Should Pre Schoolers Use an iPad? Here's What the Experts Think

Should Pre Schoolers Use an iPad? Here’s What the Experts Think

Since the beginning of this decade, don’t you think us adults are becoming technology addicts? We we keep using our phones 24*7, and need all the social media apps installed on it. It is time we realize this and work towards our own betterment. Now, let’s talk about our kids. It is very easy to give them an iPad or any technologically enabled entertaining device and keep them in a corner peacefully while we enjoy me-time. But is it the right thing to do? Let’s see what the experts have to say about handing over these devices to kids at an early age.

  1. Exposure to any kind of screen, be it is an iPad, Television set, phone or anything else is harmful to a young child. Practically speaking, avoiding exposure to these completely is difficult. However, it is highly recommended to limit screen time to 30 mins a day till 3 years of age.
  2. Psychologists have no research to prove that screen time at an early age is of any developmental benefit to children. On the contrary, there has been a lot of research which talks about the detrimental effects of early and overexposure to screens. Not only does it result in delayed cognitive development, it also leads to delayed language development. This is because language abilities are formed in a child when there are neural synapses that connect with each other, and this happens only when a human talks to a child face to face, not when a cartoon character speaks to another character on the screen.
  3. Some research in the west has also proved that overexposure to these technologies at a later stage tends to erode children’s memory to a great extent. In some cases, children who were overexposed to tablets and other screens actually had challenges remembering information during exam time in their preteen years.
  4. Exposure to these gadgets keeps your child glued to the screen for a long time during the day. In turn, this leads to him sitting on a sofa or lying in his bed and playing games all the time. Obviously, this leads to less interaction with parents and other family members. It also leads to less interaction with the community and an inability to mingle with people and make friends. At a later stage in life, these children have challenges maintaining a cordial relationship with anyone. Thus, screens have negative effects on social development.

Some parents feel iPads and tablets are a good way to keep their child entertained while they complete household activities. Most of the times, parents are unaware of the damage they cause. This is compounded by the fact that the media and the manufacturers of these gadgets promote their product by claiming that they provide educational guidance to children. Be warned that for children under the age of 2, this is completely questionable.

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