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Oats Chila Recipe

Oats are known to be one of the healthiest grains available. These are the least allergenic too. So feeding them to babies is a great idea. Oats chila is a quick, healthy and easy to digest recipe for babies. It can be served without any sides because it tastes good on its own. We have added chickpea or besan to it to add flavour and taste. Besan gives superb aroma which babies will love. These can also be used as a tiffin snacks recipe for kids and even for adults. These can also be served for elders as snacks with tea. Oats Chila for babies is a recipe which is easy to digest by little ones. It also keeps your baby full for a longer time. If you have preschoolers, then this can be a quick breakfast recipe.

Cooking Time

Below is the total time required to prepare simple oats chila:

Type Time (hh:mm:ss)
Preparation time 00:05:00
Cooking time 00:15:00
Total time 00:20:00

Cooking Method

Gas Stove

Type of Meals


Suitable For

Babies 17 months or older

Meal Schedule 

Breakfast or snacks

Recipe Type

Snacks / Side-dish


Following are the ingredients to prepare homemade oats chila for babies.

Type Quantity
Rolled oats 1 cup
Carrot (optional) 1
Besan ¼ cup
Turmeric powder 1 pinch
Salt As per requirement
Filtered water 1 cup
Oil or Desi ghee 1 tablespoon


Here are the step by step directions to make homemade Oats Chila baby food recipe:

  • Blend the rolled oats into a fine powder and empty into a bowl.
  • Add besan to this bowl and mix properly.
  • Add grated carrots(optional), turmeric powder and salt.
  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Add water to the mixture and keep stirring to ensure there are no lumps.
  • Heat a non-stick pan and pour the prepared batter into it with the help of a ladle.
  • Spread the poured batter with the back of the ladle in a circular motion.
  • Apply oil to the edges and once done, flip it on to the other side to cook.
  • Visible brown spots indicate that the chila is fully cooked.
  • Oats chila for babies is now ready to be served.

Recipe Tips

Here are some tips on how to make the simple Oats Chila recipe for babies healthy and yummy at the same time:

  • Rolled oats should be powdered finely, otherwise, the batter would lack consistency and will not be able to spread properly.
  • The batter should be spread on the pan only once the pan is hot otherwise it will stick to the pan.
  • The chila should not be made too crispy as that would make it difficult for the baby to chew.
  • Do not forget to spread oil on the edges of the chila to avoid having the chila stick to the pan.
  • Cook it on medium flame as high flame might result in chila staying uncooked from inside despite visible brown spots on the outside.

Nutrition Information (Per 100 gm)

The table below gives the nutritional value of oats chila:

Type Value
Energy 249 Cal
Carbohydrates 14 gm
Proteins 3 gm
Fats 2 gm
Sodium 153 mg
Potassium 140 mg
Calcium 23 mg
Iron 1.3 mg

Health Benefits

This easy to make oats chila comes with numerous health benefits for your babies. Below are some of them

  • Oats are loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Oats contain more proteins and fats than most of the grains.
  • Turmeric used in the recipe is known to be a natural antiseptic.
  • Desi ghee provides energy and helps in brain development of growing babies.
  • Besan has a high quantity of proteins, good fats and helps in relieving constipation.
  • Besan also helps in improving the metabolism of the body and contains blood-building nutrients.
  • Oats apart from being loaded with vitamins and nutrients, are also super filling, satisfying and versatile.

Buying Guide

Here are some points to be remembered while buying ingredients for oats chila for babies:

  • Rolled oats should be of good quality.
  • Use organic turmeric, if possible and powder it at home to make sure you provide all possible nutrients to your baby.
  • Besan should be good quality, preferably organic.
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