7 Qualities of April-born Babies That Make Them Special

7 Qualities of April-born Babies That Make Them Special

It is often said that courageous warriors (Aries) are born in the first half of April and resourceful bulls (Taurus) towards the end of the month! April may sound like a funny month, but is, in fact, the birth month of some interesting personalities. April-born babies share more than just their birth month. Certain qualities of the babies born in April are quite prominent; they stand out irrespective of their zodiac signs. So if you’re pregnant and your due date is around the corner, there’s a good chance that your baby will possess most of these qualities. Girl or boy, a warrior for sure!!

7 Fun Facts About April-born Babies

For those living in chilly areas, April is a happy month. It is considered to be the month of new beginnings, given the fact that the zodiac cycle restarts from this very month. Generally, April-born babies have bubbly personalities and a positive outlook. Here’s what your April-born kiddo is all about if she’s born in the fourth month of the year!

1. Extremely Optimistic

Don’t believe us? Here’s a study to prove it all! According to U.K. researchers, babies born in March, April & May score high on hyperthymia. In general terms, they are generally optimistic. They are the ‘glass-half-full’ kind, the ones who find a silver lining in every situation. Extreme positivity is a trait that is commonly found across most April-born babies. And it’s not just the babies who are all smiles; they grow up to be optimistic adults with a positive outlook!

2. Generally Sensitive

April-born babies are quite receptive to emotions. They feel every emotion deeply, and not just their own; their ability to sense the emotions of those around is astounding! This is why the babies born in April are highly empathetic. So whether it is offering an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on, know this – your baby will be there for those who truly need her!

3. Naturally Fearless

Babies born in April are naturally fearless. Irrespective of whether their zodiac sign is Aries or Taurus, they possess the spirit of a warrior and the strength of a bull. This fearlessness of your child will help her achieve great things in the future. From standing up for herself in school to probably becoming a social activist in the future, your baby will carry the confidence of sorts. Who knows, she might end up in the armed forces one day! Be sure of the fact that your baby will grow up with courage. April babies fear nothing! They’re always looking for opportunities, and the moment they set their eyes on one, they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want!

4. Value Friendships

April borns are loyal and generous – the most desirable qualities in a friend. Because of their empathetic nature, April borns make wonderful friends, but more than that, they value friendships. They give a lot of importance to their friends, sometimes even more than family. Beware; April-born babies can grow up to be chatterboxes too!

5. Impatience Comes Easy

Extreme creativity paired with fearlessness is what gives birth to impatience. Yes, it’s not all smiles and roses with April-born babies. They are highly impatient by nature because they know exactly what they want and how to get their hands on it. They are go-getters who would rather get things themselves instead of hanging around, waiting for someone else to get it for them.

6. Born to Lead

April-born babies are innovative, quick learners, and innately bossy. Paired in the right way, these qualities account for a great leader. Some might heartily agree with the fact that April borns can be quite dominating. They are ambitious individuals who dream big with their feet grounded. April borns are naturally inclined to lead because they are born with the skills of a leader.

7. Thirsty for Adventure

April borns have a great sense of adventure. They are not afraid of taking risks; in fact, they enjoy an occasional adrenaline rush. They are always up for the craziest of adventures, including athletic sports and nature treks. The thrill-seeking nature of these babies is what makes them thirsty for adventure.

So now that you have an insight into the personality of most April-born babies, you have a decent explanation as to why these babies will grow up to be cheerful, optimistic individuals. At least most do! But as they say, exceptions exist even in the rarest of situations, and April-born or not, these unique traits are what make your baby special.

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