Hot Water Bag during Pregnancy – Is It Safe to Use?

A hot water bag

With the joy of pregnancy comes the trouble of body ache and, especially, back-ache. On an impulse, you may want to reach for a heating pad or a hot water bag to get relief from the ache. But knowing the fact that changing your body temperature can affect your baby, would make you think twice about doing it. Which is why many mothers still wonder, can we use a hot water bag during pregnancy for pain relief?

Is Using a Hot Water Bag Safe during Pregnancy?

Having advised staying away from hot baths and saunas and other scenarios that increase the core body temperature, nearly all mothers wonder about the safety of using a hot water bag. The truth is you can very well use the hot water bag for pain relief without worrying about the baby at all. They are absolutely safe to be used during your pregnancy.

When to Use a Hot Water Bag during Pregnancy?

A woman using a hot water bag to cure back pain

  • No matter how large or small the water bag is, it will not raise the body temperature to a level where it is harmful to the baby.
  • In case of pain being present in a specific area of the body, you can even use heating pads to treat that area.
  • Using hot water bag for back pain during pregnancy can aid blood circulation and bring instant relief.

Precautions to Take While Using Hot Water Bottle When Pregnant

  • Ensure that the water in the bag is just hot enough to make you feel warm in the applied area without feeling the burn.
  • Limit the usage of the hot water bag for half an hour or so. Reapply again after an hour so that your body temperature doesn’t rise due to the continued application.
  • Don’t lie down directly on the bag. Use it like you would use a pillow while sitting on a couch.
  • Do not fill the bag to capacity. Keep it half empty so that it stays flat. This ensures that when using to treat your back-ache, it doesn’t cause your spine to bend.
  • If you are using an electric heating pad, once the pad reaches the peak temperature, switch it off so that it doesn’t keep heating up further.
  • Do not use the water bag directly on your body. Wrap it in a cloth or a towel and let the heat radiating through that bring relief to you.
  • Never pour boiling water into a water bag. Not only does it harm the material of the bag, but spilling any water could burn your skin as well.
  • While using the bag under your back, keep your feet on the pillow so that your back always remains well-supported.
  • Check your hot water bag for any wear and tear or any damage that might be caused. Ensure that it isn’t leaking anywhere and that the lid is securely tightened.

In times of body ache, a hot water bottle or a heating pad can bring a great amount of relief. It is also necessary that your body keeps receiving a good amount of exercise and activity so that the muscles don’t cramp up leading to even more pain and problems. Undertaking some light exercises to maintain the strength of your back as well as changing certain lifestyle choices, like wearing flats instead of heeled shoes, can further improve your posture and reduce the chances of such aches.

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