Keeping your child busy on a road trip

Seven Road Trip Games for Big Kids

Road trips are often a turn down for kids when there is nothing to do during the journey. However, these can be made fun-filled and interesting with a set of games that can be played with both kids and adults; making their trip a fun.

All journeys add a bagful of pleasant experiences in our memory bank. Road trips are more fun as one can explore and learn along the way. However, many parents worry over taking along their kids on road trips, as managing them can be a challenging task. This is why while planning road trips, some interesting games should be included in the checklist. It does not have to be expensive game consoles, but little things that can keep them entertained. These games will not only keep your little one from getting restless but also help you all spend some quality time as a family in a fun way. Read on to know about some games that can keep your kids hooked.

7 Best Road Trip Games for Preteens

1. Alphabet Hunt

In case of toddlers and preschoolers, parents can encourage them in recognising alphabets on billboards, signboards, license plates or anything visible outside the car. This way the child develops visual skills and also better retaining skills.

2. Category ABC

The game begins with picking a category such as fruits or vegetables and then going through all the letters in the alphabet. The kids will take names of items that begin with each letter in turns. This enhances their vocabulary.

3. The License Plate Game

The game starts with making a list of different license plates of different places the kids come across on their journey. It can be made more interesting by setting targets and prizes. This brings a lot of enthusiasm in the kids and keeps them busy.

4. Spotting Something Unusual

While in a road trip, kids can be made to observe things that they don’t see in their daily lives during a set time-interval. This game is very interesting and can give the family good laughs. It is something that will keep the children involved the entire time they spend in the car.

5. Choosing Vehicles and Making Stories

This is a fun game for kids of all ages. It starts with picking up random vehicles they see on the road and making up stories about where it might be going, for example, a grandma going to visit her grandchildren, or a family going for camping, etc. An educational touch can be added to the game by making the kids identify the state mentioned on the car’s license plate and telling whether it is going towards or away from that state.

Choosing vehicles and making stories

6. Google

If there is a smartphone or tablet with you, kids can be made to Google interesting names of towns, historical markers or similar things that are unusual and catch their attention. Alternatively, the kids can be made to pen down a list of all the unusual things they come across and find out about them once they return home.

7. Curiosity Questions

Most kids enjoy talking about themselves, so this game can be very interesting. There are a lot of questions kids can be asked on road trip. The game can be made fun by making each family member answer each question. You will find that some answers are really surprising. The following are a few questions that can be asked:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What is your favourite sport?
  • Favourite vegetable
  • Traits you like about your best friend
  • Favourite season, etc.

Other Games

I-spy, twenty questions are some other classic games which can be played during a road trip. All of the above games are very interesting and make a road trip a lot of fun, building memories along the way.

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