Kids Study Room Design Ideas

Organising A Study Room for Your Kids

Don’t let a cluttered, dull study room keep your child from concentrating and learning. Create the perfect kids’ study space with a few clever ideas. Brighten it, clean it, and bring in a few colours either through a brand new paint job or with educational tools that he or she can use.

Children study best in an environment that’s calm, well-organised and well-lit. If your child seems to be having trouble concentrating on his lessons, you might want to give his study room a little makeover. If you’re up for it, you could repaint the walls if they’re chipping or too dull. Even just rearranging kids’ study room furniture can make a difference. Here are a few more ways to get your child in the zone when it’s time to hit the books.

Ways to Redo Kid’s Study Room

1. Brighten Up The Room

Is there enough light in the room? Are the bulbs too bright or too dim? Lighting can affect concentration, so do check to see if all is well in this department. Kids’ study tables and chairs should be placed in an area that receives plenty of natural light. If there’s none, illuminate the spot with ambient and task lighting. They should be bright but not to the extent that they cause glare.

2. Add Stimulating Objects

Imagine a room that has just a couple of kiddie toys and study charts. Then imagine another room with a larger periodic table featuring quirky fonts and fun colours. Add to that a map of the world, a chart of the phases of the moon and shelves to hold a collection of books. Which kids’ study room design do you think your child would prefer? Remember that proper stimulation can instil curiosity and make learning a lot more fun.

3. Make It Colourful

A new paint job along with colourful decorations will definitely set kids in the mood to study. However, we recommend using paint that isn’t too bright, as the idea is to create a relaxing environment that stimulates but doesn’t hurt the eyes. Colours like yellow, light green, pastel blue, and white are perfect. You can also try neutral-coloured paint and create murals featuring colourful accents.

4. Clean It Up!

Kids’ study spaces can never be spic and span what with all the monkeying that’s part and parcel of being kids. However, there’s no reason they can’t be maintained well. Teach your child to keep his or her things in the right places so that there’s no clutter. Choose furniture with neat storage compartments like cabinets and drawers to keep things from getting scattered.

These ideas for kids’ study rooms are easy to follow yet effective. Depending on the room, organising it can cost next to nothing or could require a few inexpensive purchases. Even if your child hasn’t complained of not being able to concentrate, it’s better to incorporate these changes at the outset so that he or she will find studying a less tedious task.

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