Drinking Water While Standing Up? - 10 Reasons on Why You Should Avoid

Drinking Water While Standing – Why Is It Unhealthy?

While drinking water is essential to living, drinking it in the correct posture leads to healthy living. When it comes to drinking water while standing, science explains why it is harmful and how it affects our body. When you are standing, your body and tissues are in a state of tension. This leads the water to rapidly flow down your body, causing a disruption in the existing balance of fluids.

Disadvantages of Drinking Water While Standing

This article talks about drinking water while standing and its repercussions on your body.

1. It Can Cause Arthritis

When you drink water standing, the flow of water gushes down rapidly through your body only to get accumulated in your joints. This may lead you to develop arthritis in the later part of your life.

2.Splash of Water on Stomach Walls

When you are standing and drinking water, the water flows down and splashes on the stomach walls causing some erosion. In the long run the shock from the rushing water can cause damage to the digestive system. It can also harm your stomach wall and gastrointestinal tract.

3.Your Thirst Does Not Get Quenched

Even if you drink a full glass of water, in the correct posture it will do little to quench your thirst. It is advisable to sit and take small sips of water to quench your thirst truly.

4. Causes Indigestion

If you drink water while standing, your body and muscles are in a constant state of tension. Sitting down keeps them relaxed and allows the body to absorb the fluid at a much better pace along with other food items.

causes indigestion

5.Impacts the Way Your Kidney Functions

 Drinking water while standing does not allow your kidneys to properly filtrate the water. As a result, the impurities tend to get retained in them and the bladder. This can cause urinary tract disorders, and in more serious cases can even lead to the kidneys suffering permanent damage.

6. Causes Heartburn and Ulcers

Drinking water while standing puts a lot of pressure on the esophagus when the water splashes and flows hard through it. This sometimes causes damage to the sphincter, the joint between stomach and esophagus. Due to this you may experience heartburn or a burning sensation due to the acids in the stomach flowing backwards.

7. It Will Not Allow Your Body to Absorb the Nutrients in Water

When you are standing, your body is tense. Sitting down keeps your muscles and body relaxed, and they can actually focus on digesting the fluid in a more slow and relaxed way.

8. Causes Bone Degeneration and Weakness

Due to the wrong posture, while consuming water, your body may experience bone degeneration and weakness.

causes bone degeneration and weakness

9. Standing and Drinking Water Triggers Wrong Responses to Your Nervous System

As standing causes a lot of tension in the body and the muscles, your nervous system goes into attention mode, making your body feel out of sync with nature.

10. Does Not Help in Diluting the Acid Levels Present in the Body

Sitting down and taking small sips of water helps in maintaining the acid levels of the body.


1. What Is the Best Position to Drink Water?

The best position to drink water is while sitting down. Drink the water slowly for the nutrients to be absorbed into your body properly.

2. Does Drinking Water While Standing Cause Knee Pain?

Yes, drinking water while standing can cause pains in the knee. The side effects of drinking water while standing include joint damage and arthritis in the long run.

It is wise to heed the age-old advice from our parents and elders and sit down while we quench our thirst. Apart from being able to get maximum benefits from drinking water, it also allows us to relax ourselves in our fast-paced lives.

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