May Babies - Facts and Personality Traits

Know Why Babies Born in May Are So Special

Babies born within a particular time frame tend to share certain traits that are interesting to explore. They can have different personalities and characteristics and can react to situations in a particular manner. If you have a baby born in May or are expecting one, you can take a look at the possible traits that you can expect in your little one in the years to come.

Fascinating and Fun Facts About May Babies

Here are some interesting May baby traits your baby may have.

1. Strong and Healthy

The May weather promises robust health benefits for your newborn, as May born babies are believed to be strong and resilient. Additionally, these newborns are not just a breed apart physically but show a lot of resilience and mental fortitude as well. The warm weather promotes a lot of physical activity outdoors. Maybe, this results in their considerably higher stamina. Moreover, these children are also least likely to catch on chronic illnesses, thanks to their healthy bodies.

May born babies are strong and healthy

2. Inspiration Comes Naturally to Them

May-born people are self-starters and are motivated and inspired to achieve their goals. They are go-getters and don’t wait around for anyone to push them towards greatness. This can be a trait that comes from their birthstone. What does May baby’s birthstone look like? It’s the beautiful Emerald stone, which promises inspiration and patience, along with plenty of wisdom.

3. They Are Usually in the Spotlight

Owing to their easygoing and charming personality, May-born people have their share of attention at all times, and they love it. They love staying at the centre of attention and don’t even have to try to get any attention. People are drawn to them easily, gaining them many friends.

Cute baby taking bath

4. A Hard to Ignore Sixth-Sense

Children born in May have a strong will and deep connection with their life, which manifests itself through a critical and systematic way of thinking. They also have an almost intuitive way or the sixth sense of carving out their own path.

This might again go back to spring adventures people have during May. During spring, people surrounding your baby will be engaging in various activities-hiking, trips, get-togethers, and whatnot. Hence, it is possible that this bonding and passion for experiencing the world with a can-do-attitude ultimately gets passed on to May babies.

5. Your May Baby Can Be a Grounded Taurus or an Energetic Gemini

May babies’ zodiac sign can be Taurus or Gemini. If your baby is born between the 1st and 20th of May, his zodiac sign will be Taurus. Taurus members display realistic and earthly behaviour. They are aware of their limits and usually have a little trouble finding practical ways to get things done.

On the other hand, if your baby is born between the 21st and 31st of May, it will be led by Gemini. Gemini is considered one of the coolest signs. Geminis are often admired for their trendsetting and social nature. Whether your child is Taurus or a Gemini, May-born baby astrology will always inspire him to do something more.

6. Headstrong and Stubborn

It’s hard to win an argument with a May born. While most are just headstrong about their opinions, it can quickly turn stubborn when they refuse to see that there can be a different point of view. It can be very hard to convince a May born that they are wrong.

Surprised baby

​7. An Artist No-Less

Your little kiddo born in May is likely to stand out from the crowd. People born in May are known to be well-read, artistic, and creative. Self-expression is a vital source of energy for them. Now, that’s one May baby trait; the world will be wise to remember, right?

8. A Spendthrift

You will have to teach one important skill to the child. May children are likely to be notorious spendthrifts. Again, the joy of giving in spring may have something to do with it. However, once he commits to saving, there will be no stopping him as well.

9. A Lively Spring Name

Are you trying to find a list of May baby names online? Well, have you considered ‘Ziva’? Yes, it is the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s daughter. The name is of Hebrew origin, and it captures the essence of life during spring with various meanings. Ziva can mean radiance, light, brilliance, brightness, and god as well.

Moreover, you can name your little one Maya as well. Maya, a popular goddess of Greek mythology, symbolized the best of spring and was famous for her nurturing qualities.

May can be a good name too. May is used as a short form for Mary. However, many like it on its own too.

baby lying on bed and playing

10. Have Strong Emotions

On the good end of the spectrum, they can be very sensitive and empathetic to others’ feelings. But strong emotions can also anger them very easily. May-born people can have fiery, short tempers. While most people learn how to control it when at full-blast, it’s best to steer clear from an angry May born.

11. Long Night Conversations Maybe Their Thing

According to a study published in the NCBH journal, people born in May are more likely to be night owls than their peers. Basically, they tend to sleep later. This is a great quality if staying up involves a long conversation with family members and friends, and can make them real social gems to cherish.

12. An Unpredictable Nature

According to Oxford Research, May-born babies show the most unpredictability in choosing a career. According to the study, May-born babies are most likely to succeed in all kinds of professions. These children displayed an even spread of possibilities for all kinds of professions.

Born in May or not, your baby is your bundle of joy. While these traits can be a mirror to who he might be, there is plenty to explore about your baby as he grows and becomes his own person.

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