How to Make a Tassel for Children

How to Make a Tassel for Kids

Kids love to engage themselves in DIY projects, and if you are looking for an easy way to make tassels for kids, well, this post shares that and more with you! Browse this post and learn to make tassels in a fun and quick way!

Steps to Make a Tassel at Home for Kids

A bunch of tassels, or sometimes just one, is enough to add a little oomph quotient and style to whatever it is added to. You can add these fluffy and chubby hangings to a pillow, cushion, throws, belts, bags, and even make tassel earrings! Here’s an easy and quick way of making tassels!

Materials Needed

You will require the following material or supplies for making DIY tassel for children:

  • Wool or yarn, however, you can use mixed media fabrics, embroidery threads, tulle, and other such options too. You can also use single-colored yarn or use multiple-colored yarns to make tassels.
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Sturdy cardboard (roughly the length of tassel you wish to make)
  • A large tapestry needle


Once you have all the supplies ready with you, here are steps that you should follow to make a tassel out of yarn or other such mediums:

  1. Hold the cardboard in your hand, and taking one end of the yarn, start wrapping the thread around the length of the cardboard. If you do not have hard cardboard, you can also use wrap the yarn around your hand. You simply have to stretch your hand, keep the thumb and pinky finger separated and keep all the other fingers together. Start wrapping the yarn around your thumb and little finger. You can increase or decrease the distance between the finger and the thumb according to the size of the tassel you wish to make.
  2. You should keep wrapping the yarn around the cardboard until you think the desired thickness is achieved.
  3. Once you think the yarn threads are thick enough, you can gently remove the wrapped-up yarn and use a yarn string to secure the top of the tassel head tightly. Whenever securing the knot, make sure that the length of all the strings match, though you can tweak some of that later too.
  4. After securing the tassel bobble or the tassel head, take the scissor and cut the bottom-ends of the strings to open up the strings. You can cut the strings ends to give a neater look.
  5. Thread the needle with a yarn string and tie a knot at the other end. Run the yarn string underneath the tassel head to secure the knotted end. Keep the string length as per choice, and this is used for hanging the tassel to various objects.
  6. Your homemade tassel is ready to be used. If you wish to make DIY projects requiring more tassels, such as a tassel garland, you can fashion more tassels in single or multi-colors in the same way. Also, to make a bookmark tassel or tassel for a belt, you may require mini tassels,  and for that, you will have to adjust the length of the cardboard accordingly.

Tassels are fairly easy to make and can instantly perk up many DIY projects or even spice up some dull or monotonous objects sitting at home. We hope you are inspired by this blog and teach your kids this simple yet fun activity that can turn boring days into fun and creative ones!

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