How Toddlers Count Objects From 1 to 10

How toddlers count objects from 1 to 10

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Finding a lesson plan for teaching numbers 1-10 to your toddler? Gear up mom; this is the right age for your kid to know more about these first numbers. Be it through rhymes, sorting, threading, drawing or other activities, this developmental milestone has to be achieved and soon!

All children have an innate desire to learn. Be it alphabets or numbers, there are many fun ways of teaching kids to rattle A to Z or count from 1 to 10 without much fuss. Counting stairs while climbing them or putting six apples in the red basket are other early math skills that children learn through daily routine. Here’s how to help toddlers learn more about the first set of numbers.

How to Teach Toddlers to Count Numbers?

When Do Toddlers Learn to Count?

The idea of numbers can be introduced to your child quite early. Sing songs and rhymes that include counting like “One, Two, buckle my shoe…..” “Five little ducks, Baa baa black sheep, etc.” These fun ways of counting numbers will make you hum across the day too!

Teaching Toddlers to Count Objects

In the beginning, toddlers may not really understand the concept of counting pencils, flowers, beads and other objects. Given this, your little one will probably learn to count up to 10 by rote approach. Don’t fret when she makes mistakes, she’s learning and will catch up soon.

Making Toddlers Count from 1-10

Children are naturally curious and pick up every bit of information that they see or hear around them in everyday life. Parents can give this skill a boost with little activities and day-to-day example. For making toddlers count without lags, introduce your child to simple things like counting the number of pots in the garden, arranging ten ducks in a row, threading 5 red coloured beads before 5 yellow ones, and so forth.

Exciting Number Exercises for Children

Numbers are everywhere and number recognition is a building block for any child to succeed in maths. By repeatedly pointing to the numbers, parents can help their children observe them closely and form the foundation for future knowledge. The number exercises for this purpose should be age related and interesting. For instance, play ‘Follow the Leader’, where you can have your child imitate you for treats. Beat a drum once and have her following it with one beat. Gradually, reach ten and then go backwards.

Chart a Plan

As toddlers start recognising numbers, it’s natural for them to begin counting objects. Here, teachers and caregivers may like to base their lesson plan for teaching numbers on themes related to farms, oceans, springs, etc. Also, using flashcards is a very good way of helping your 3-year-old learn without trying too hard. Write the numbers 1-10 on flash cards and mix them up, let the child rearrange the numbers in a sequence.

Since, little children love counting, sorting, doing puzzles and discovering patterns, you need to find ways of making related activities interesting and motivating. Apart from teaching other things, teaching numbers is also important and if done in a fun way, you are sure to have a mini- mathematician in the making.

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