Should You Use Deodorant While Breastfeeding?

Is Using Deodorant Safe While Breastfeeding?

Who likes going around places with stinky or fishy body odour? Well, nobody likes to smell bad and for the same reason, we may choose various kinds of antiperspirants, deodorants or perfumes to suppress the body odour. You may never have raised an eyebrow before but when your baby is at stake your mind may be bubbling with all possible concerns about using such products. So, what is the reality behind this? Is it safe to use deodorants when you are breastfeeding your munchkin or is it a complete no-no? Let us find out more on this topic.

Why are Deodorants Hazardous for Breastfeeding Women?

You may not be aware but your underarm skin is one of the most delicate areas of your body and the skin of this area is comparatively thinner. The deodorants that are available in the market may have many objectionable ingredients in them, aluminium being one of the main ingredients. Whenever you apply any deodorants with these harmful chemicals it may be easily absorbed by your underarm skin and may easily reach your bloodstream too.

Nursing mothers may get it in their breast milk too, which they may unknowingly pass on to their babies too. Another aspect that calls for concern is that these deodorants come in spray bottles, which inevitably cause them to spread to other parts of the body too such as breasts, arms etc, during application and your baby may come directly in contact with it. For this very reason, it is very important for any breastfeeding mother to be extra cautious of her beauty regime and check what all ingredients her body may be unknowingly ingesting.

Why You Should Choose Safe Deodorant during Breastfeeding?

No doubt that you love to smell good all the time but certainly not at the cost of causing harm to the little one. The best thing that you can do is choose safer options and here’s why you should do that:

1. Get Rid of the Toxins

Whenever you spray deodorant on your body, you are trapping the toxins inside your body. This is because the pores of your skin and the sweat glands get blocked with the deodorant, making it difficult for the toxins to get an outlet.

2. Because Being Natural is Great

With the world going all crazy with natural and organic products why would you want to stick on to something that is nothing but all chemicals.? Let go of your chemical deodorants and switch to safer organic options.

3. Lesser Risk of Breast Cancer

The harmful chemicals present in all these chemical based deodorants may put you under the risk of having breast cancer. Protect yourself and switch to natural products.

4. Takes Toll on Your Hormones

Sometimes these chemical based deodorants also contain parabens, which are estrogenic. When these get inside our body, it fiddles with our hormones causing hormonal imbalance.

5. Lesser Risk of Alzheimer

It has been observed that constant exposure to aluminium may put you at an increased risk of Alzheimer. Therefore, save your future self from something so dreadful, by not using deodorants.

6. For a Happy Skin

You may not have realised but the harsh chemicals may harm your delicate skin, making it appear dull, lifeless and even dark. By stopping the use of deodorants, your skin may feel healthy and fresh.

7. Fewer Toxins In Your Body

You may not even know by which all means and ways various harmful toxins may be entering your body and deodorants may be one of them too. Eliminating it from your daily regime may reduce the toxins in your body.

8. For Your Baby

Not only you but your baby may be ingesting the harmful chemicals indirectly. For the sake of your little munchkin, stop using the chemical deodorants.

9. Other Harmful Chemicals

These big shot companies may not be listing all the chemicals that go into making these chemical based deodorants. The fragrance that you adore so much may have many other harmful chemicals that you may be unaware of.

You may quit smoking and make other such lifestyle changes for the well-being of your baby but you may seldom think about not using deodorants. However, sometimes you may be required to make such smaller considerations too for the sake of your baby.

Safe Deodorant Options to Consider

You must be thinking what choices you may have if you cannot use deodorants. You may be surprised to know there are many natural deodorants for breastfeeding mommies that you may choose from.

  • You can use activated charcoal deodorant. The charcoal may help in reducing the sticky and wet feelings that you may get after sweating and it may also help in removing body odour.
  • You may use deodorants or perfumes while breastfeeding that may contain various essential oils like lavender, tea tree and others. The essential oils not only help in keeping your underarm skin soft and supple but they may also be helpful in keeping body stink at bay.
  • You may use mineral deodorants or body antiperspirant while breastfeeding that may contain mineral salts in them. The antioxidants present in the minerals may help in battling any skin irritation and it may also hinder the growth of body odour causing bacteria.

Be a smart mommy and know about everything that you are using while breastfeeding. Being aware really helps in saving yourself from many unforeseen dangers. Using chemical based deodorants may be something that may lead to many probable harmful effects for you and your baby. Make smart choices and shift to natural or organic products and be in sync with the changing world.

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