Is It Safe To Drink Water in Copper Vessel during Pregnancy

Drinking Water in Copper Vessel During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

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According to Ancient Indian Ayurveda, drinking water kept in copper vessels has many health benefits. Ayurveda claims that copper purifies the water by freeing it of all harmful bacteria. But, we cannot say with absolute certainty that drinking water saved in the copper vessel is safe during pregnancy. A good pregnancy diet can easily provide the required measure of copper needed by the body; therefore, to include drinking water stored in copper vessels during pregnancy demands serious consideration. In this article, we will touch upon all the points concerning drinking water stored in copper vessels during pregnant. Read on to know more.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Water Stored in Copper Vessel?

Yes, pregnant women can drink water stored in copper vessels. But it is difficult to be entirely sure, mainly because of limited research and lack of conclusive evidence, that it is safe for them. Not much is known as to how metals percolate into the water kept in a container made from them. Equally insufficient is the information regarding how much amount of metal in the stored water is safe while pregnant.

It is also vital to consider that many copper vessels may have a plating to protect it from tarnish and corrosion. But this protective shield can also prevent the amassed water from coming in touch with the metal. In such a scenario, the water is in contact with the protective lining instead, which can influence the quality of accumulated water. In the absence of any standardisation, the material used during the production of these vessels remains doubtful.

Thus, it is wise to exercise some caution during pregnancy. In any case, it is always sensible to take your doctor’s advice to avoid any probable pregnancy-related complications later on. If you have a go-ahead from your medical practitioner, you can gain the benefit given below from drinking water stored in copper vessels.

Benefits of Drinking Water Stored in a Copper Vessel During Pregnancy

Some of the benefits of drinking potable water stored in a copper vessel are:

1. Improves Digestive Health

Copper consists of anti-inflammatory properties which can help in effectively dealing with digestive issues like indigestion, gas and acidity during pregnancy.

2. Faster Healing of Wounds

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of copper can facilitate the healing of minor bodily wounds.

3. Increases Immunity

Copper can strengthen the immune system, thereby safeguarding pregnant women from falling prey to the common cold and other diseases.

4. Supports the Thyroid Hormone

Consuming water stored in copper vessels can aid in the normal functioning of the thyroid hormone.

5. Assists in Iron Absorption

Drinking water collected in copper vessels can help the body to absorb iron better, thus averting situations like anaemia during pregnancy.

6. Fights Water Borne Diseases

Copper is believed to disinfect water. Therefore, drinking water stored in copper pots can prove beneficial in protecting pregnant women against water-borne viruses like cholera, Shigella, Salmonella, and Hepatitis A.

7. Prevents Anaemia

Copper-infused water can encourage the production of red blood cells, thereby improving the haemoglobin levels of a pregnant woman and reducing her chances of becoming anaemic.

8. Lessens Joint Pains

Pregnant women may experience relief from pregnancy-induced aches and pains by drinking copper charged water during pregnancy as copper possesses anti-inflammatory qualities.

9. Promotes Baby’s Development

Drinking copper-rich water can help in fostering the healthy growth of the baby’s nervous system, skeletal system, and heart.

10. Regulates Blood Pressure

Consuming water stored in copper vessels during pregnancy can help in maintaining normal blood pressure levels. Copper plays a vital role in dilating the blood vessels, which can enhance blood flow and sustain regular heart rate.

Once your medical practitioner has confirmed that you can drink water stored in a copper vessel, you must know what to take care of to ensure you are drinking safe water. Read on to know how to choose the vessel and ways to keep water stored in it safe for you to drink during pregnancy.

How to Choose and Use Copper Vessels During Pregnancy?

Some key points that pregnant women may like to keep in mind while choosing and using copper vessels are:

  • Regularly inspect the copper vessels for any wear and tear particularly of the inner plating.
  • Store clean drinking water in copper vessels for a short duration of time.
  • Properly clean the copper vessels to destroy any possible build-up of microbes and dirt. You can use tamarind and salt to do so. Avoid using abrasive materials for cleaning as it can scrape the protecting copper lining.
  • Ensure that you buy copper vessels of an established and reputed brand who can offer quality to safeguard health.
  • Take note of the materials or ingredients used to make the copper vessel you intend to buy. Pure copper is usually hard to mould into intricate designs and shapes.
  • Keep the copper vessel covered to prevent any insects or dirt from entering it.

Now let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about copper and why it is essential for pregnant women.

Why Is Copper Essential for Pregnant Women?

During pregnancy, the blood supply tends to double to cater to the demands of the growing baby. Copper can help in the growth of red blood cells and in generating energy in the cells. The nutrient also plays a vital part in the proper development of tissues and organs of the unborn baby. It aids in the development of the baby’s skin, hair and tendons. Deficiency of copper during pregnancy can weaken collagen production, which can lead to a precarious pregnancy. Studies suggest that insufficient levels of copper during pregnancy can negatively impact a baby’s brain development.

How Much Copper Does a Pregnant Woman Need?

Pregnant women may require around 1 mg of copper every day.

What Are the Signs of Copper Deficiency in Pregnant Ladies?

It is relatively uncommon for a pregnant woman to suffer from copper deficiency. However, specific symptoms like diarrhoea, hair loss, oedema, paleness, general fatigue during pregnancy may indicate a lack of adequate copper levels in the body. But then again, it is best to refer to a doctor before arriving at any definite conclusion.

Which Foods Are Rich Sources of Copper?

Some of the copper-rich food sources are:

Should You Take Copper Supplements When Pregnant?

It is not advisable to take copper supplements when pregnant unless specifically recommended by your doctor. A pregnant woman can get the requisite copper that her body needs from a well-balanced diet.

Is It Good to Cook Food in a Copper Vessel?

No, it may not be suitable to cook food in a copper vessel, particularly if the vessel is not plated from inside. Eating food which has been in direct contact with copper can increase the copper levels in the body to a toxic point causing considerable harm. Even drinking water stored in a copper vessel during pregnancy should be done after due consultation and approval of a medical practitioner. Too much copper during pregnancy can trigger preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction and neurological problems.

During pregnancy, it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you use good quality pure copper vessels and safeguard against adulterated products. Remember to always seek your doctor’s approval before using copper vessels during pregnancy.

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