Smart & Witty Answers to Most Stupid Questions

Tell Them That! 6 Smart Replies To All Stupid Questions

In life, we often come across a lot of annoying people who have no qualms whatsoever about inquiring after sensitive things. Why not try giving funny answers to these stupid questions instead of letting them bug you? It’ll keep most of them from intruding next time!

Do you find it hard to answer annoying questions that people constantly seem to ask you? More often than not, you end up angry with yourself for not reacting the right way at the right time. Prepare yourself for a few irritating queries beforehand, and you’ll leave satisfied by putting everyone in their place!

Smart Answers To Stupid Questions

1. “So when are you gonna give us ‘good news’?”

This is a question that most women start hearing before their honeymoon is even over! Aunties, Uncles, friends and even your own parents can’t wait for you to announce an upcoming baby – almost the minute the nuptials have concluded! Here’s what you can say to make them feel awkward, and mind their own business in the future, “As soon as I figure out how. Any tips, suggestions, or favorite positions?”

2. “How much do you earn?”

Asking a person her salary is considered to be really bad manners. But there are times when you have to put up with such queries. So, how to answer this stupid question? Keep a straight face and reply, “Well, enough to hire a taxi that’ll take me far away from such questions”.

3. “Why have you put on so much weight?”

There’s hardly any woman who likes to discuss her weight gain in public. However, some annoying people can really bog you down with such questions. Giving a snappy answer to this stupid question is the best way to put a full stop to discussions. Say something like, “Oh! It’s just my prosperity showing on my body. Seems like life isn’t treating you so well.”

Why have you put on so much weight

4. “Why are you always so busy?”

You’re tired and overworked and then have to put up with these questions and the lamentations that follow. Keep your cool and come up with a witty answer that’ll end the complaint. “I didn’t know you had all the time in the world to miss me so much. I wish I was as free as you are!” is a great comeback!

5. “Are you looking older?”

You may want to run for cover than answer, but the better bet is to reply with a funny answer to the stupid question like “Old is gold! Can’t you see the shimmering aura around me? If not, maybe you need those bifocal glasses.”

6. “Why are you looking so tired?”

In spite of the fact that people know how hard you work to balance your family and work life, they keep asking this question. Don’t let them get to you, however; instead, give a naughty reply that might embarrass them. Wink and say, “Guess!”

There probably are a number of other questions that you find stupid and annoying. The next time you have to put up with such a query, get your thinking cap on and weave clever answers to the most stupid questions. It’s the best way to put your point across without directly hurting anybody!

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