Drive Away Miscarriage Myths

Dispel 5 Common Myths of Miscarriage

Suffering a miscarriage is a distressing feeling for any woman. Bust away the common myths associated with miscarriage and prepare yourself for a full term and healthy pregnancy.

The thought of miscarriage itself is discomforting, but when a mother-to-be suffers a miscarriage, it turns out to be a heartbreaking experience for her. It is quite natural for expecting mothers to worry about a miscarriage. There are a lot of reasons responsible for a miscarriage. It can be due to your lifestyle, genetic conditions or any other reasons. Relieve yourself of any kind of fears and dispel some of the most common misconceptions about miscarriage.

Myth 1: If you had one miscarriage then you will have another

In case you suffered a miscarriage, then the risk of having a second miscarriage will increase only because of hormonal irregularities or autoimmune disorders. It can also happen because of some anatomical problems in the uterus or cervix. Otherwise, it is not mandatory that you will have a miscarriage again. With proper prenatal care, you can easily carry a successful pregnancy.

Myth 2: Light spotting or cramping indicates that miscarriage will happen

Such symptoms are common during the early days of pregnancy. So there is nothing to worry about it. When the uterus expands, some women experience mild cramps. Let your doctor know if bleeding, spotting, or cramping occurs.

Myth 3: If you feel sick in the first trimester, it will increase your risk of loss of pregnancy

It could be a cold, a sinus-infection or even a stomach virus that can make you fall sick, but it is not likely to affect your pregnancy. Certain antibiotics can help to combat bacterial infection during pregnancy. But a high fever of more than 103F can be very harmful to the developing foetus in the first eight weeks of pregnancy. Call your doctor in such a condition and take medicines after consultation to bring your fever down.

If you feel sick in the first trimester

Myth 4: Carrying heavy weights causes miscarriage

Pregnant women are advised not to carry heavy things because it can cause miscarriage. This is not the fact. Carrying heavy weights can cause stress on the spine and abdomen and can, in turn cause muscle spasm or sever back pain or even placenta previa during the later months of the pregnancy. But during the earlier months of pregnancy, it hasn’t been linked to miscarriage.

Myth 5: Chances of Miscarriage increase if you exercise during pregnancy

Indulging in moderate exercise during pregnancy is important for normal delivery of your baby and also helps to control weight gain. Keep in mind to stay away from strenuous activities or the ones that involve the risk of falling. Avoid indulging in heavy exercises, as they can be damaging for your baby.
Thus, a little change in your lifestyle and proper precautions can prove to be the stepping stones for a successful pregnancy. There are many such myths and old wives tales a pregnant woman might come across. But before believing any of those do your research and consult your doctor.

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