Easy DIY How to Make Harry Potter Wand for Kids

Easy DIY Harry Potter Wand for Kids

Are you planning to dress up your kiddo as Harry Potter for an upcoming event he is hosting or attending? Whether it’s a fancy dress competition, Halloween, or a Harry Potter-themed birthday bash for your die-hard Harry Potter fan, we are here to help you with one of the most important elements of Harry Potter looks – his wand! In this article, we will be sharing simple ideas to make a Harry Potter wand with material easily available at home. Let’s get started to make a wizard wand for your kid!

Easy Steps to Make a Harry Potter Wand Using a Stick/Chopstick/Wooden Dowel/Pencil

Here’s how you can make a magic wand using material that is mostly available at home or can be easily sourced from a stationary/craft store.

What You Will Need

Here’s a list of things that you will require for this wand craft:

  1. A wooden dowel – 26 cm to 33 cm long
  2. Sandpaper – 1, 3×3 inch
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Button (big enough to cover the bottom of the stick) – 1
  5. Acrylic color of your choice – black, brown or white
  6. Acrylic sealer
  7. Paintbrushes – 2

How to Make Harry Potter Wand

Follow these simple instructions to make a wand at home:

  1. Take the wooden dowel of the above-mentioned length. You can easily get them at any craft store. They are usually sold in packs of a dozen or more. You may also use a chopstick, pencil or a wooden object that seems apt for a wand.
  2. Alternatively, you can pick up a stick from your backyard. When using a wooden stick for making a wand, make sure it isn’t thicker than the girth of your finger.
  3. Take the sandpaper and scrape the stick for a smoother look. The trick is to get rid of any sharp, jagged or rough ends.
  4. Dust the stick nicely. You can also clean it with a damp cloth to get rid of any wooden dust.
  5. Take the glue gun and form a handle on the stick, which should usually be no more than the length of your finger. To make the handle, you can cover the entire length of the handle part of the stick with glue.
  6. You can layer the hot glue on the handle region a couple of times to make the handle more pronounced and defined. Make sure you dry up each layer nicely before coating the handle with more glue.
  7. Stick the button to form a knob at the end of the wand.
  8. Make some design on the wand with some hot glue, clay or tape to give it some texture. Let the glue/clay dry up completely before you begin the next step.
  9. After the glue has dried up, paint the want with some acrylic paint. You may stick to shades of brown, black and white, or go let your kid go completely crazy with the colors. There’s no harm in having a fluorescent, sapphire, or coral-colored wand.
  10. Paint the wand nicely with the color. Make sure you get all the nooks and corners. Let the color dry.
  11. Apply two or three more coats of color to give the wand a more real feel. For this, you can use a lighter shade of the base color, and use a pointed brush to make the detailing.
  12. After the paint dries up, seal the pain with an acrylic sealer to secure the color. This is not a mandatory step, but doing this will not only make the paint shine brighter, but it will also make the paint last longer.
  13. Place the wand on a piece of paper and keep it out in the sun to dry. Flip the wand to ensure the paint dries up well from all the sides.

Simple Instructions for Homemade Harry Potter Wand Using A Piece of Paper

Well, if you do not have any wooden object to make a wand, you’d find this idea a helpful one.

What You Will Need

Here is what you need to make Harry Potter wand with a paper:

  1. A sheet of paper
  2. Liquid glue
  3. A glue gun
  4. Paint primer
  5. Brown acrylic paint
  6. Acrylic sealer
  7. Paintbrush – 1
  8. A pair of scissors
  9. Golden acrylic color (for detailing)

How To Make Harry Potter Wand

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you can follow to make paper or origami harry potter wand:

  1. Begin rolling the paper from a corner.
  2. Keep one end of the roll slightly less tapered than the other.
  3. Secure the end of the paper with some glue. You can roll another paper to give better hold and volume to the wand. Alternatively, you can smear some PVA glue on the paper at the place from where you will start rolling the paper. This will harden the wand and render it a firmer appeal.
  4. Once the stick dries up, cut the ends carefully using a scissor to straighten the ends.
  5. Take the glue gun and fill the open ends with a blob of hot glue to seal them. Make sure you finish one end of the stick before moving on to another. To achieve well-rounded ends, keep moving the wand to prevent the glue from dripping or settling over the edges.
  6. Once the glue dries up, you can start making designs on the wand.
  7. Take the glue gun and begin making finger length designs at the base of the stick to form the handle. Keep the pattern denser at the base and scantier on the top. Keep twirling and moving the stick as you keep forming crisscross, swirling or other random patterns on the stick.
  8. Let the glue settle, which usually takes a couple of minutes only, before you begin coloring the stick.
  9. Start with the base coat for coloring the wand. Spray paints act as a good base color, but if you have an emulsion or latex paint handy at home, you can use that too. Emulsion paints may take longer to dry up; therefore, you need to wait until the paint dries up.
  10. Once the base coat dries up, start painting the wand with the main color. You can choose any color; however, earthy shades give a more realistic feel to the wand.
  11. After the base coat dries up, you can accentuate the wand by coloring the raised parts with the lighter color. Use a thinner brush when working on the raised finer areas of the wand.
  12. Take some gold paint and dab it with your fingers on the raised bits of the wand for a metallic appeal.
  13. Leave the wand to dry completely, before letting your kid play with it. For a faster drying process, leave the wand out in the sun to dry for some time.

We hope you will try these simple DIY Hatter Potter wand ideas! They can also be made by your kid in his free time. However, make sure proper care and precautions are exercised while handling scissors, using glue guns or paint as sometimes these activities may get a bit risky for younger kids!

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