Adopting children that look much different from you – how to handle the questions that arises

Smart Ways to Answer Questions about your Adopted Child

Adoption can be an equally amazing experience in parenthood, provided you have the courage to face the insensitive and irrelevant questions posed by the people around you. It can be very saddening and disturbing to see your close friends and family attacking you with questions of your adopted child’s identity, when you are expecting a certain kind of warmth and acceptance from them. Let us look at the awkward questions that you might have to face being a parent of an adopted child.

Adopting children that look much different from you calls for innumerable stares from people that can annoy or worry you. However, you must take into consideration that dealing with those stares will be an ongoing process, until you reach a point where you will see yourself handling those questions and stares graciously with a smile.

If we look from the flip-side, it can actually be very reassuring to face the sometimes-irrelevant questions, as it gives you a chance to express your pride and delight in being the parent to the adopted child. Let us now look and understand the probable questions that can be asked to you and how you can answer them smartly.

Awkward Questions That You might have To Face

1. From where did you get this little one?

You will be asked questions about your child’s origin. Your answer stating the country or state/city origin should be substantial to quench people’s curiosity.

2. Isn’t the child lucky to have you as parents?

People will pity the child and talk about how wonderful you are to have adopted the child. But instead, you must express how lucky and blessed you are to have him/her as your child.

3. Do you have children of your own?

People will not leave a chance to remind you that the child is adopted. However, if they hear you claim that the child is your own, your answer would leave them pleasingly satisfied.

4. What do you know about the real parents?

It can be very disturbing to be reminded that you are not the biological parent, unless you make them realize that you are the real parents since you would be bringing up the child.

5. Where did he/she get such beautiful hair/skin?

Your simple answer stating that it is God gifted will leave them astound and if you are lucky enough, the questions would end there.

Regardless of how smartly you answer, people will have endless questions to ask you. Some might do it intentionally to annoy you, or some just might do it to fulfill their curiosity about adoption. The trick to handle the situation then, is to show them that you stay unaffected. Let us look at ways of how you can get through the people’s test:Awkward Questions that you might have to Face

How To Answer Awkward Questions

1. Never let the smile disappear

The moment people will notice a sign of annoyance or worry on your face; they would know that they have won. So always face them with a smile.

2. Always be on alert

Never give people a chance to ask too many questions, or always have answers prepared for the probable questions.

3. Keep it brief

Never let out too much of information. The more you say, the more questions they will have. Always answer to the point.

4. Show off your child

Never let go of the chance to appreciate and praise your child. Show them that you are a proud parent.

Being accepted as a parent of an adopted child is a challenge. However, parents can compete this challenge successfully with a lot of courage and with a pinch of grace and smile.

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