How Can Meditation Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Meditation for Conception – Does it Really Help You Get Pregnant?

The changing lifestyle and the pressure of work can make it hard for a woman to conceive. In such a scenario, opting for meditation for fertility improvement may seem like an irrelevant suggestion. Meditation has proven useful in making lives better and improving the mental health of many people. But whether it can improve the chances of your fertility or not has not been scientifically proven yet. That being said, there have been studies that have shown the effect of meditation on the body, which could indirectly help enhance the fertility of a woman.

Does Meditation Help You Conceive?

It cannot be guaranteed that meditation increases the chances of conception since successful conception depends on numerous factors. However, meditation does impact the body in various ways; it helps reduce hypertension, increases blood circulation, and keeps mental health stable. All of these together can reduce certain factors that could hinder conception and clear the pathway for a successful one.

How Does Meditation Improve the Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Unlike many other fertility treatments that make use of medicines, meditation can help reset the body to its original fertility level and bring back the possibility to conceive a child the natural way. Here is how meditation can improve the chances of getting pregnant:

1. Relaxes the Body in a Healthy State

For many women, meditation might not be an easy thing to achieve, and doing it the right way can be quite difficult for many. In such cases, it is better if you make an attempt to relax the body progressively. This is easier than other types of meditation and can bring about results almost immediately. Playing some calm music for fertility and listening to podcasts with guided meditation can help relax various parts of your body, setting into process repair functions within yourself. Try to do this with your partner in order to keep your initial motivation going on.

2. Balances the Pro-Sex Hormone

The internal processes of the body function quite differently in normal conditions, and in times of stress. The two hormones, progesterone and cortisol play a vital role in maintaining the reproductive state of a woman. Stress levels can intensely impact the production of cortisol. This leads to the body shifting progesterone into reconverting itself as cortisol so that it can be used quickly. Such a conversion causes the hormone levels to skew heavily towards cortisol with a downfall in progesterone. This combination in itself is what causes infertility since progesterone is essential in the implantation of the embryo. Meditation can help reduce stress and reset the hormone levels to optimum values.

3. Reduction in the Resistance Towards Insulin

Certain women tend to have a strong resistance towards the presence of insulin in their bodies. Such a tendency affects ovulation directly and may cause the polycystic ovarian syndrome, which has been linked to infertility. At times, stress seems to make this condition even worse, because the cortisol hormone tends to cause a negative effect on the uptake of glucose, leading to insulin-related problems. Meditation, especially of the transcendental type, can reduce the resistance the body has towards insulin, and make things better for a woman. However, this meditation practice is not clinically proven, so it is advised for you to consult your doctor before practicing this type of meditation.

4. Reduction in the Level of Cortisol

Cortisol is essential for the body in many ways since it is one of the key hormones secreted in times of distress. It helps defend the body at times, but at the cost of additional load on the endocrinal system. One of the effects it has is a massive reduction in the level of luteinizing hormone. A proper level of this hormone needs to be maintained on a monthly basis for proper ovulation in the woman, keeping prolactin levels optimal. Immense stress can cause ovulation and menstruation to stop completely and harm the reproductive system immensely. By doing meditation of a mindful nature, these stress levels can be reduced gradually and ovulation can slowly return to normal.

How to Perform Meditation?

One should meditate in a proper environment, free of distractions. Make sure you have a place to be seated comfortably, but not such that you fall asleep. Wear breathable clothing. Start by breathing deeply and clearing your head. Don’t actively try to stop any thoughts. Just observe them and let them go. This can be difficult in the beginning so don’t beat yourself up if you fail at it. Bring back your focus on your breathing every time you recognize that you have been distracted. Never judge yourself for being distracted.

Types of Meditations You Should Do to Boost Fertility

Knowing a few popular meditation techniques that can increase fertility levels works as a good starting point for women. Please note that the below-mentioned exercises are not clinically proven, so it is essential for you to consult with your doctor first before practicing these methods of meditation.

1. Breathing with Your Left Nostril

In the yogic realm, there is a type of energy termed female moon energy that helps boost a woman’s fertility. This can be acquired by closing your right nostril, maintaining a focus point in the region between the eyebrows, and breathing deeply for about ten minutes in the morning. This type of breathing soothes the body and calms the mind, reducing stress effectively and boosting fertility.

2. Chanting Meditation

Chanting is also an effective way of meditating that is helpful for people who have trouble focusing and calming their minds. Choosing words that resonate within you or powerful self-affirming mantras are a great choice for chanting. Repeating them slowly with your eyes closed and breathing deeply can affect your subconscious and work towards restoring the energy in your spirit and your body. Certain mantras geared towards pregnancy can boost fertility too.

3. Dreamy Meditation

Harnessing the power of visualization is a great way to unlock the ability to meditate successfully. In dreamy meditation or dreamscape, visualizing any thought or image that helps you maintain your focus is recommended. It also helps in instilling a feeling of happiness and contentment within the body. In advanced stages, visualizing energy or softness flowing towards your reproductive organs will work as well.

Dreamy meditation

4. Burst Meditation

For modern women who are balancing their home and work, burst meditation can be an easy way to fit the activity into their busy schedules. Burst meditation makes use of small pockets of free time in the day. Be it while waiting at the bank, or at the doctor’s, or simply taking 10 minutes after lunch, all these pockets can be used to meditate quickly. A simple activity such as counting the steps from the office to the car can calm your mind rapidly.

5. Guided Meditation

Guided meditation for fertility is recommended by many. This is usually good for people who cannot meditate in the usual quiet way or find chanting a distraction. Guided meditation makes use of a guide that helps the listener carry out specific actions to meditate successfully. This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to meditation, and there are pregnancy-specific guides as well, which combine positive affirmations with the steps to meditate properly.

How Long to Meditate

Start meditating for a fixed duration such as 10 minutes and then increase the time to about half an hour. But remember, it is the quality and not the quantity of meditation that makes all the difference.

Preconception Breathing Technique for a Healthy Reproductive System

There is a simple breathing technique that women can opt to support the healthiness of their reproductive system.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Hold it for about 4 seconds
  • Exhale it slowly
  • Wait for 4 seconds and then inhale again

Tips for Making Meditation More Effective

Although meditation can feel challenging in the beginning, there are a few tips you can use to make it effective and easier.

  • Combine a physical massage or cuddle with your partner to breathe calmly.
  • Make use of scented candles and aromas to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Play some soothing music to set the right mood.Husband wife meditating

Does Meditating with Your Partner Boost the Chances of Getting Pregnant?

In terms of improving your fertility, meditation may be beneficial indirectly; but meditating with your partner can help reduce stress in his body too. This can work wonders in improving his sperm health and increasing the chances of conception.

What If You are Unable to Meditate?

Don’t be sad if you can’t meditate right away. Many find it difficult and some are unable to do it for a long time. Nevertheless, make use of guided meditation or calming music to relax or opt for a nice spa treatment if you can. The key is to relax and there are numerous ways to achieve that.

Making use of preconception meditation might not be the first item on your list when you think about improving your fertility. However, it is definitely a technique worth trying out. Fertility is a result of how well-balanced your body is, and meditation can help achieve that balance.

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