10 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream

10 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cream

Whether you are getting over heartbreak, satiating your craving for sweets or simply looking for a dessert after food, we all may have different reasons to indulge in the guilty pleasure of eating ice-creams. What if we told you that eating this frozen dessert can actually be beneficial for you? Well, don’t be surprised because it is true! If we have triggered your interest in this topic, then you should surely read the following article because it discusses 10 surprising benefits of eating ice-cream!

Ice Cream Calories According to Different Flavours

Are you wondering how many calories are there in ice cream? Well, it may vary according to flavours. The nutritional value of ice cream, which includes vanilla ice cream calories and various other flavours is given below:

Ice-Cream Flavour  Calories per 100 grams 
Vanilla 205
Chocolate 218
Strawberry 197
Cookie Sandwich 242
Cream Sundae 252
Caramel And Chocolate 193
Crunchy Nugget 352


The above-mentioned calories are approx calories present in different flavours of ice-creams. The calories may vary according to different brands.

Table Source: https://www.nutritionvalue.org/Ice_creams%2C_strawberry_nutritional_value.html

ice cream list of calories

Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Whenever you dig into a bowl of ice-cream, you may feel guilty and feel that your evening workout at the gym just went into vain. However, when you read the following health benefits of ice cream, you may not feel the same:

1. It Is Loaded With Vitamins and Minerals

Ice-cream contains milk and milk solids, which means whenever you eat ice cream, your body obtains the goodness of vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and riboflavin. Apart from this, the different flavours add extra nutrition quotient to it. For example, dark chocolate ice cream is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids, which helps in lowering your bad cholesterol and helps improve your heart health.

2. It Gives You Energy

If you are wondering why ice cream is good for health, it’s because it gives you instant energy. This is because it contains ample amount of sugar in it, which instantly makes you feel pepped up and energised. So, next time you are low on energy, grab that scoop of ice-cream and relish it.

3. It Helps Boost Your Immunity

No, it is not strange because ice cream can actually do that to your health. Ice cream is a kind of fermented food and it is said that fermented food is beneficial for our respiratory and gastrointestinal health. If you have a better respiratory system and improved gut health, it would eventually improve your immunity.

helps boost immunity

4. It Helps in Stimulating Your Brain

Eating ice cream can help stimulate your brain and make you smarter. According to one of the studies, it was proven that people who had ice cream first thing in the morning were more alert than people who didn’t do so.

5. It Helps in Strengthening Your Bones

Calcium is one of the most important minerals that is required by our bodies to maintain our bone health. However, this mineral is not produced by our bodies, which means we have to consume food that is rich in calcium to meet our body’s requirement of calcium. Ice cream is loaded with calcium and can be included in the diet to meet up for the calcium requirements.

6. It Makes You Happier

Feeling low or sad? Grab a spoon and dig into your favourite flavour of ice cream, because eating ice cream can actually cheer you up! There is a scientific explanation for the same – when you eat ice cream, your body produces a hormone known as serotonin. Serotonin, which is also known as a feel-good hormone makes you feel happy!

makes you happier

7. It Increases Your Libido

If you are looking for hiking your intimacy with your partner, eat ice cream on a regular basis. Apart from improving the circulation of oxygen to your tissues and maintaining the pH balance of your body, the presence of phosphorus helps in increasing your libido by keeping a tab of your testosterone levels.

8. It Prevents Breast Cancer

Lack of calcium in the body is one of the culprits of breast cancer in women. Therefore, if you wish to keep the deadly ailments like breast cancer at bay, include more calcium-rich food in your diet – ice cream can be one of them. Ample calcium intake can lower or reduce the chances of breast cancer in women.

9. It Helps You Lose Weight

Quite a contrast to what most of us think, but eating ice cream may help you in your weight loss journey. This happens due to a simple reason that your body tends to lose more calories when you eat something cold. However, if you are thinking that you can eat a tub every day and lose weight, well, that does not hold true. It is the moderation that may help you sail through your weight loss.

helps you lose weight

10. It Improves Your Fertility

Trying to have a baby? If yes, including a high-fat dairy dessert like ice cream may actually help. In a study, it has been proven that women who consumed high-fat dairy products (like ice cream) had better fertility rate in comparison to women who consumed skimmed or non-fat dairy products.

Are There Any Side Effects of Ice Cream?

So, you have learnt the many good things about eating ice cream. However, it is important to remember that it may have some side-effects too. Here are some drawbacks of eating ice cream:

  • If you consume ice cream on a regular basis, you may become addicted to it. When you become addicted, you may not know when to stop. It can lead to over-consumption and thus obesity and various other complications.
  • Ice creams with high-fat content may take longer to digest and thus may make you feel bloated and gassy.
  • The high amount of fat content can increase bad cholesterol in the body, which in turn can increase your chances of having problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • Ice-cream contains refined carbohydrates, which in turn can increase your chances of fat deposition, especially around your belly area.

side effects of ice cream

Ways to Cut Ice Cream Calories

Here are some ways of cutting down ice-cream calories:

  • Take control of the portion size. No matter what type of ice cream you eat, keep a tab on the portion size. Eat one or two scoops and not more than that.
  • Opt for the ones with low sugar versions.
  • Do not consume ice cream more than twice a week.
  • As far as possible, eat homemade ice-creams because they are more nutritious and you can manage what goes into making it.


If you have more questions about eating ice creams, here are some FAQs or frequently asked questions:

1.Can I Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast?

There have been certain studies that claim that eating ice-cream for breakfast can make a person smarter. However, there has not been enough evidence supporting the claim. Therefore, until it is proven, we suggest that you consume it a few times in a week or even for breakfast once in a while, if you like!

2.Is It Okay to Eat Ice Cream Every Day?

Ice cream can instantly make anyone happy, but does that mean that you should include it in your diet on regular basis or eat it every day? From the article above, you may have realized that eating ice cream has its pluses and minuses; therefore, one must not eat ice cream on a daily basis because it contains sugar and fat. However, you may eat it up to 2 times a week. Make sure you opt for healthier choices like low sugar, etc.

Enjoy the various flavours of your favourite dessert; however, make sure you consume ice cream in moderation.

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