How To Draw A Bird - A Step By Step Guide With Pictures

How to Draw a Bird for Kids

Children are naturally curious and imaginative, and by engaging them in art and craft activities, parents can enhance their creativity and imagination power. If your child shows an interest in drawing, you could teach him simple designs such as animal design to hone their skills and to keep them interested.

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This step-by-step guide is a great way to get your child to learn a new drawing. This one’s very simple, and your little one will enjoy himself while at it! Is your child ready to learn how to draw a bird?

What You Will Need to Draw a Bird

You will need the following materials to make a bird drawing in a perfect way.

  • 1 graphite pencil HB or B type
  • 1 eraser
  • An A4 size plain paper/plain white sheet

Bird Drawing for Kids in 5 Simple Steps

Here is a simple guide on how to draw a bird in 5 simple steps! This guide is perfect for beginners!

1. Draw the outline.

To draw the outline of the bird’s head and body, all you need to do is draw a candy cane. You can draw a line as shown in the image below, and give it a slight curve from the top to make the head. Draw a small curve for the beak.

2. Draw the eyes.

Make a small circle under the curved head and fill it to make the eyes. Then draw the beak as shown in the image.

3. Draw the wings and complete the body.

To draw the wing of the bird, draw a semi-circle connecting the outline. Draw a bigger semi-circle and connect it at the bottom as shown in the image. The small arc at the bottom will form the tail of the bird.

4. Draw the feathers and the feet.

Draw three arcs inside the semi-circle to make feathers of the bird, and two arcs, one below another inside the tail. To draw the feet, make two small lines, parallel to each other, from the outer semi-circle, and make small arcs under the lines.

5. Colour the bird.

Colour the bird in orange and yellow. Colour the wings in yellow as shown in the picture, and the remaining body in dark orange. Its beak should be brown.

In 5 simple steps, your child will have learned how to draw a bird. Let him practice how to draw a bird, then you can teach him to draw other animals as well. Drawing is a great hobby that will improve your child’s focus, hand-eye coordination, and imagination. So let him draw and create a beautiful world of his own!

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