Is Mosambi (Sweet Lime) Juice Safe during Pregnancy?

Mosambi juice

Pregnancy can make you reach for certain food items simply because of cravings or because you think those would be good for you. Mosambi might be one of those as well, especially if you’ve been a fan of the fruit for a long time. Mosambi juice is loved by all, but is mosambi juice safe during pregnancy? If yes, then what is the best way to drink it? Here’s how you can know all about it.

What Is Sweet Lime?

In India, sweet lime is known as ‘mosambi’. It is greenish-yellow in colour and found in several parts of the country. Although ‘sweet lime’ belongs to the family of lemons, the tangy flavour is subdued as the sweetness is quite high in this citrus fruit.

A good quality mosambi can be instantly recognized by its weight and firmness. If the skin of this fruit is clear of any blemishes and on scratching it, some oil seems to seep out of it, then the mosambi is fresh. Only a fresh sweet lime displays these signs.

Benefits of Drinking Mosambi Juice during Pregnancy

Mosambi juice is relished by almost all women due to its sweet and tangy taste. However, besides being tasty, this juice has its share of benefits too. Drinking mosambi juice during pregnancy can be extremely beneficial for your health. Know how it is good for you and your child:

  • Presence of calcium and potassium in mosambi supports the growth of the foetus.
  • As mosambi has cooling properties, it maintains a good temperature around the uterus and makes it conducive for rapid brain development.
  • It is also known to boost the circulation of blood in the body.
  • The fibrous nature assists bowel movements and stimulates the digestive process, thus providing relief from constipation.
  • The inherent antioxidants and antibiotics of the fruit are known to provide relief from ulcers.
  • Rich in vitamin C, this fruit helps satisfy the body’s need for the vitamin in judicious quantities.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes, drinking mosambi juice with amla and honey will help you maintain a proper sugar level in the body.
  • Drinking mosambi juice with cumin (jeera) seeds and ginger powder provides relief from respiratory problems.
  • Mosambi juice, acts as a natural detoxifier and keeps the body healthy and brings a glow to the skin.

    Sweet lime

How to Prepare Sweet Lime Juice

Here is a simple way to prepare sweet lime juice.


  • Mosambis
  • Black salt
  • Cumin powder
  • Sugar or honey

How to Make

  1. The juice from the mosambi fruit can be extracted either by using a juicing machine or by using a manual extractor. In both cases, make sure you remove the seeds prior.
  2. If going for the juicing machine, peel off the skin and cut the mosambi into small pieces.
  3. Put all the pieces of the mosambi into the juicer and run it for a while.
  4. Let it blend until it becomes smooth and liquid.
  5. Take a glass and add some sugar or honey to it for taste.
  6. Pour the juice from the blender into the glass.
  7. You can also sprinkle a bit of black salt followed by a dash of cumin powder, right on top of the juice.
  8. Place the glass in the refrigerator and allow it to cool.
  9. Drink it while it is chilled.

Precautions to Take Before Drinking Mosambi Juice

Mosambi juice tastes delicious and in pregnancy, your craving for it may increase. But when you are pregnant, you should be careful before eating or drinking anything. Here are  few precautionary measures you should consider before drinking mosambi juice when pregnant:

  • When drinking mosambi juice, avoid drinking it from roadside stalls or other shops. Their preparation techniques may not be hygienic and you don’t want to take chances during pregnancy.
  • While buying mosambi, ensure that it is fresh and does not show any signs of disease or decay. Fresh mosambi also contains fewer preservatives making it even healthier.
  • If you have a cold or are susceptible to it, it is advisable to not add any ice to the juice. Also, do not refrigerate it for too long.
  • If the juice is too thick for you, do not dilute it by adding normal water. Use water that is freshly filtered or boil the water and let it cool. Then add it to the juice.
  • Many women may have gas or other problem due to black salt or cumin. In such cases, do not add them to the juice.
  • Do not squeeze the juice and store in the fridge. Consuming it could cause stomach ache and other issues. Always drink fresh mosambi juice.

Eating mosambi comes with its own share of benefits. But mosambi juice acts as a nutritious drink and provides relief from the hot weather. Drinking sweet lime juice during pregnancy is one of the best ways to ensure a balance of nutrients, minerals, and other vitamins in your body. Making it a regular in your diet brings no harm and you can enjoy it throughout your pregnancy.

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