30 Funny Science Jokes for Children

Funny Science Jokes For Kids

Science puns for kids are a great way to incite some curiosity in kids about the subject. Crack these scientific jokes to tickle their funny rib and skip the pressure associated with the subject.

30 Science Jokes For Children

1. What is a tornado’s favourite game to play?


2. Why are chemists so good at problems?

They are constantly working with solutions

3. Do you know why I don’t trust atoms?

Atoms make up everything

4. How does the moon cut his hair?

Eclipse it

5. What types of bears dissolve in water?

Polar bears

6. Why do tigers have stripes?

So they don’t get spotted

7. What is the difference between a dog and a marine biologist?

One wags a tail, and the other tags a whale

8. Why is the moon so broke?

Because it is down to its last quarter

9. What do you do with a chemist who is ill?

First, you try helium. Then, you try curium. But if this fails, you have to barium.

10. What is the name of the first electricity detective?

Sherlock Ohms

11. What do you think of the new restaurant on the moon?

The food is great but the atmosphere not so much.

12. Have you heard about the chemist who was reading a book about helium?

He just could not put it down

13. Why did the germ cross the microscope?

To get to the other side

14. What did Donald Duck say in his graduate physics class?

“Quark, quark, quark.”

15. What type of music do planets dance to?


16. Want to hear a joke about potassium?


17. Where do astronauts leave their spaceships?

At the parking meteors

18. What did the volcano say to his wife?

I lava you so much

19. What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder?

You may have graduated, but I have more degrees.

20. Why do chemists like nitrates so much?

They are cheaper than day rates.

21. How much room do fungi need to grow?

As mushroom as possible.

22. What do you do if your science jokes don’t get a laugh?

Keep trying until you get a reaction.

23. Why does the spinal cord belong in the brass section of an orchestra?

Because it has dorsal and ventral horns.

24. Do you know the name Pavlov?

It rings a bell.

25. Why is electricity the perfect student?

Because it conducts itself.

26. What is a nuclear physicist’s favourite snack?

Fission Chips.

27. What’s the best science?

Geology- it rocks!

28. What’s the matter?

Solid, Liquid, Gas.

29. Where does bad light end up?

In a prism.

30. What did one photon say to another photon?

I’m sick and tired of your interference.

This collection of jokes, puns for children will make them smile, laugh, or may even groan a little!

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