Goal Setting Lesson Plans & Activities for Toddlers

Goal Setting in a 23 Months Old

Motivating a toddler to do something is an important part of parenting. However, it’s equally crucial that you teach your child to set goals. It’s never too early to start. Do this with some goal setting activities for toddlers to make it more fun.

Have you been tracking the growth of your child and have delighted in every single milestone he’s achieved? As your toddler grows he needs to learn a lot of other things too, one of the most important being setting goals. Even if you think he’s too small, the truth is that starting at an early age can help him grow into a responsible individual.

Encouraging Goal Setting with Toddlers

1. Put Across the Idea

Your child is too young to understand about goals and setting them. So, before you start teaching him the right way to do it, make sure that you explain the idea well. Doing this with the help of fun stories and picture books can help. You can narrate the story of the hare and the tortoise and how the tortoise reached its goal by striving hard for it. You can also point out real events like your goal to walk for 5kilometres on the treadmill. You might have to narrate a number of such stories before your toddler gets a clear picture of what a goal is and how to achieve it.

2. Start Off with an Easy Goal

Don’t expect your toddler to come up with goals immediately. The best way to teach your child goal setting is to pick up an easy enough aim that he’d be eager to accomplish. This could be watering the flower pots in the morning or setting the dog’s food on the floor. Don’t forget to applaud him when he accomplishes the goal.

Start Off with an Easy Goal

3. Ask for Suggestions

When you see that your child is accomplishing most of the objectives set by you, it’s time to take these goal setting lesson plans for your toddler a notch ahead. Ask him what he’d like to do. Don’t reject goals just because they seem to be funny or hard. Instead, encourage him to achieve them. Chip in to help him if he hits a tough snag.

4. Write It down

Writing down goals is one of the best ways to keep a tab on them and work towards achieving them. However, a toddler is still a long way from writing, so do it for him. Design a goal setting chart for your tot. You can make it interesting by asking him to draw a few pictures to denote what he intends to do. Ask him to put a nice, big tick when he completes a goal. Don’t forget to treat him to his favourite snack or story when he does it.

5. Be a Role Model

Being a goal setting example for your 23-month-old is a great way to teach him the right way to do things. Involve him in your plans for goal setting and achieving them as well.

Furthering your 23-month-old’s goal setting milestone can be difficult and take time and patience. However, it definitely goes a long way in shaping his future.

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