Essay On My Favourite Personality - 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay

Essay On My Favourite Personality – 10 Lines, Short and Long Essay

Essay writing is a crucial skill that facilitates cognitive growth, provides a medium to express thoughts, and helps in understanding the world from various perspectives. One particularly interesting topic for kids to explore is writing about their favourite personality. Crafting a “my favourite personality essay for kids” not only allows children to articulate their admiration but also aids them in learning more about the admired personality’s qualities and achievements. This article, designed to help your child write an “essay in English” on their favourite personality, outlines how to structure their thoughts in 10 lines, short and long essay formats.

Key Points to Remember When Writing Essay On My Favourite Personality 

Every individual has their own personal favorite personality – someone they deeply admire or aspire to be like. Writing an essay on ‘My Favorite Personality’ can be an exciting opportunity to delve deep into the unique attributes of this individual and communicate our admiration for them effectively. Here are some key points to remember when composing this type of essay:

  • Identify the Individual: Clearly mention who the person is in your introductory paragraph. This person could be anyone – a celebrity, a family member, a historical figure, or even a fictional character.

  • Reveal the Reason: Articulate why you have chosen this person as your favorite personality. It could be because of their unique qualities, their achievements, or the impact they’ve had on your life.

  • Share Personal Experiences: If possible, share personal experiences or anecdotes involving your favorite personality. This makes the essay more relatable and engaging to the readers.

  • Hook the Reader: Begin with a catchy sentence or an interesting fact about the personality to engage your readers and pique their curiosity from the start.

10 Lines On My Favourite Personality 

When writing a “few lines on my favourite personality essay”, it’s important to choose words wisely due to the limited scope. Here is an example for reference:

1. My favourite personality is my mother.

2. She is a loving and kind person.

3. She takes good care of me and my siblings.

4. She cooks delicious meals for us.

5. She helps me with my homework.

6. She is a successful businesswoman.

7. She always teaches us the importance of hard work.

8. She is my role model and inspiration.

9. She has taught me to be honest and respectful.

10. I aspire to be like her in my life.

Short Essay on My Favourite Personality In 250 Words

A person’s favourite personality often serves as an embodiment of the qualities they hold in high esteem. The figure that personifies these virtues for me is my mother, my ultimate favourite personality. She is a reservoir of strength, love, and resilience, whose qualities have deeply influenced my personal growth and perspectives.

My mother’s unwavering strength in the face of adversity is nothing short of inspiring. She confronts every obstacle with courage and optimism, teaching me the true meaning of resilience. Her ability to balance various roles and responsibilities while ensuring a harmonious household reflects her dedication and commitment.

Furthermore, her love and compassion are boundless. Her nurturing nature and selfless love have not only nurtured our family but also inspired me to spread love and kindness. She radiates warmth and positivity, brightening the lives of everyone around her. Her empathetic nature, coupled with her incredible emotional intelligence, has shaped my interpersonal skills and empathy.

Additionally, my mother exudes humility despite her numerous accomplishments. She continually places others’ needs before her own, teaching me the significance of humility and selflessness. Her quiet sacrifices and unspoken acts of love have shown me the beauty of altruism.

Long Essay on My Favourite Personality In English 

The essence of our existence is deeply influenced by the personalities that have touched our lives. When we ponder the phrase ‘favourite personality’, it refers to someone who has impacted our life positively and significantly. This individual is someone we respect, admire, and aspire to emulate in various aspects. This person may be a celebrity, a family member, or a public figure whose traits have left an indelible mark on our lives. However, in my case, my favourite personalities are closer to home: my father and my mother. They are the anchors of my life, offering me inspiration and wisdom in different ways.

What is Mean by Favourite Personality?

The term ‘favourite personality’ refers to a person who has significantly influenced your life and has qualities that you admire and appreciate the most. This individual stands out in your life due to their distinct characteristics, actions, achievements, or values.

A favourite personality can come from various spheres of life. It could be a member of your family, a friend, a teacher, a public figure, a celebrity, or even a character from a book or a movie. This person inspires you, and you may aspire to adopt some of their traits or values in your own life. The qualities that define your favourite personality can vary widely depending on your personal values and experiences. These can range from kindness, bravery, intelligence, perseverance, to unique talents or skills, among many others.

Favourite Personality – My Father

My father is the epitome of resilience and perseverance, a man whose silent strength serves as my guiding light. His life is a testament to the fact that hard work and determination can overcome the most significant obstacles. Raised in a humble background, he climbed the ladder of success through sheer willpower and relentless efforts, proving that circumstances don’t define a person, but their response does.

One aspect of my father’s personality that I deeply admire is his patience. He possesses an uncanny ability to stay calm in the face of adversity, treating each setback as an opportunity for growth. This trait has instilled in me the courage to confront challenges and view them as stepping stones to success.

Moreover, my father is an embodiment of kindness and compassion. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, teaching me the importance of empathy and understanding in life. His belief in the power of kindness has influenced my worldview, inspiring me to be considerate and compassionate towards others.

His wisdom and teachings aren’t limited to his words but are more vividly displayed through his actions. The integrity and honesty with which he conducts himself have taught me the significance of maintaining strong moral principles. To me, my father is more than a parent; he is a mentor and a role model, his character traits forming the blueprint of the person I strive to become.

Favourite Personality – My Mother

My mother, on the other hand, is a symbol of love and sacrifice. Her nurturing nature and unfaltering love make her another favourite personality in my life. Her devotion to our family, coupled with her ability to balance multiple roles, is nothing short of inspirational.

Her exceptional emotional strength stands out as one of her most admirable traits. In times of crisis, her unwavering resolve and optimistic outlook provide a sense of security and comfort. Her ability to turn any situation around with her positivity has taught me the importance of maintaining a positive mindset in life.

Additionally, my mother is the embodiment of humility. Despite her countless sacrifices and relentless efforts, she never seeks recognition or applause. This humbleness has shown me the beauty of leading a humble life, cherishing the joy that comes from giving rather than receiving.

One can’t overlook the resilience my mother exudes. She has faced numerous trials and tribulations, yet her spirit remains unbroken. Her unwavering determination in the face of adversity has instilled in me the strength to overcome obstacles, fostering an attitude of resilience and tenacity.

What Will Your Child Learn from My Favourite Personality Essay?

Writing a “favorite personality essay” is a beneficial exercise for children. It allows them to explore their feelings and reasons for admiration, thus instilling a sense of self-awareness. Additionally, it provides them with the opportunity to learn about the admirable traits of their chosen personality, which can guide their own personal and moral development.

The act of articulating their thoughts in an organized manner enhances their communication and writing skills. Lastly, children get an avenue to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas, which is a crucial aspect of their cognitive and emotional development.

In conclusion, writing an essay on one’s favourite personality is a valuable exercise that provides an opportunity for children to express admiration, learn, and grow. Whether it’s a short 10 lines essay or a detailed long essay, each format helps children to delve into their emotions, build their writing skills, and better understand their role models.

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