Newborn Vaccinations at 3 months - A Complete List

Newborn Vaccinations at 3 months – A Complete List

At 3 months, your baby has already been introduced to the dreaded source of pain – vaccines! However hard it is to inflict pain on your baby, you need to ensure that your baby is best protected against common yet fatal diseases. Here’s a detailed list of vaccines required at the 3-month mark!

Timely vaccinations are crucial for your baby’s health and safety. As your baby approached the 3 month old milestone, there is a list of vaccinations recommended by doctors in order to protect your little one against an array of diseases.
You may have already finished with the first dose of all the below mentioned shots so make sure you get the second dose on time for maximum efficacy.

1. DtaP/DtwP

Around the 10 week (approximately 2.5 month) mark, your baby is due to get the DtaP/DtwP shot. This shot protects your baby against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. By this time, you will have already finished off with the first shot and your baby is ready for the second dose.

2. Hib

This vaccination attacks Haemophilus Influenzae which usually produces symptoms of headache, fever, cough, a stiff neck and some respiratory issues. If the case gets intense it could lead to a life-threatening condition too!

3. Rotavirus

This vaccination is high priority for your baby as it helps protect against the virus that causes diarrhea. Diarrhea causes severe dehydration and can be fatal for your infant. At this 3 month mark, your baby will be due for the second dose out of 3 doses.

4. IPV

The polio vaccine has 4 doses and at this point in time your 3 month old will be eligible for the second dose. Failure to complete dosage can lead to permanent paralysis in the limbs!

5. PCV

To protect your baby against peumonia and meningitis, which are most likely to be fatal in babies, the PCV vaccine is prescribed. However, this vaccine is usually optional and expensive so its best discussed with your paediatrician.

Remember, it is important that all doses for your baby are complete. Your paediatrician will guide you well and you will have nothing to worry about but just to be a voice of reason – prevention is better than cure!

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