How to Deal with Oily Skin during Pregnancy?

Oily Skin During Pregnancy – Causes and Ways to Deal With It

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Congratulations! You are pregnant and expecting your bundle of joy soon. If your pregnancy favours your skin condition, then you may have that beautiful glow on your face with lustrous tresses. However, not all women are that lucky, and some may experience just the opposite. If you fall in the latter category, then you may have oily skin, which can cause acne and you can end up with dry, rough hair too. If you suffer from oily skin during pregnancy, then you would like to read the following article as here we shall be discussing its probable causes and the various ways to deal with it.

What Causes Oily Skin in Pregnancy?

Here are some reasons that can make your skin oily during pregnancy:

  • Your changing pregnancy hormones might be the reason for your greasy and oily skin.
  • The hormonal changes often lead to more production of sebum during the early pregnancy months, leading to the sticky and oily skin.
  • More amounts of blood flow during pregnancy can make your skin oily too. Increased blood flow may trigger the oil glands leading to this skin condition.

How to Treat Oily Skin While Pregnant

An oily and greasy face is most likely to attract too much dirt and grime, which in turn causes clogged pores leading to acne breakouts. Therefore, it is essential to treat oily skin. Following are some effective home remedies for oily skin in pregnancy:

1. Cucumber Juice

Squeeze some cucumber juice by grating a cucumber and then apply it on your face. Leave the same on your face for 30 minutes and then wash.

2. Lemon and Honey

Lemon And Honey Face Mask

The mixture of honey and lemon is very useful in getting rid of excess oil from the face. You can leave it on your face for 15 minutes and then wash the face with tepid water. But lemon may not suit all skin types, so it is advised that you check with your doctor before trying out this remedy. One of the possible side effects of using lemon on the face is skin irritation. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using lemon on your face.

3. Fuller’s Earth Mask

It is one of the most effective home remedial measures of getting rid of oil from the face. Make a paste with fuller’s earth and rose water, apply the mask on your skin and leave it till it dries off. Then rinse with tepid water.

4. Rose Water

Rose Water for the Face

Natural rose water works wonders in removing excessive facial oil. You can dip a cotton ball in some rose water and dab it on your face going off to bed.

5. Blotting Papers

Blotting Paper to Remove Oil

You can use good quality facial blotting papers to remove extra oil from your face.

6. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is also very effective in dealing with the greasiness of the face. The various acids present in the tomato juice are very beneficial battling with greasy face woes.

7. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Pregnant woman drinking water

Staying hydrated will keep your skin healthy and also aid the release of toxins from the body. Drink water to keep your skin healthy and supple.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is beneficial in keeping your skin clear and healthy. Mix vinegar with water in a 1:3 ratio and use this solution as a toner. It is also useful in dealing with oily skin and acne during pregnancy.

9. Healthy Diet

Pregnant woman eating fruits

Make sure you make healthier eating choices if you wish to combat oily skin during early pregnancy and also during the later stages. Consuming a high calorie, sugary, fried or greasy diet can increase the production of oil in your skin. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

If you had been wondering about how to control oily skin during pregnancy, you might take help from any of the above-mentioned remedial measures.

How Long Can Prenatal Oily Skin Last?

If you are suffering from oily skin, then you would not want to know how long it may last. Well, in most cases, your skin will be okay by the time you descend into your second trimester. But for some women, this condition may persist until the birth of their baby. In rare cases, it may last until you stop breastfeeding your baby.

Are There Any Solutions That Are Off-Limits for Pregnant Women?

There are many over-the-counter medicines, creams or ointments available, which contain salicylic acid or beta-hydroxide acid. Such chemicals may prove to be harmful as their probable side effects on pregnant women and the unborn baby are unknown. Therefore, refrain from using any skin products that may have such ingredients in them.

Can You Prevent Excessive Production of Oil on Your Face When Pregnant?

You may follow a good diet, drink ample amounts of water and follow various remedial measures for treating excessive oil on your skin. However, there are no sure short measures available for preventing excessive oil production. This is because the main reason for the oil production is the fluctuating pregnancy hormones and they may settle down as you proceed with your pregnancy.

An oily or greasy face is not much of a hassle that you need to worry about in pregnancy. However, with a proper diet, hygiene and various home remedial measures, you may be able to control your condition. If you are having trouble with your skin condition or there is a severe bout of acne because of the oily skin, you should seek the help of a dermatologist.

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