Giving Alkaline Water to Baby - Is It Safe, Benefits & More

Is Alkaline Water Suitable for Your Baby?

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Water supports life, and babies need it in pretty much all forms. As parents, we are always eager to provide the best for our babies. A baby’s ability to process the food they eat is high, which means that you should be able to provide them with more nutrition and mineral-dense, clean water. Alkaline water suits this requirement the best. But can babies drink alkaline water?

Alkaline water, known for its higher pH level, is gaining attention as a potential choice for baby consumption. Proponents suggest that its reduced acidity might aid digestion and overall health. Let’s learn more about alkaline water for babies in the article below.

What Is Alkaline Water?

When we talk of alkaline water, we talk about the pH balance in the water – the higher the balance, the higher its alkalinity component. Thus, any water that has a pH balance of 8 or more is considered to be alkaline water.

How is Alkaline Water Better Than Tap Water for Your Baby?

The pH balance of our body depends on our diet. The benefits of alkaline water for babies are yet to be proven, but they have usually been found to help toddlers consume more minerals, thus satisfying their growing needs. Compared to tap water, alkaline water stands out as the first choice for babies. Unlike tap water, alkaline water is cleaner, rich in minerals and is satiating. Unfiltered tap water can be a hazard – it may contain harmful bacteria, fluoride, micro-plastics, heavy metals and other particulates that give it a bad taste and odour, and no parent would risk giving this to their child. Alkaline water, on the other hand, fulfils your child’s need for water that is clean and full of minerals. Alkaline water consists of properties that help in reducing the occurrence of acid reflux in toddlers. Regular consumption of alkaline water in moderation has been seen to reduce free radicals in the body, provide better hydration, strengthen the immune system, and most importantly, balance the pH levels of the body. Several minerals get filtered out from tap water as it undergoes cleaning and filtering processes. Alkaline water retains all those minerals, providing clean water that is full of health benefits.

How Is Alkaline Water Better Than Tap Water for Your Baby?

Is Alkaline Water Safe for Infants?

Although alkaline water has a lot of benefits for toddlers, it has not been substantially proven. It is better to stick to the age-old tradition of feeding breast milk to your baby than any other water. If the baby is on formula, you can use simply boiled water to make the milk. Babies do not have an acidic pH balance in their bodies as they are only on milk for the first 6 months, and breast milk is best for them to consume.

Can You Boil Alkaline Water?

Yes. Like any other water, alkaline water can also be boiled. This will not reduce its benefits because the water molecules in them will still be micro-clustered. Boiling alkaline water will not have any effect on its alkalinity. The only downside of boiling water is that it will reduce the positive ions due to the process of oxidation.

Can You Boil Alkaline Water?

How Much Alkaline Water You Should Give to Your Baby?

Specific guidelines need to be followed when giving alkaline water to your child. You should avoid giving your child alkaline water 30-45 minutes before meals. Aside from this, you should not mix alkaline water in your baby’s food, and avoid giving it to him when he is on medication of any kind. Keeping these things in mind, alkaline water is a safe substitute to regular tap water. The quantity of alkaline water your baby should drink depends on his age. A child between the ages of 1 and 5 years can consume 2 litres of alkaline water daily, and a child between the ages of 5 and 12 years can consume up to 5 litres. Alkaline water can also help energize your child during sports and activities. Pre-teens and teens ranging between 12 and 18 years can safely drink at least 6 litres of alkaline water. This will keep their immune system steady, and help them handle stress effectively.

How Much Alkaline Water You Should Give to Your Baby?

How to Choose the Correct Alkaline Water for Your Infants?

Here are some ways to pick the right alkaline water for your little one:

1. Choose a Reputable Brand

Select a well-regarded brand with a track record of offering top-notch items. Opt for brands utilizing methods like reverse osmosis or other purification techniques to eliminate water contaminants.

2. Check for Certification

Look for certifications from reputable bodies like the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) or NSF International. These certifications offer assurance that the water undergoes rigorous quality and purity assessments.

3. Read the Label

Examine the label for details about pH level, total dissolved solids (TDS), and pertinent information. Aim for a pH range of 7.5 to 9.5, and ensure low TDS to guarantee water purity.

4. Start With Small Amounts

When giving alkaline water to your baby, begin with small quantities and slowly raise the intake. This approach allows you to observe your baby’s response and make any required modifications accordingly.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Giving Alkaline Water to Your Baby

Thinking of introducing alkaline water to your little ones? Here are things you must keep in mind:

1. Baby’s Age

As babies undergo distinct developmental stages with varying nutritional requirements, the suitable water type may evolve as they mature. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a paediatrician to ascertain the appropriate water for your baby, considering their age and developmental needs.

2. Health Conditions

In cases your baby has underlying health issues, it’s crucial to consult a paediatrician before introducing alkaline water. Certain health conditions might render alkaline water unsuitable or potentially hazardous for consumption.

3. Medications

Alkaline water has the potential to interfere with the efficacy of certain medications. Therefore, it’s important to converse with your paediatrician, particularly if your baby is on any medication, to address any possible interactions involving alkaline water.

4. Cost

Alkaline water often comes at a higher cost compared to regular tap water. Parents should factor in the expense when deciding whether to introduce alkaline water to their baby’s routine.


1. Is It Ok to Use Alkaline Water for Baby Formula?

Using alkaline water for baby formula is not generally recommended without consulting a paediatrician. Baby formula is specifically designed to meet infants’ nutritional needs, and altering the water composition could affect its balance.

Where your baby is concerned, it is important to exercise caution and not go overboard with anything. Everything in moderation, including alkaline water, is beneficial to your baby, both in the short and long run. It is essential to remember a few things though, like avoiding the use of alkaline water to make formula milk for your baby or giving him the water when they are on medication. It is wise to consult your doctor before starting anything new with your baby. It is important to develop healthy habits in your baby, and it begins at home. Encourage your baby to stay hydrated at all times, as a pH balance of 9 is optimal for a healthy body. Alkaline water is beneficial; it will help him stay focused at school and perform better, both in academics and on the playground.


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