Benefits Of Having A Pet For Your Child

How Keeping A Pet Can Build Empathy In Your Child

You witness your pet’s selfless love everyday – it’s written all over his pawing and tail-wagging! But did you know that pets can also teach your kids valuable lessons in developing empathy and sensitivity? Yes, animals can actually be great teachers! Get a pet this World Animal Day on October 4 and find out for yourself.

Pets are full of energy and laughter. Your kids love playing with the neighbour’s dog. But do pets teach empathy to kids? If you’ve been putting off keeping a pet, let this mind-blowing truth change that – animals can be the best teachers of not just empathy, but love, kindness and sensitivity!

5 Stunning Ways Pets Teach your Kids To Be Kind

1. Love so Selfless Leaves a Mark

Just like Harry Potter who had protection because of his mother’s selfless love for him, pets too love without asking. They greet you at the door after you’ve had a long day and curl up at your feet without any judgment or questions. Kids who witness this pure love and understanding grow up to be kinder people.

2. They’re All You Need to Feel Happy

Just looking into your dog’s eyes or playing ball with him can be a big stress-busting activity. Not only does spending time with pets keep the kids active but it also teaches him the importance of life’s simple pleasures. Happy kids, eventually, are kinder kids!

They're all you need to feel happy

3. Pets Need Looking After

Animals are just like babies – cute and dependent on you! While cats are somewhat more self-possessed, dogs are known to be more attached and miss you terribly when you’re away! Kids who learn to care for another from a young age – feeding, brushing their coat or taking them to the vet – grow up to more responsible and concerned.

4. Kids with Pets Love “Pet-Talk”

Pets can be great conversation-starters! Kids love talking about their pets in school and in the playground. Thus pets also make them more socially amiable. Ever seen a group of kids discussing how their dogs love them the most? Exactly the point!

5. Pets Demand So Little

All that your pets really ask for is your time and some food (oh some dogs can be picky about the dog biscuits!). Their tails droop when you scold them and all you then want to do is give them a big hug. Kids learn to get along with little and experience contentment when with pets.

Think no more. On World Animal Day, just go ahead and get a little pet for the family. Yes, you will need to take time out to look after him, but the benefits of having a pet for a child are several. When building empathy in your child, pets make your job easier, and without even trying.

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