How to Draw a Owl for Children - A Step-by-Step Guide With Pictures

How to Draw an Owl for Kids

Owls are not only cute and aesthetic but also a symbol of mystery and wisdom. In Greek mythology, the owl is known to be one of the symbols of the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. However, it may be overwhelming to draw one in an accurate manner, getting all the proportions and shapes right. If your kids are a fan of owls because of Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Animal Crossing, or Pokemon, an owl drawing for them to color can be the perfect afternoon activity. You can draw a simple owl by following this easy guide to learning step by step how to draw an owl.

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What You Will Need to Draw an Owl

You can use the materials at your disposal to make this drawing of an owl.

  • Drawing paper
  • Pen or marker
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Crayons (optional)

Owl Drawing for Kids in Simple Steps

You can first draw a cartoon owl lightly with a pencil and then line over it with a dark marker or pen once you are done. If you want to give your little one a cute drawing to color or paint, here’s how to draw an owl for kindergarten kids:

1. Draw the base for the head and body.

First, start by drawing the head and body of the owl. Outline the horizontally oval head and the vertically oval body. Make sure they are both aligned.

how to draw an owl2. Draw the outlines of the eyes and feet.

Draw two circles for the eyes of the owl. Also, lightly draw the feet of the owl at the base of the bodyby drawing two slightly rectangular shapes. This will form the outline for the actual feet.

how to draw an owl3. Fill out the eyes and feet.

For the eyes, draw two crescent shapes to make them look life-like. Lightly draw two diagonal lines over the eyes. These will form the outline for the eyelashes. Also lightly draw a small vertical line between the eyes. This will form the outline for the beak. Elaborate on the details of the feet of the owl by drawing three tiny sausage-like shapes for each foot. Let the middle one be longer than the other two.

how to draw an owl

4. Draw the eyelashes, beak and wings.

Draw two eyelashes around the lines above the eyes, such that they look like thin leaves. Next, using the outline drawn in the previous step, make the beak of the owl in the center of the head. Next, draw the wings of the owl, starting from the bottom of its head, along its body, almost till the bottom. Make them a little wider near the top and narrower as they come down and pointy at the end. They should look like they curve around the body.

how to draw an owl

5. Erase the light outlines.

Erase the light outlines which served as the guide to draw the eyelashes, nose and feet.

how to draw an owl

6. Colour the owl.

Your owl is now ready. Grab some crayons and get to work! You can even color it or decorate it with sequins and glitter. If you want a more realistic owl, color the inside portion of the body and the beak in light brown color. Color the wings and the head with dark brown. Color the eyelashes and feet in a darker shade of brown. Color the pupils black.

how to draw an owl

Giving your kids drawings will keep them entertained, hone their creativity, and also help them learn the colors of objects. You can follow these easy six steps to draw a cute cartoon owl that your little one can color.

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