Harmful Ingredients You Need to Look Out for in Baby Care Products

Harmful Ingredients You Need to Look Out For in Baby Care Products

From the time your baby entered the world your first instinct was to kiss, cuddle and caress your baby. Nine months of waiting was too long and now that your little one is in your arms, all you want to do is provide the best, most gentle care for your baby. This includes, wrapping him up nice and cozy, giving him gentle sponge baths, feeding him sufficiently and keeping his skin healthy and free of rashes and irritation that baby skin is usually prone to.

The obvious choice would be to opt for a gentle, natural range of products designed especially for baby skin, right? But with the scores of products available, how does one choose the one that is truly free of toxins and harmful ingredients?

Help is at hand – once you get the hang of the product labels, it is easy to see what should be avoided and what is okay.

Ingredients to Watch out for and avoid in Baby Products

In a world full of pollutants, it’s important to educate yourself about what’s in the products you’re using for your baby, so that you know what to look out for and what to avoid. Take a look at some common offenders below.

Common Toxins in Baby Oils

Major baby oils in the market are made up of mineral oils – commonly used because it is cost-effective and easy to source. However, mineral oils can clog pores and prevent skin from breathing. It also forms a layer over delicate baby skin, hindering the natural release of toxins from their bodies.

Baby oils may also contain a vegetable glycerin mixed with grain alcohol called PEG or PPG. Although, the ingredient may seem safe and natural, the process involves synthetic chemicals which can cause hives or even eczema!

Instead: Choose a toxin-free, natural ingredient laden baby oil like The Moms Co. Natural Massage Oil for your baby’s massages and gentle rub-downs. It contains sesame oil to build your little one’s bone and muscle strength and organic almond, wheat germ and avocado oils to keep your baby’s dry skin well-nourished and moisturised through the day!

Common Toxins in Baby Lotion

You know that soothing ‘baby smell’ that most people love? This usually comes from a mixture of baby lotions and products applied and the natural scent of your little one. However, fragrance, as pleasant as it may be, is a big ‘no-no’ for your baby’s sensitive skin. These fragrances are often made up of phthalates which studies have shown, could potentially cause liver or kidney damage. Phthalates are also found in soft plastic toys, baby powders, shampoos, lotions and in fragrances added to baby products.

Another ingredient to look out for is parabens! Parabens are used in products to inhibit bacterial growth and extend a product’s shelf life. While not all may cause harm, certain parabens have been found to give rise to tumors. There is no proof on which ones are harmful which is why it’s best to avoid them. Look out for ‘paraben-free’ products when shopping for your baby.

Instead: Apply a hypo-allergenic paraben-free baby lotion like The Moms CO. Natural Baby Lotion on your little one’s skin after a bath to keep his skin supple and plump through the day.

Common Toxins in Baby Shampoos and Soaps

Baby bath time is a time when most parents bond with their little ones. To see your little one enjoy the soothing experience is a joy you’ll treasure for life. But, you know that pristine sea of foam you see in shampoo and soap commercials? That’s usually produced by the addition of sulphates in baby soaps and shampoos. It can cause irritation to fragile baby skin. These are also harmful if they go into your baby’s eyes, affecting the developing tissue.

Check your labels for DEA/TEA/MEA. These chemicals are hormone-disrupting ones and are very commonly used in cosmetics and other consumer products as emulsifiers or foaming agents. TEA can cause allergic reactions which include dryness of hair, skin and eye infections and can also be toxic if continually absorbed by the body over a long duration. Needless to say, keep your baby far from products which contain sulphates.

Instead: Choose The Moms Co. Natural Baby Shampoo which gently cleans, softens and strengthens your baby’s hair while nourishing and moisturising his scalp with organic Argan oil and coconut-based cleansers.

Check If Your Product Label Mentions Only ‘Key Ingredients’

If your baby product brand does not contain the above mentioned ingredients, remember to still read the labels for this one trick advertisers might be using. A lot of popular brands mention words like ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ loosely as marketing claims and it’s natural for trusting consumers to buy into these, assuming that such products might be the best option at the best price. Look up ingredients and their side-effects despite the mention of pure, natural and organic.

Brands also hide harmful ingredients by mentioning only ‘KEY’ ingredients on the label. Always look for organic products with natural ingredients mentioned clearly. For instance, certain brands like The Moms Co. products clearly mention ALL ingredients on their label and only contain gentle and natural ingredients that have been dermatologically tested.

Now that you know what to avoid and why, let’s look at why you should make an informed decision and choose one that leads you to a natural, toxin free range of products for your baby.

Baby skin is sensitive to even the gentlest of touch, including touch by a parent. This is actually a blessing because most parent child bonding happens through touch. The love hormone ‘oxytocin’ is released during this time of bonding and has effects that translate into a lifetime of trust and security between parent and baby. This is a natural phenomenon. Nature is designed in a way that is meant to preserve the health and well-being of human beings.

Sticking to natural, organic and toxin-free products ensures that your baby gets only what will meet his needs and also nourish his developing body and fragile skin. That said, make sure whatever you use is dermatologist-tested, allergen-free and certified safe to use. You cannot take even the slightest risk with your little one, right? The MomsCo. Natural Baby lotion uses organic oils like apricot, jojoba, avocado, rice bran oils to enrich the products. In addition, gentle and baby safe ingredients like shea butter and cocoa butter are added as well.

So choose wisely. While a beautifully fragrant product might be enticing, a low budget product might make you feel like you are spending wisely, no amount of satisfaction will match up to the fact that you are choosing what is best and safest for your little one’s sensitive skin.

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