept for memories to announce the arrival of a new member in the family. The first pictures of the occasion will probably be framed and kept on the mantle at grandparent’s home and printed on the holiday postcards. You may have planned a professional photoshoot to capture this memorable day. The first outfit is likely to be preserved as a keepsake in the baby album or framed with the birth details of the baby.

1. A Cute Onesie

Onesies cover the baby from top to toe, including the feet, hands and the head. Easy to open and close with snap buttons or soft zippers, these one-piece outfits are available in bright colours, patterns and prints for boys and girls. Pick onesies with cute messages written on them. In case you have pre-decided baby’s name, have the name or the initials embroidered or printed on their first outfit.

2. A Hat or Beanie

It is important to keep the baby’s head covered. A hat matching with the outfit or a beanie knitted with love is a perfect option. A headgear with extended bunny ears will add to the cuteness quotient of the baby.

3. Socks or Booties

Keep the feet of your little ones covered. Knitted booties or colourful socks with crib shoes are the perfect addition to the baby’s outfit.

4. Mittens or Gloves

Baby’s tend to move their hands a lot. They might end up scratching their face. Keep the little fingers covered in mittens or gloves.

5. For Your Baby Boy

Add a jacket or a bow tie over a cute shirt with a pant or the romper for your prince charming. A cardigan with hood will make your handsome little man look adorable.

6. For The Little Princess

“Giggles, curls, ribbons, and bows! Our baby girl is so adorable from head to toe.” The homecoming wardrobe for your little princess can have a matching headband and fairy frock adorned with soft ribbon flowers and bows. Make sure you check the material of the dress and the lining beneath does not irritate her sensitive skin. A kimono wrap in bright colours with tie-up details will look perfect on your sunshine.

Do not forget the receiving blankets to swaddle and wrap the baby. Have a backup outfit for unplanned mishaps. Extra diapers and other things like a burp cloth, tissues, baby wipes and more are important when setting the homecoming outfit for the baby.

How to Choose the Best Newborn Take-Home Outfit?

Homecoming is an emotional moment for the family. It is time to celebrate new life and motherhood. Make sure you choose the right outfit for this special day. Check out these helpful pointers when selecting the first clothes of your baby.

1. Season and Weather

The baby will be experiencing the outdoors for the first time. When you are shopping for the homecoming outfit, keep in mind the season and the weather when the baby will arrive. For a winter baby, a soft wool jacket or a warm snowsuit with fuzzy hat and leg warmers are perfect, while for a summer baby, lightweight onesies and cotton jumpsuits are appropriate. If you are expecting a Christmas baby, add in a Santa hat or dress up the baby like an elf or a fairy.

2. Material

It is important to choose skin-friendly natural fabric for the baby’s outfits. Keep away from synthetic material like acrylic, polyester, nylon and stick to breathable fabric like organic cotton or soft flannel. If you have chosen a fancy outfit, ensure that the inner lining is skin-friendly. Pre-wash the clothes if possible.

3. Comfortable for the Baby

Keep in mind the baby’s comfort when choosing an outfit. Lots of ruffles, decorative trims, and thick jackets can be irritating and make the baby uncomfortable and fussy. You definitely want the baby to look awesome in the homecoming pictures. Make sure that your baby is comfortable.

4. Safety First

Baby’s safety is very important. Ensure that there are no embellishments that can hurt the baby or long tie-ups that can cause strangulation. Opt for a roomy neck and easy to get in and get out clothing with snap buttons or a short fabric tie-up. The baby will be travelling in a car seat for the trip home, and the outfit must not interfere with buckling up the baby safely.

5. Baby’s Gender

If you are already aware of the baby’s gender, select the coming home outfit for a boy in shades of blues and a newborn girl coming home outfit in pink. In case, you are not planning on knowing the gender of the baby till birth, stay with a unisex option like onesie available in vibrant colours and gender-neutral prints like stars and stripes.

6. Reusability

Some parents may be planning on repeating the outfit. In that case, opt for an easy to wash and quick to dry practical clothes. If the outfit is just meant for the special day, pick up a stylish dress to suit your taste and preference. However, keep the comfort and safety of the baby a priority.

How to Choose The Right Size of the Outfit

outfit sizes

A preemie or a tiny baby will need a really small outfit while a healthy baby will need a bigger size of clothes. If you are planning on buying ahead, opt for newborn size 0-3 months clothing. If the outfit is slightly bigger, the baby will soon grow and fit in. If you are not too sure, pick up 2 outfits and use the one that fits better.

Homecoming is a special day for the baby and the family. Choose an outfit for the occasion wisely and ake the first day of the baby at home a memorable one. After all, you’ll have dozens of pictures and videos to set the memory in stone.

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