Doors & Hinges Safety for Your Child

Door and Hinges: Safety Measures for Your Toddler

Taking care of an active toddler can be very challenging. More activities mean more vulnerability. Getting hurt from doors and hinges can be dangerous and can even cause permanent damage sometimes. Thus, it is vital for parents to take certain safety measures.

Toddlers are more prone to getting their fingers jammed in doors or hinges, as they are always exploring and do not understand what things have the potential to hurt them. A severe accident could get a child’s finger fractured, crushed or even completely amputated. Children from 1 year to 2 years of age are more prone to these accidents due to their minimal knowledge and excessive curiosity. Older children are a bit more careful and can be easily asked to stay away from harm’s way. However, to be on the safer side, when there is a toddler in the house, parents should take certain safety measures.

Preventive Measures for Child’s Safety from Door & Hinges

  1. Finger protection strips are an ideal preventive measure for your active baby. Children are mostly injured by the hinge side of the door rather than the handle side of it. These strips don’t spoil the beauty of your home and can be easily installed. They also don’t alter the functioning of doors. You can also advise the organisers of your child’s day care center, preschool or classroom to have these on their doors. Finger protection strips are available in two sizes – small ones which are 200 mm wide, for doors that open 90 degrees, and large ones which are 250 mm wide, for doors that open 180 degrees.

2. Before you close doors, make sure that your child’s fingers are nowhere near. These include regular doors and even car doors.

3. Children often have a habit of keeping their hands on car windows. Before you close them, make sure your child’s fingers aren’t placed there. Also, ask your child to not to play with the doors or slam them.

4. Teach your child to keep his fingers away from the hinge sides of the doors.

5. Door guards are good for your kid’s protection.

6. Attach door stoppers and make sure to use them. This prevents doors from slamming all of a sudden.

7. You could place a hook-and-eye latch on your door. This prevents them from slamming suddenly as well.

8. Drape a thick cloth on top of doors so that they can never close without your assistance.

Taking these precautions can help a great deal in keeping your child from getting injured. Make arrangements for his safety beforehand and let him happily enjoy exploring the house and other surroundings.

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